Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin Review. Instalation Guide.

Spamming happens through numerous comments and is definitely not pleasant for any of us. Whether you are in the position of a reader or a blog owner spam can cause serious problems. Sometimes intrusive junk content campaigns can lead to cyber-attacks and personal data leakage. The moment you upload your site and launch it, you should add serious protection from all these nasty spammers. Spammers and bots can ruin your website’s content and interface. Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin blocks the spammers and keeps your website clear.

Today we will introduce you to a tool with endless useful options. It can solve your online spam problem at ease.

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Akismet Anti-Spam is already tested to WordPress version 5.4

The active installations of this web tool are over 5 million. It is an anti-spam plugin that is among the essentials of every website. It provides prevention to millions of active users worldwide. This tool allows site owners to filter all comments with malicious or junk content. It works as a protection layer on WordPress sites.

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin Features

The plugin gives you many different useful features like:

Access to the number of approved content for each user.

Powerful eject feature that blocks the most dangerous links and content, saves memory and space, and speeds up your site.

The full URLs length appears to you in the comment box to show you hidden or misleading links.

Each comment contains a separate history. You can quickly see the ones cleared by the tool and the ones flagged as spam.

Fast automatic checks of all created filters. With option to select only those that should be removed.

The tool will transfer all spam to a specialized file where you can delete it.

The entire set of features will help you to remove unwanted content from your blog without any troubles. No more manual checking of each comment, whether it is junkware or not. Now you know which tool to install if you want to get all the necessary features that keep unwanted comments away from your blog.

We at Howtohosting.guide noticed that the plugin starts blocking harmful contacts as soon as it starts. The process happens in the background of all other processes. Yet, we cannot miss the fact that Akismet is algorithm-based, which means it can make mistakes.

Sometimes real comments may be filtered as potentially unwanted as well. That’s why we recommend that you regularly check the file generated by the software and make sure everything is alright. By doing this you will be able to spot real contacts flagged as potentially unwanted.

With this web tool, you also get a statistics bar. There you can see the number of spam comments captured and the number of the ones kept in a separate folder.

The good news is that you can easily use and activate the plugin. Here we will show you how to do it.

Instalation Process

For most users, installing it on the platform is not a difficult task.

Akismet requires an API key. For this process, you will need to use a few more steps that require visits to external sites.

To start, select “Activate.” When configuration screen appears it will prompt you to enter your API key. To receive this API key, you need to go to the Akismet website.

You need to click on the “Get WordPress” button.

Then you will see a screen with all the available plans and prices.

The price for a single business website plan is $5 per month. A corporate plan for unlimited websites is available for $50 per month. But if you activate Akismet on a personal site, it invites you to specify your price – which may be free. Select the desired plan and click “Register.

There was nothing complicated about that, and you’re halfway ready.

This step takes you to the registration step again. This time for the hosted version of WordPress, the platform that is home to many smaller sites and blogs. You need to create a WordPress.com account to access the Akismet API key.

After you create a new WordPress.com account, you should return to the official plugin site to complete the registration.

You choose your plan and payment option, and you get the Akismet key. Your key will be stored in your Akismet account.

Copy it and return to the plugin list on your site again. Insert the API key in the configuration screen, and a few seconds later it will start.

That is all. Activating the plugin is easy and fast.

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin: Conclusion

Once activated on your blog, this website tool will block contact forms that endanger online security. It guarantees that you can use your blog in a more secure manner. The plugin will take care of unnecessary and annoying comments. Don’t forget to check them periodically and ensure that the process supports reaching your goals.

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