BeTheme v21.7.8.1 WordPress Theme Review (Update July 2020)

There are more than 31,000 themes available for the WordPress users and one of the best themes out there is the “BeTheme”. BeTheme WordPress theme is currently the 4th best selling WordPress theme in
It is a multi-purpose responsive WordPress theme, and it has more than 188 000 sales, a great community, various features and it is also very user-friendly and easy to use.

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Betheme Changelog

Latest Version – July 20, 2020
WordPress 5.4 + Ready
WooCommerce 4.0 Ready
GDPR Ready

Version Developments
Added: Toolset plugin compatibility
Fixed: Blog – Single – Header: Transparent + Minimalist – Header covering content
Improved: Google Fonts – URL parameter “swap” according to new guidelines
* Elementor pre-built website: Mechanic 6
* Pre-built website: Restaurant 7

– changelog.html
– functions.php
– style.css
– functions/importer/css/style.css
– functions/importer/images/demos.jpg
– functions/importer/demos.php

BeTheme – How to Update

“Stay Up to Date” is the key phrase, which everybody should keep in mind when starting with the online business occupation.
To do the same with BeTheme WordPress theme you have to go through a few steps.

First, log in your WordPress account, then over the dashboard section you will see “BeTheme” click there and you will go to the BeTheme settings.
If the theme has an update available you will see the blue button which says: “Update“.
Also, a one-click update is provided for the included BeTheme plugins.

Make sure that you have installed the latest Betheme version – 21.7.6 to get full access to all the new features and stuff available in it.

BeTheme WordPress Theme Profile

Name BeTheme
Price 59$
Suitable for Multi-purpose theme.
Support Future Updates, 6 Months Support + 12 Months extended support for extra $17.63.
Browsers It Works With IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Betheme WordPress Theme Description and Features

BeTheme is a great WordPress theme that comes along with many features and in the following article, we will reveal the features that made it a very popular choice across the WordPress users.

There are dozen of features included in the BeTheme but in this article, we will take our time to discuss the most useful ones.

The Ready-To-Use Layout Pack

betheme WordPress theme imageThe BeTheme comes along with hundreds of layouts. You can choose a layout for Business, blog, portfolio, shop, diets, healthy, school or whatever you can think of.

The different premade layouts are divided into many different categories and you can select a layout that suits your needs in the best way.

You can also use the “search” tool in order to search for a specific layout. It is easy to use and can save you much time.

Once you buy the BeTheme WordPress Theme it comes along with over 150 “premade” layouts that are ready to use.

You can apply any of these layouts with a single click and all you have to do next is just a slight edit in order to achieve the design that you aim for. The “BeTheme” itself is very intuitive and easy to use and you will probably learn everything in it in a matter of days or even hours.


The Muffin Builder

muffin builder page builder imageThe “Muffin Builder” is the page builder the “BeTheme” uses.

Using the Muffin Builder you can create very beautiful and user-friendly layouts and templates, different landing pages, and absolutely stunning page designs that you can use for your website. All of that can be achieved just by drag-and-dropping and filling the different boxes and elements it is a very easy and intuitive thing to do.





Variety of Header Styles

betheme header styles image

Not only the BeTheme come along with hundreds of layouts, but it also offers different header styles to its customers. You can choose where to place the header and the logo of your website.

For example, you can place it on the top of the page, or maybe on the bottom of your page, or maybe you want it to be in the right or left sidebar – it’s all up to you! The BeTheme gives you all of those opportunities.

You can also use different fonts, colors, menus, or sizes wherever you want. It is very easy with the BeTheme.


Using the Parallax Backgrounds

The BeTheme also gives you the opportunity to use video and “parallax” backgrounds on your website.

You can set parallax or video backgrounds to different sections of your website and thus to achieve a stunningly looking user-experience.


The Shortcodes In BeTheme

One of the coolest features of the BeTheme WordPress Theme is its shortcode generator. This tool allows you to easily add different elements to different areas on your website.

There are different shortcodes that you can use to make your page more beautiful and professional – for example, you can use an ‘accordion’ tool, which role is to show a specific section of your website when it is clicked. You can also use the ‘Blog’ shortcode in order to display some of your posts’ categories, or maybe the ‘Fancy heading’ which allows you to create beautiful headings. There are many more shortcodes that you can use which are suitable for hundreds of different situations and can easily fulfill any of your ideas.

You can add them to posts, pages, or widgets and they will make your website modern and beautiful looking.

BeTheme WordPress Theme and Typography

Another great thing about BeTheme WordPress Theme is its typography. This theme allows you not only to choose a font from all of the Google Fonts that are available, but it also allows you to upload custom fonts and you can make your website looks in a very unique way.

BeTheme’s Richness

betheme WordPress theme compatability

BeTheme is one of the biggest themes in the market and is also very feature-rich. Despite its main features that we already talked about, the BeTheme WordPress Theme is also a preferred theme by so many users because it is compatible with many more WordPress features and plugins.

Some of the most famous are:

The WPML – a plugin which allows you to make a multilingual website

The Mega Menu – a plugin that allows you to create mega menus

Woocomerce – the plugin that allows you to transform your website into a powerful online store

BuddyPress, Styles for Contact form, Unlimited Sidebars, RTL support, and many, many more.



Betheme Custom Layouts

Betheme has a great bunch of pre-designed website templates and custom layouts, which can be used to create any kind of website.
All the 500+ pre-built website templates can be installed and uploaded within one click.

Last But Not Least – The BeTheme Support

One of the greatest things about BeTheme is its support.

If you are just starting with it you might experience some difficulties while setting all of its features in the way you want them to work and here is the cool thing – the BeTheme comes along with great support options for users of all skill levels.

There are tons of documentation available, there are also thousands of forums, posts, threads, and also videos that you can watch and teach from.

There are also thousands of tutorials and ready-to-use CSS’, JavaScripts, and different tricks that can help you with any problem that you face.



Some of the reviews about the BeTheme left by big companies include:

Smashing Magazine’s – All of the Be Theme Prebuilt websites listed above can serve as excellent start points for your creative journey”

speckyboy – BeTheme WordPress Theme Review has been one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes for a long time. It is by far the biggest of the premier themes in terms of functionality

DWB – Prebuilt websites represent a new and exciting trend in web design. They give the users a solid foundation to work from, and they serve as excellent conceptual design tools as well.


What We Like

  • New Features for the same price.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Free future updates
  • 6 months support at ThemeForest.

What Is Missing

  • The extra 12 month support costs additional $17.
  • While multipurpose, may not be suitable for specific types of websites.

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