BigQuery Omni – a Multi-Cloud Analytics Solution by Google Cloud

BigQuery Omni is a new feature that will complement Google Cloud technology by enabling users to run analytics across data in Google Cloud and AWS (Amazon Web Services). The company introduced this new solution at the Next OnAir 2020, a 9-week digital event about Google Cloud technology.

BigQuery Omni Multi-cloud Analytics Solution Google Cloud howtohosting guide

BigQuery Omni is an innovative extension that Google decided to create due to the increasing enterprises’ need to securely perform multi-cloud data analysis. The next integration that is expected to be soon added to the well-known and intuitive BigQuery interface is access to Microsoft’s Azure.

Yet another product in Google Cloud’s Confidential Computing portfolio that has been launched is Confidential VMs (Virtual Machines). Confidential VMs take this to the next level by offering memory encryption so that you can further isolate your workloads in the cloud.

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How BigQuery Omni Operates

Statistics show that more than 80% of businesses use more than one cloud service provider. There is no doubt that sustainable company decisions are based on the best analysis possible.

BigQuery Omni by Google Cloud represents a new way of analyzing data stored in multiple public clouds. The tool has the same interface as its predecessor BigQuery but it is now upgraded to let entrepreneurs query data stored in Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. The best part is that the process is possible without any cross-cloud movement or copies of data. This, in turn, makes BigQuery Omni a cost-effective solution for sustainable data analysis.

As officially announced by Google Cloud technology:

BigQuery Omni runs on Anthos clusters that are fully managed by Google Cloud, allowing you to securely execute queries on other public clouds.

What BigQuery Omni multi-cloud analytics solution people can:

Gain important insights on data stored in multiple public clouds whithout having the need to move or copy data to Google Cloud.

Get an instant access to unified analytics experience from datasets in Google Cloud, AWS and Azure (coming soon).

Query data without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Export analytics results directly to their data storage, with no need of cross-cloud move of results or data.

The BigQuery Omni is currently running in a private alpha version. Everyone who is interested in trying it out can do it by filling out this form.

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