17 Best FREE Logo Makers to Help You Look Professional (2020)

Everyone has a Vision. The appearance gives the first impression when we get to know others. The way we look is the way others perceive us.

Your business also has a Vision. And that’s your logo. Customers do not always remember the details of the products. The appearance of the page is more specific to the company. But it is almost certain that if your logo is original, different, and engaging, the chance to remember is enormous. With it, your business can be easily associated.

A well-designed picture has different specific characteristics, such as the correct font, color, shape, etc. These are characteristics that can make it emblematic, effective, and timeless.

A strong logo is the beginning of your company brand and visualizes the vision of your business. This means that you have to be extremely careful while choosing the right one.

You don’t have to spend tons of money to make the perfect professional logo. Today we form Howtohosting.guide will introduce you to 17 Best FREE Logo Makers to Help You Look Like a Pro. Just keep reading until you find the right one for you.

17 Best FREE Logo Makers List


Wix is a famous platform, helping you make a logo just in a few minutes. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your brand, and it will create the best template for your business.

You also have one more option. You can customize your template with colors, text fonts, and sizes selected only by you. The best advantage is that you get full commercial use rights of anything you create.

All the edits are free and unlimited. One of the fantastic features is the step-by-step guide, which is also included, so you can learn how to make the best and the most successful logo for your business.

After your logo sketch is generated you get three different offers between you can choose.

With the first “Value” kid you get:
– Full Commercial Usage Rights
– Standard Files
– Wix Combo Website Plan
– Free Domain for 1 Year
– All these benefits for €11/mo.

In the second “professional” pack is included:
– Full Commercial Usage Rights
– Standard Files
– Resizable Files
– Social Media Files
– Wix Unlimited Website Plan
– Free Domain for 1 Year
– 250 Business Cards
– The cost of the second pack is €16/mo.

Deluxe” pack you get everything from both previous ones + Priority Customer Support and Designer Touch Up Service all this stuff and its benefits for €24/mo.

What we like!

Wix gives you the opportunity to access amazing and very unique customizable designs very easy withing few clicks.
Amazing Layouts, Easy Access, Fast services, Unlimited Free Customization and Editing, Speed of Work

What’s Missing

There are only two disadvantages. From our point of view, the pack value is a little bit expensive. Engages you to make your website with Wix, because you have offered a free domain.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands` offers a variety of great options and features specially created for stunning professional logos. It is straightforward to use, and you can create your template quickly without wasting your time.

If you do not have any knowledge, that is definitely not a problem. It includes all of the branding tools which you will need. You can create your sketch just in a few clicks.

Simply you need to enter a few details about your company and select your preferences, and the Tailor Brands creator tool will create the perfect look for your brand. You can also customize it, and it is so easy to do it.

Just select the color, size, and text you like, and your classy and good-looking logo will be ready. It’s free to create your template. You only have to pay if you like it.


Tailor Brands offers three different types of plans.
Basic – for the prices of €2.99/mo.
– High-Quality Files
– Full Ownership
– Social Media Sizes
– Resize Tool
– Graphic Tool
– Unlock All Templates
– Upload Your Own Images
– Access Stock Photos & Icons
– Mini Website Builder
– Connect Your Domain

Standard plan – €4.99/mo. includes everything from “Basic” plus:
– Vector EPS Files
– Business Card & Stationery Tool
– Branded Business Deck
– Branded Presentation
– Seasonal Generator
– 1 Year Free Domain
– Full Website Builder
– Create an Online Blog
– Multi-Language Support
– Personalized Visitor Experiences

Premium plan – €11.99/mo. you take advantage of both previous packs and
Social Media Auto-Scheduler, Social Media Analytics Tool, Create an Online Store, Accept Online Payments, Sell Your Products on Facebook & Instagram, Chat with Your Website Visitors.

What We Like

Tailor Brandsr can be a really useful one with all this features, which are provided in the different packs.
– Amazing Layouts
– Unlimited Editing and Customizing Opportunity
– Speed Maker
– Easy and Fast Access

What’s Missing

After vast observation over the Tailor Brads, we didn’t found anything bad for this rubric. For this affordable price, you get everything you need to create and customize your template and your website.

3. Looka

Looka image

Looka provides endless options and incredible designs to precisely get the impressive logo you need. Design skills are not required to create an attractive branding template quickly and clearly.

This tool is trusted by over 5 million users, which makes it one of the best. Start by entering your company or brand name, then select the colors, symbols, and styles you like the most, and when the sketch is ready, you can use it. It’s always free to create one, and quality is always assured, too.


As the previous ones Looka also provides three different packs.

The first pack costs $20 one time and you get only the logo without any benefits.

The second pack costs $65 includes great features for the appearance like:
High-resolution files
Premium upgrade
Multiple color variations
Unlimited changes
Full ownership
Lifetime technical support
Multiple high-res file types

And the third pack is $195 and it is created for expert graphic design and includes all the features from the second pack plus:
One hour with Looka designer

What we like

Looka includes a lot of amazing useful features, which can create a stunning professional template
Huge Varieties of Colors
Layouts and File-types
Customizing without any Limits

What`s missing

In our opinion the prices of the three different packs is expensive. This is the only disadvantage of Looka.
The First Pack Doesn’t give you any features, benefits and options for the price you pay.

4. Canva

Canva image

Canva helps you create and sketch your own badge at ease. If you have no experience, it is not required. Canva’s editor is made for non-designers: Simply drag and drop.
One of the most outstanding features is that you can upload your own files, and it does not cost anything. It is absolutely free. You can also use modern and professional shapes, lines, gradients, even animated elements.

A free 30-day trial is also available. When you’re finished, you can download your new template easily and quickly. Canva is a powerful tool for non-designers.


Creating with Canva is absolutely FREE and you can customize it and save it automatically without paying for anything but you don`t have many features.

If you want a more professional look for your website, you can try Canva Pro.
You will have 30 days free trial to explore all of the features.

The price is $12.95/month or if you want to get a longer experience you can pay for one year for the price of $9.95/month.

And for this price you have features like:
Free entire library with images
Resizing your graphics without limit with only one click
Transparent backgrounds
Size and quality for downloads chosen by you
And many others

What we like

Canva provides a bunch of different features in its premium pack.
You can create a good look even with the main variety of Canva if you are looking for simplicity.

Beautiful Layouts
Great templates
Powerful Maker

What`s missing

Periodic email updates on new features, products, or services are missing.

5. Constant Contact`s

Constant Contact image

Constant Contact`s provides hundreds of eye-catching beautiful logos. Every element – from colors & fonts to icons can be customized in your own style and preferences. Your mark is free to download, and it is ready for you to use everywhere.
You can start very simple – type the name of your brand, and you will see six options. If you don`t like them, you can view them more and choose the best for you. When you have made your choice, you can customize your logos with different colors, fonts, and styles. And you don`t have to pay for anything. Just create and enjoy!


Constant Contact`s has 3 packages.
The first one is absolutely FREE. You can customize your template and save it, but you have only 3 chances to make a perfect sketch. When you spend them, you can`t create more.

The second one is called “Starter” and it is created to help you to make a professional logo which can grow your business.
The price is $8.00/month and you get different features like:
No display ads
Advanced Analytics
Free domain for 1 year
10 Maximum Products
Basic Shipping Management
Phone Support

The third package “Business Plus” is the best choice if you have online stores.
The price is 16.00$/month and you get all the features of “Starter” plus many others like:
Unlimited products
Advanced Shipping Management
Priority Support
1,5% Transaction Fee

What We Like

Interesting useful features
Easy and fast
Intuitive Interface
Good for small or medium size business
Simple Building Process
Affordable Prices

What’s Missing

The search box doesn’t seem to find certain key words when you are trying to find previously uploaded images.

6. Logaster

Logaster image

Logaster has designed more than 11 million logos for different brands. You can get a stunning, high-resolution symbol for any purpose, just for a few minutes. Also, have unlimited FREE trial without any payment. To create your trademark, you just have to enter your company name and click on the create button. Then just customize your logo, and it is ready to be shown to the world. You are able to download both in a raster (PNG, JPEG) and in vector (PDF, SVG) formats. Also, you can get your logo on 5 different backgrounds with 6 available layouts. Create a free successful, amazing logo simple and fast.


Logaster also allows you to create FREE logos, but it can be only small and without any watermarks. You can download it also free, but you don`t have any features and a varieties of different designs.
It also has 3 varieties of packages more, which are including different features.

“XS” costs 9.99€ and it allows you to create designs on a white background. It includes:

1 Color background variation
1 Layout
Full edit and download
1 File

“S” costs 24.99 € and has more features than the previous one:
Logos for web and print
5 Backgrounds and color variations
6 layouts
Full edit and download
120+ files

The latest package is ,,M”. The cost is 31.99 € and it has a huge variety of features:
Social Media Kit
Partial Stationery
Partial Brand Block
180+ Files

What we like

Logaster has a huge potential
Different great designs
Useful Features
Varieties of backgrounds and colors

What’s Missing

The service of paying should be easier.
If you choose for example “S” plan there are 120 files, but you cannot download them all.

7. Hatchful

Hatchful image

Hatchful is the simple way to create a template in seconds. Design experience is not necessary to create a perfect logo. You can choose between hundreds of templates professionally designed for the best appearance of your insignia. Hatchful is FREE to use, which is a very good advantage. You can easily:

  • Add icons
  • Customize colors
  • Change Fonts
  • Edit layouts in your style.
  • Test out the variations and create a one-of-a-kind symbol that’s ideal for your business. The download of your file is also free and comes with all varieties of useful variations of your trademark.


    Hatchful allows you to create and download your logo totally FREE. They do not list any pricing on their website.

    What We Like

    Free download package
    User-friendly interface
    Simple and Fast
    Stunning designs for every type of brands

    What’s Missing

    There are two disadvantages:
    Only PNG downloads.
    Limited selection of templates and customization tools.

    8. Logogenie

    Logogenie image

    Logogenie is also one of the popular makers available. It is very simple to use and you can create a company mark by yourself in under 5 minutes. You can do it in only 3 steps:
    – enter your company name
    – choose your icon
    – customize with a variety of tools and stunning effects.

    You can also create multiple versions and download the one that suits best for your purpose, all of this service is FREE. Logogenie has helped thousands of companies and brands to create eye-catching logos all over the world.


    Logogenie includes Standard Pack which costs $24.90. and includes a lot of amazing features like:
    HD Web & Print file formats
    JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG file formats
    Transparent file formats
    Personalized customer service

    All of them are included with the package, but there are also some paid features, which you can buy separately:
    Vector Formats: $14.40
    Social Network Formats: $7.20
    Exclusive Option: $144.00 (includes exclusive rights)
    Unlimited Modifications: $7.20
    Black & White Formats: $7.20

    What We Like

    Easy to use without skills
    Different designs to choose from
    Tons of options
    Powerful and fast

    What’s Missing

    The cost of the package is affordable, but if you want to add more features it becomes expensive.
    Poor communication
    Poor response

    9. Ucraft`s

    Ucraft image

    With Ucraft you can choose from over 2 million FREE icons four your business or personal brand`s symbol. You can use a free drag-and-drop maker to build your stunning insignia. It provides all the tools that you need, and you don`t need to pay anything to download. The difference in Urcraft is that it gives you a blank canvas to sketch your perfect trademark. The creation is effortless, and you can customize your template whatever you want without paying for anything.


    You can create a FREE one with Urcraft with just a few clicks. The trademark can be saved as a PNG file for free, but if you want to purchase it as a SVG file you should pay $7.

    What We Like

    Simplicity of the site
    Free extensive icon list
    Free trademark
    Great tools
    Amazing templates, backgrounds and colors

    What’s Missing

    We couldn`t find any disadvantages. Urcraft is totally free and provides a lot of useful tools.

    10. Hipster

    Hipster is also one really good and free tool. However, it is different from others. It is not for everyone because of the bohemian style that it offers. Hipster is incredibly simple to use, and you don`t need any design skills to create your sign. You can export a high-resolution version of the product for a small fee. It is definitely a good choice but not for everyone, especially for those looking for something more innovative, modern, and different.


    Hipster allows you to create your trademark absolutely FREE and save it as a PNG. If you want your mark to be more professional and you want to save it as SMG, you need to pay extra $5.

    What We Like

    The package is really cheap
    No design skills needed
    Free on desktop or mobile
    Beautiful figures and templates

    What’s Missing

    Hipster don`t have a huge variety of different colors, layouts, fonts.
    You can create only simple logos.

    11. Designhill`s

    Designhill image

    Designhill’s is really popular, and it has made more than 1.8 million logos worldwide. It’s FREE to make your own insignia. You only have to pay for a design when you love it. The generator will give you unusual varieties of different methods. You have to enter your email and username, and you will see all of them. When you choose the best for you, you can also edit it and customize it. The creation is fast and straightforward, so that won’t waste your time.


    Designhill has 4 varieties of package you can choose from
    Fast Track” costs $249 and includes:
    Good Designers
    100% Money back guarantee
    Max. 4 designs per designer
    Unlimited Designers

    Standard” is on the cost of $399 and you get:
    40+ Designs Expected
    Great designers
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    Unlimited Designs & Designers
    Newsletter Promotion
    Social Media Promotion

    Executive” costs $699 and has amazing features:
    60+ Designs Expected
    Expert designers
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    Unlimited Designs & Designers
    Newsletter Promotion
    Social Media Promotion
    Blog Promotion

    And the last but not least package – “Premium” for $999 which includes:
    80+ Designs Expected
    Exceptional designers
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    Unlimited Designs & Designers
    Newsletter Promotion
    Social Media Promotion
    Blog Promotion
    Highlighted Contest
    1 Free Paid Invites

    What We Like

    Simple to use
    A bunch of different colors, templates and designs
    High Quality
    Support and communication

    What’s Missing

    The prices are so high from our view. You have so much features, but the prices should be lower.

    12. SquareSpace Maker

    SquareSpace Maker image

    SquareSpace will definitely help you to turn your ideas for the perfect design into reality. You have so many easy-to-use tools and that the reason why it is one of the best creators. The design of your mark will be eye-catching, memorable, and modern without any doubt. The tool combines the functionality of a simple drag & drop system with a slick interface, which is one of the best features. Your trademark can be beautifully designed without any design skills.


    The creation and saving of your insignia with Squarespace are absolutely simple and it is FREE. You don`t have to pay for anything.

    What We Like

    The editor is very easy to learn
    It’s completely free to download your logos
    Integration with Squarespace sites
    You can make a design in just about any language you want

    What’s Missing

    No scalable vector formats like SVG or EPS
    Some other makers use the same icons
    The placement of the icon may change when you download your file

    13. GraphicSprings` Maker

    GraphicSprings` Maker image

    GraphicSprings` is FREE and is super simple solution for brands and business logos. When your trademark is ready, you just have to pay once to download the high-resolution files. It includes drag & drop, which allows you to use different images. There are an amazing choice of fonts, text effects, and colors. You can scroll on the page of images and find the best image. There are outstanding options and features which will make the creation fun and simple.


    GraphicSprings` allows you to create and customize your mark FREE.
    You have to pay only if you want to download the high-resolution files.

    There are 3 packages with features if you want to make your insignia more professional:

    Basic” for the money of $19.99 which includes high-resolution files.

    Standard” for the cost of $39.99, which includes the features of the previous one and also:
    Custom-sized downloads
    Hi-res JPG, PDF, and PNG files
    Ulimited editing options.

    The latest package is “Pro” and it costs $99.99 and includes amazing features like:
    Hi-res JPG, PDF, PNG (with transparent backgrounds)
    SVG vector file (for printing)
    Ulimited editing options
    Custom-sized downloads
    Graphic Protection
    Stationery designs
    Social media covers

    What We Like

    Many languages are supported
    Variety of image categories
    Easy creation
    Font selection
    Video Tutorials

    What’s Missing

    GraphicSprings in one of the expensive creating tools if we talk about creating a professional mark with many features.
    If ou don’t make an account, unless you plan to buy the trademark (where account is obligatory), you won’t be able to save your work anyway.

    14. FREE LogoServices

    FREE LogoServices image

    Free LogoServices provides a fast insignia creation in minutes. Everything is totally FREE and simple. You just should enter the name of your brand, select a design from thousands of professional modern templates, and edit the style, colors, fonts, and size.

    You will save a lot of time, and you don’t need any design experience. LogoServices has been supported by an attentive customer service team, which will always answer any questions you might have. Only excellent options are provided to you for the most stunning trademark.


    The primary creating option is free but doesn’t give you features.
    There are two one-time payment options you can choose from: Basic & Premium.

    The Basic package costs $39.95 and you get:
    High-resolution files as well as the option to claim a free website domain for one year.

    The Premium package costs $59.90 and you get all of the basic package features, plus
    Free edits for one year and a few variations in layout and sizing.

    What We Like

    Drag and Drop editor
    Easy to navigate
    Different file formats
    Awesome tools

    What’s Missing

    You cannot change your icon. To get a different icon, you’ll have to choose a brand-new template.
    There are no refunds available for any design.
    The prices are high. You can find better trademark makers if you are ready to pay for this money.

    15. DesignEvo

    DesignEvo image

    DesignEvo delivers you everything you need for your brand`s insignia. You can browse through different categories or search more than 10,000 templates using keywords to find the trademark that you need and customize it to make it your own. Millions of professionally designed icons and 100+ stylish fonts are available, too. The symbols are fully customizable, and your mark and it`s FREE to do it.

    You can get high-quality SVG and PDF files and use them everywhere. It is a perfect choice to create a beautiful stamp and don`t waste your time.


    The creation of your trademark with DesignEvo is FREE, but the image’s resolution will be the only 300px, and the edit will be limited. There is a variety of two packages:

    “Basic” for $24.99 which includes:
    High-resolution files
    Unlimited edit and re-download
    Lifetime support
    Print ready

    “Plus” for $49.99 which has all of the features of “Basic” plus:
    Copyright ownership
    Vector files
    Download font files

    What We Like

    Amazing Options
    Huge collection of fonts and designs and varieties of colors
    User friendly
    Fast and easy process

    What’s Missing

    No option of uploading custom wallpaper or icons.

    16. DesignMantic

    DesignMantic image

    DesignMantic allows you to create a professional trademark with all the tools, which offer hundreds of templates and customization options. You can free edit colors, font, icons for your brand, and pay for the trademark only when you are ready to buy it. You can find different varieties of designs and find the most suitable for your brand. Every part of the creation method is fast and straightforward, and you can create a stunning professional symbol in minutes.


    You can create, customize and download your image for just a few minutes for the cost of $37 without any other fees.

    What We Like

    Interesting design
    Professional approach
    Nice designs
    Wonderful customer service

    What’s Missing

    Typographic options are limited

    17. Fotor Creator

    Fotor Creator image

    Fotor Creator gives you free design templates with different business styles suitable for your brand. It is a professional maker and allows you to create a template just in 4 simple steps without any design experience. You just need to use the drag and drop template and change the text, background and add the stickers in your style. When you finish, you will have a stunning eye-catching design for just a few minutes of work. We definitely recommend it!


    Fotor pricing starts at $8.99 per month. They do not have a free version. Fotor offers a free trial. For the money you pay, you get a full documentation, support and different designs.

    What We Like

    Easy to use tools
    A huge variety of filters
    Combination of several images in a unit image
    Stunning layouts and backgrounds

    What’s Missing

    Fotor doesn`t accept RTL languages
    No ready-to-design templates

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