22 Best Instagram Tools You Must Have to Grow Popularity

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks globally, and maybe there isn’t a person who has never heard about it. It has over a billion active users every month, and there is an excellent bunch of opportunities for everyone who is using it. Many brands are using the platform for advertising their products, and the influencers who promote a lot of different products make outstanding revenue.

If you are using Instagram but are not making money from it, you are in the right place. In today’s article, we form Howtohosting.guide are going to show you the 22 Best Tools for the Growing Popularity.

Now let’s dive into the unknown and start making money from Instagram.

Best Instagram Tools You Must Have

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Top Instagram Photo Editors and Design Tools.

To start growing your profile, the first thing you need is quality content to upload. So the images you make need to be of the top quality to inspire your followers. Here we have gathered the tools for photo editing.


snapseed image

Snapseed is an excellent photo-editing application with which you can edit your photos like on Photoshop, but you can use it on your phone. With Snapseed, you can add filters and apply them with a brush tool on your image’s different locations. Then you can save it as a template for another photo.

The widget is free, and you can add it as an extension on your browser.
The Snapseed is compatible with Android, IOS, macOS, and Windows.


VSCO image

VSCO is another fantastic photo editing app with which you can create amazing images. VSCO is required for the success of your development. With it, you can customize and edit every single detail of the photo you have made. The widget has a fantastic variety of different filters that can be used to edit and make every photo beautiful. VSCO gives its users infinite options for customization, editing, and repairing.

VSCO has a free version, but if you what to use its full potential, you need to spend $19.99 per year and get all VSCO’s impressive features.
VSCO works on IOS and Android.

Canva com

Canva image

Canva is a tool with which you can create multi-image layouts, superimpose text, and make your feeds and stories to stand out. The app has different fonts and image formats to stick and surely increase your followers.

The Canva application is free and has a premium version, which gives you a lot more possibilities for the price of $12.95 monthly or 119.40 per year. Canva works with IOS, Android, and browser(you can use it online).


Afterlight image

You are searching for an app that will give you dozens of filters, fonts, textures, frames, and the option to change, tweak, and customize your photos. If so, the Afterlight can do this work without any effort.

The Afterlight app is an easy-to-use photo editor with which you can work on multiple projects, create your own filters, and then save it and use it again on another photo. It has a glossy and straightforward design, and by using it, you will enjoy growing Instagram fans and followers.

The tool costs $2.99/mo or $17.99/year and, of course, has the option for a week free trial.
The only negative of the Afterlight application is that you can only use it on IOS.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop on the phone? Yeah, that’s right.

Photoshop Express is a compressed version of the desktop one, but not all the features are included. The tool is a photo editor with all the needed handy features to customize, edit, and make an image look amazing. With the photoshop express tool, you can remove dots, dirt, spots, and everything that doesn’t satisfy you in your image. Just like Photoshop!

The great about Photoshop Express is that the application is free.
It can work with IOS, Android, and Windows.

The Best Video Tools for Instagram.

The next step is getting better with your insta videos. You can find some of the greatest apps for videos below, which will help you to to grow your audience get prominent on the social network.


Maybe you already know about it. It is created by Instagram and allows you to make boomerang GIF looping videos that you can save and post later. It is a straightforward free widget, and you can use it on every device.

Life Lapse

lifelapse image

Life Lapse is a tool similar to the previous Boomerang but is more feature-rich. It has the stop motion option with which you can make fantastic eye-catchy videos. You can take photos, customize their size, and make a video at a different speed. Also, you have the option to add music to it.

It is free and can work on IOS and Android.


hypetype image

Hype-Type, as we can understand from its name, is an extensive font library with which you can create different eye-catchy inscriptions for your videos at ease. When you are ready with the caption, you can post the video without exiting the application.

The widget is free, but you have a watermark. You can purchase it if you don’t want the watermark.
Hype-Type can work only with IOS.

Instagram Video Downloader

video downloader image

Instagram Video Downloader is an app with which you can easily download any video on Instagram.
It’s a lightweight and easy-to-use app. To download a video you only need to copy the URL. The video is instantly downloaded and stays in the app’s library, where you can find every video you have downloaded.
The widget works with Android and is Free.

Best Marketing Tools for Instagram.

To succeed in something, you need excellent marketing skills. So, it is the same with this niche. We have chosen the best marketing tools for growing big on the platform.


repost for Instagram image

Repost is a tool to repost your videos, images, post, and everything you like. The tool is easy-to-use and very simple. The only thing you need to do is copy the URL of the video or image you want to share go back to the Repost app, and you are ready. Also, you can add some description to the post before sharing it.

The price of the Repost application is free, and you can use it only on Android.


 autohash image

AutoHash is a fantastic widget whose primary purpose is to find relevant hashtags for your image or video. It has artificial intelligence integrated with the help of the widget recognizing the objects and finding the best hashtags. The AutoHash can count the hashtags, and you can save the most used ones.

The great about the tool is that it is free, but it can work only with Android.

Display Purposes

display purposes image

Display Purposes is one web-based marketing search tool with which you can control your hashtags and search for similar ones. You just need to type a keyword, and the app will recommend relevant additional hashtags for your posts. With Display Purposes tool’s help, you can increase your profile’s potential at ease and rejoice great success.

It is absolutely free, and it can only be used online.

Instagram E-commerce Apps.

You have your own product and want to promote it. We have gathered the best tools for E-commerce, which you can use on Instagram.

Instagram shopable feed image

You can let the shoppers buy your products from your posts or stories with Shopify. You can even tag the products and their prices on the images which you are posting. That is one innovative way to grow your popularity and achieve more sales.
This tool is paid, but you have a seven-day free trial. The price is $4.99/mo.


covert shopify pics image

The process is similar to Instagram Shoppable Feed. The difference is that you also have the ability to invite your customers and followers to post images of your products, which they have taken in your gallery.

This option builds a more significant relationship with customers, and also the reliability of the information is provided. Analytics for the performance of your gallery is also included.

The tool is free but just for one gallery and one product tag. If you want more functionality, the price starts from $14.99/mo for a Basic plan.

Instagram Management Tools

The more new content you upload to your account, the more interest your followers will have. However, continually uploading fresh and new photos can sometimes be stressful. Fortunately, we have great platforms that are created to help us with this task.


sked image

Sked is compatible with ios, web, and Android and has a massive variety of useful features, even photo editing features. You can edit your pictures with different modern effects and filters. There is also an option that allows you to schedule your photos without wasting your time.

Sked includes a 7-day free trial, and after that, the price starts from $25/mo according to the plan you choose.


later image

Later can help you to spend more time on your business and less time for Instagram posting. The security of your account is guaranteed. Late includes all of the possibilities to grow your account quickly. It shows you when is the best time to post your content. You can also track all of your likes, new followers, and clicks.

Later is free for one user and 30 posts per month. If you want more functions, you can get the Plus Plan, which costs $9/mo.


Hootsuite image

Hootsuite provides publishing, collaborating, and analytics of your posts. It also comes with the ability to track the progress of your posts and content. Your posts can be uploaded automatically while you are also managing your Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter accounts.

This tool is paid. The price begins from $29/mo for the Professional plan. Keep in mind that you also have a 30-day free trial.


buffer image

The Buffer includes the options to publish your content and analyze it later. It can definitely be helpful in building your community.

With a number of 75 000+ users, Buffer is one of the best choices for growing your account.
It is free if you use it for only one user, 3 social accounts, and 10 scheduled posts. If you have bigger goals, you can choose between the Pro ($15/month) and Premium plan ($65/month). The tool also includes a 7-day free trial.

Instagram Analytics Apps

When we upload different posts, the analysis of their views, as well as the visits to our profile, plays a significant role in its development. Therefore, we should always be aware of the increase or decrease in the popularity of our account. Proper analysis applications can save a lot of our time and be extremely useful.

Sprout Social

sprout Instagram analytics image

Sprout Social is created to schedule and manage your posts. It has features for engaging new followers. This app can also analyze all of your posts and profile level data and help you always be aware of the activity of the followers in your account.
Sprout Social includes a 30-day free trial. The price starts from $99/user/month for the Standard plan.


Iconosquare image

Iconosquare is another analytics platform which will help you to grow your social media presence successfully. It gives you advanced analytics for your posts, comments, likes, and followers. You can publish your content automatically and save a lot of time.
With Iconosquare, you have 14 days of free trial. The price begins from $29/month for the Pro plan, which is full of features.


UserGems image

UserGems is an app that provides detailed social and professional information about your account. It gives you the full details of your customers. There is a unique feature included, which notifies you when an important customer signs up so you can provide the best experience.

UserGems is free if your goal is up to 100 customers per month. Otherwise, you can choose the Starter plan for $19/month, which comes with 250 customers per month.

Inssist Tool

Inssist Instagram tool image

Inssist is a Chome extension tool that gives you the opportunity to use the mobile version of Instagram and all its capacity on desktop.

Using the tool you can share videos, stories, photos, managing comments, and all that stuff which you can do on your phone.
The extension is said to be safe because it doesn’t collect or transfer your browsing data. Inssist works with Instagram Web API and its features.

A great benefit is that the tool allows you to download every picture, story, and video.

Another amazing feature that Inssist has is the schedule grid with which you can schedule your post for the future.
The tool has analytics that helps you follow your progress.

The browser extension comes with a free version but if you want to use the more advanced features like post planner scheduling and the account analytics, as well as additional support, you have to pay $5/month, which is a really affordable price for the stuff you get.

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