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A bare-bones Joomla CMS installation can present the perfect building platform for any website or portal. However, in some cases, its core feature may not be enough in some particular circumstances. For these reasons, the website owners will need to resort to the installation of Joomla extensions. Our guides show our top picks across popular categories to give you a list of the top choices.

Use Joomla SEO Extensions for Better Publicity: sh404SEF Is Our Top Choice

sh404SEF Joomla plugin
Joomla created sites that provide the basic building blocks of building any website. When their web administrators launch most projects, they will need to take extra measures to optimize their contents for greater visibility to search engines. To make this step easier, Joomla site owners can install special SEO optimization extensions.

Right now, the top choice is called sh404SEF, which is a paid complete suite of SEO tools designed and optimized for this content management system. It includes all common tools accessible from a convenient dashboard available from the admin panel. Apart from the all-inclusive features list, the developers of this Joomla extension have created detailed documentation giving even beginners a detailed perspective on the best SEO approaches.

We like this particular extension using the easy-to-use menu, which lists all essential features in horizontal menus. When the users want to open an option, it will be displayed on the right-hand side and modify the shown values. Filters, checkboxes, and other instruments are readily available and make it easy to command bulk actions if required. Importing and exporting data is possible through the built-in options, which is very useful if several administrators manage it.

Integration with Google Analytics is seamlessly done by enabling this function from the plugin’s menu. Custom 404 error pages can be devised, one of the essential building blocks of optimized web pages. The sh404SEF plugin will also allow for setting up an advanced social media connector with many custom options. We recommend the sh404SEF extension for the following reasons:

Insert automatically OpenGraph meta data or Twitter cards tags

Automatic keywords creation

Meta data management

Anti-spam filter

Universal Analytics

Advanced Redirect creation and control

Live Chat Plugin for Joomla: Use ActiveHelper LiveHelp To Communicate With Visitors

Live Chat Plugin for JoomlaWhen a live chat option needs to be implemented in a site, we recommend that top-rated extensions are used. This is because the live chat function is regarded as one of the most important factors in increasing visitors’ engagement and preventing them from exiting the site. Live chat options are practically essential when the sites are e-commerce companies, vendors, and expert pages. Our research shows that one of the best picks is the paid ActiveHelper Live Chat component. It is preferred by many users and has been used to increase engagement and drive conversion. They are also the easiest methods through which site visitors can contact the site owners instead of email messages.

There are several plans which can be purchased by the users, all of them are lifetime and include premium support. This live chat extension allows for detailed users tracking, including determining their location and other important information for optimized responses. Like other professional extensions of this category, the administrator can set up canned responses and links and automatically set up invitations based on each visitor’s behavior.

The live chat includes customize the design by providing their logo images and copyright and agent photos, and custom buttons. We recommend the ActiveHelper Live Chat extension for the following reasons:

Visitor information & location

Pro-active messages

Detailed Customization options

Live chat activity statistics

Performance reports

Push notifications

Consider a Page Builder For Your Joomla Site: Try SP Page Builder

SP Page Builder
Many Joomla site owners sometimes experience difficulty in designing their pages using the default editor. When advanced layouts are envisioned, page builders are the most convenient ways to construct the target pages. Our preferred choice is the SP Page Builder, a paid plugin that offers some of the best features in this category.

Once installed and activated, this extension will allow the site owners to real-time edit site content instead of previewing changes in pop-ups. Control is given to the administrators regarding different device view modes — the owned content can be optimized in all three modes: desktop, tablet, or mobile. The controls are based on a drag and drop convention, which is regarded as the easiest to use. The owners can rely on 90 ready-to-use section designs and 25 complete page layouts, which can be deployed instantly. Apart from everything else, all constructed pages are SEO-optimized for optimized visibility in search engines.

The developers promise expert support if the plugin owners encounter any issues. With this plugin, the site administrators can further install 3rd party addons to enhance the page builder’s capabilities further. We recommend the SP Page Builder plugin for the following reasons:

Mobile-friendly, Responsive Layouts

Frontend Editor

Page Builder Special Modules

J2Store Product Integration

3rd Party Addons Plugins Support

VIP Support

The Joomla CMS Can Be Further Extended With Other Plugins

If the need arises, any Joomla site can be extended with additional functionality with other modules. One of the benefits of relying on this content management system is the rich ecosystem of extensions that can be installed. The system itself has been in development for a long time and has reached a point where it is considered one of the top choices for powering all types of websites: from small blogs to large enterprise portal pages with hundreds of pages of content.

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The listed components represent the best choices in the most popular categories of Joomla extensions across the online directories. Our team at has found that they offer the best value-for-money and provide all the required functionality and expert support.

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