Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Companies Rated by TrustPilot

You probably landing on this page because you want reliable WordPress hosting for your WordPress website? Well, who doesn’t? But here the question comes, “How to find the best WordPress hosting for me?“, actually it’s pretty easy.

In fact, there are two different ways that you can take advantage of to find out the best WordPress hosting provider for your site.

The first way is to research, which takes a lot of time for every company. If this seems a lot of work for you, you can jump into our article and find which are the Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting Companies.

The other way is to evaluate the company by using customer opinions & ratings.

For the reason of creating this article, we choose the world’s trusted source for rating and customers opinions Trustpilot and create a selection of the Top 10 Best Rated WordPress Hosting Companies by Trustpilot.

This article aims to provide all specific information in order to understand:

  • Why you should trust Trustpilot?
  • Why customer opinions & ratings are important?
  • Which are the TOP 10 best-rated WordPress Hosting Companies?

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What Is Trustpilot

As our article aims to provide information received and concerted with the Trustpilot standards, we decided to explain more about the world’s popular platform for ratings and customer opinions.

So, Trustpilot is the world’s biggest platform for ratings where people can rate and write opinions about any company and website on the networking space.

We have taken the best-rated WordPress hosting companies and put them on a list.

Top 10 Best Trustpilot Rated WordPress Hosting Companies

In the lines below you will find the top 10 best-rated WordPress hosting companies and their:

  • Trustpilot rating
  • Customer Opinions
  • Features
  • Price Plans

Now let’s get into it!

1. WPX Hosting

wpx hosting rating

When it comes to WordPress hosting, WPX hosting is dedicated to providing only managed WordPress solutions with incredible speed & reliability.

Even though the company is not that popular in contrast to the others it is one of the best-rated ones in Trustpilot with a score of 4.8/5 which is excellent.

Customer Opinions

WPX hosting trustpilot reviews

WPX Hosting Price & Features

In terms of pricing, you can choose between 3 different price plans that include:

  • 30-Day Money-Back
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation
  • Custom CDN
  • Free SSL
  • Free Migration

The regular plan of WPX hosting is $24.99/mo and by using our promo code – “HTH20” you can save 20% and get the plan for $20.83/mo.

2. DreamHost

dreamhost rating and price

DreamHost is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to WordPress hosting.

In order to provide the best user experience, the company has 4 different WordPress plans like WordPress Basic, Managed WordPress, WordPress VPS, and WooCommerce WordPress hosting.

With a similar rating to the previous company, DreamHost also has a score of 4.8/5 in Trustpilot.

Customer Opinions

DreamHost Customer Reviews by Trustpilot

DreamHost Price & Features

We can call DreamHost “Feature-master”. You can choose between a numerous variety of price plans for any WordPress hosting plan. In all the plans there are features like:

  • Instant WP setup
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Cloudflare Free CDN
  • Website Builder

Only now you can save over 68% and get the best DreamHost price of $2.59/mo. for the “Basic WordPress” plan and 17% Off the “DreamPress” managed WordPress plan for $16.95/mo.

3. CloudWays

Cloudways WordPress hosting Trustpilot rating

Cloudways is a hosting company that uses some of the most significant hosting platforms like Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud to provide beginner-friendly solutions with easy WordPress setup, scalable resources, and a variety of price plans.

With Cloudways you can host your website on Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr in any location you want.

And one more time Cloudways is among the highly-rated hosting companies and it leads with a massive score of 4.8/5 in Trustpilot with 91% excellent reviews.

Customer Opinions

Cloudways customer opinions by Trustpilot

CloudWays Price & Features

By using Cloudways you can adjust your price depending on the resources you receive. In all the plans you get features like:

  • No Credit Card Free Trial
  • WordPress Installation
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Applications
  • The lowest price is starting at $10/mo and by using our link you can get access to a 3-day credit card free trial version of Cloudways, where you can test their services.

    If you’re struggling with how to set up your Cloudways website you can check our video setup guide.

    4. SiteGround

    SiteGround rating and price

    SiteGround is one of the most popular hosting companies that is providing managed WordPress solutions at super affordable prices. It is also officially recommended by as a reliable hosting provider.

    The company is also popular with its speed, user-friendly interface, and great customer service available at any time.

    The company has over 8.5K reviews in Trustpilot and it scores the amazing result of 4.7/5 which puts SiteGround in 4th place in our list.

    Customer Reviews

    SiteGround customer review and rating by Trustpilot

    SiteGround Price & Features

    There are three price plans that SiteGorund offers in their managed WordPress solution. All plans include features like:

    • 30-Days Money-Back
    • Free CDN
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Daily Backups
    • Free WP Installation

    The regular SiteGround price is 12.99 €/mo. which is pretty nice for a managed WordPress hosting. And if you are planning to host your website on SiteGround we have prepared a special discount for you. Claim it before it goes!

    5. Hostinger

    hostinger wordpress hosting rating and price

    When it comes to affordable WordPress hosting, Hostinger leads on the board by offering the best price/quality ratio on the market in terms of hosting.

    The company has 4 different WordPress price plans with a variety of features and stuff. On the Trustpilot rating, it comes on our fifth place with a great score of 4.4/5.

    Customer Opinions

    Hostinger rating by Trustpilot

    Hostinger Price & Features

    In the Hostinger web hosting plans, there is only one WordPress solution available with features in all price plans like:

    • 30-Money Back
    • 1-Click WordPress Install
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Free CDN
    • WordPress Accelerator

    When it comes to price only now you can claim your discount of 70% by using our link and get WordPress hosting for $7.99 $1.99/mo. Check if it’s still available!

    6. WP-Engine

    Wp-Engine Trustpilot Rating

    WP-Engine is the biggest and the most popular WordPress hosting company dedicated to providing the only web hosting for WordPress.

    It is providing mainly managed WordPress solutions for diverse size companies like agencies, enterprises, and also for small & medium businesses.

    As the biggest WordPress dedicated host it has an almost excellent score in Trustpilot with 4.4/5 result.

    Customer Opinions

    Wp-Engine rating in trustpilot

    WP-Engine Price & Features

    WP-Engine is providing a variety of price plans for any kind of users, but even their plans are not the most affordable once, the company is presenting high level security, reliability, and features like:

    • Daily Backups
    • Free SSL & SSH
    • Staging Environment
    • Advanced Security
    • AI Testing

    In terms of pricing, the lowest price of WP-Engine starts from $25/mo. as well as you have custom pricing options.

    7. Nexcess

    Nexcess WordPress Hosting Turstpilot rating

    Nexcess is a popular hosting company that is offering lower-cost Liquid Web services. In fact, is a Liquid Web company that is providing WordPress hosting services.

    Even it is not the most popular hosting company for WordPress solutions Nexcess leads in our list with 4.3/5 stars which near to the excellent.

    Customer Opinions

    Nexcess WordPress hosting rating by trustpilot

    Nexcess Price & Features

    As a company that is providing a variety of solutions and services it also has few different price plans for WordPress with features like:

    • 30-day Money Back
    • Free Migration
    • Managed WordPress
    • Free Automatic SSL
    • Beaver Builder Lite

    Only now you can start your WordPress website with Nexcess for the price of $19/mo. and if you use our link there is a special discount for you – $19 $12.67/mo.

    8. A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting WordPress hosting Trustpilot rating

    A2 Hosting also popular as one of the fastest hosting providers is also finding a place in our WordPress hosting listing.

    It is providing shared WordPress and managed WordPress hosting at a very good price which leads to the not bad Trustpilot rating of 3.9/5.

    Customer Opinions

    A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting rating by Trustpilot

    A2 Hosting Price & Features

    A2 Hosting is providing 20X faster turbo servers on all their web hosting plans including the WordPress hosting solutions. It has also implemented features like:

    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Free Migration
    • Website Builder
    • Free Jetpack

    In terms of pricing A2 Hosting shared WordPress solution for $10.99 $2.99/mo with 67% Off and managed WordPress Hosting that starts at $32.59 $12.99/mo with 60% if you purchase it now.

    9. HostGator

    HostGator WordPress hosting Trustpilot rating

    Maybe one of the most popular companies on our list bit unfortunately when it comes to WordPress hosting HostGator was unable to rank higher.

    Even though it takes the last but one place HostGator has a solid 3.4/5 stars in Trustpilot, which is not bad at all but if we don’t need to compare it with the upper companies.

    Customer Opinions

    HostGator rating by Trustpilot

    HostGator Price & Features

    In the HostGator, there are not a variety of plans and services when it comes to WordPress, but there are still three different price plans for WordPress with features like:

    • 1-click WordPress setup
    • Free SSL
    • Advanced Security
    • Free Domain
    • Free Migrations

    If you search for low-cost WordPress hosting, HostGator can be a great opportunity in terms of pricing, and you can get a WordPress plan for 5.95/mo. with 40% OFF.

    10. BlueHost

    bluehost rating

    BlueHost is one of the most popular web hosting companies and also one of the best WordPress providers as we can judge from their dignity as the number 1 hosting provider recommended by WordPress itself.

    Controversial to the aforementioned opinion about BlueHost, in Trustpilot, we can wasn’t able to see many good ratings and results. The score is pretty underwhelming and BlueHost goes on the last place in our list with only 2.8/5 stars in Trustpilot.

    Customer Opinions

    Bluehost WordPress hosting rating by Trustpilot

    BleuHost Price & Features

    BlueHost offers basic shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting on their WP hosting feed with features like:

    • Auto-WP Installation
    • 1 Year Free Domain
    • Google Verification
    • Auto Updates
    • Free SSL Certificate

    In terms of pricing BlueHost offers really great pricing on its services as you can get Basic WP Hosting for $8.99 $3.95/mo. and managed WordPress hosting $19.95 $9.95/mo.

    Final Thoughts

    This article is only showing information based on Trustpilot’s rating as the best company with the highest rating is put in first place in our list.

    If you are looking for more relative information about the best WordPress hosting companies you can check:

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