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DamHost Hosting Review howtohosting guide

DamHost is one of the most well-known and respected companies in the industry from Denmark. They are based in the city of Aalborg which is one of the main economic hubs of the country. Over the years they have won the respect of national and international customers. Sites that are hosted on their servers range from small personal sites and blogs down to complex web applications that take advantage of the provided computing power.

One of the reasons they have grown into popularity is that they aim to always provide a low price giving everyone the opportunity to be able to have a web presence. DamHost constantly improve on the quality of the provided plans and have a 30-days moneyback guarantee. We have also researched the company to have an excellent track record of customer feedback. Several awards have also been won by the company which speaks of their reputation.

DamHost Overview

Name DamHost
Country of Origin Denmark
Supported Platforms WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, others.
Products Host, Domains, Website Builder, Web Hosting Resources, etc.

DamHost Hosting Plans Review

The company provides all of the essential plans with attractive price points. The company has recently upgraded their servers with NVMe SSD drives which will further enhance the performance of the machines. The engineering team is constantly optimizing the way the machines are set up to maximize it in the maximum possible ways, at the same time keeping their low rates. In our review we see that the company strives to keep this low price policy for as long as possible, a fact which gives them a substantial advantage against some of their competitors.

They also provide 24/7 technical support to the customers which gives them the assurance that they can talk to someone if they experience any problems. Practically all hosting plans can be purchased with different payment plans: monthly, yearly, or a single payment every 3 years.

All plans come with free SSL certificates which provide the level of trust and authenticity that is needed to integrate complex applications and process sensitive user data. When it comes to security, all websites come with the ability to generate backup images. Data analysis is also efficiently done by the built-in instruments that can be accessed from the administrative panel.

The users are also provided with the ability to use a free builder, this is regarded as the most approachable and easy way to create a web page. This is opposed to having to learn programming languages or using content management systems. DamHost has several data centers around the world, the company’s website lists that the main ones are found in Copenhagen (Denmark), Berlin (Germany), Munich (Germany), and London (The United Kingdom). The clients have the ability to choose their preferred one where they can have their site hosted.

DamHost Shared Hosting Review

The shared plans are competitive in terms of pricing when compared to other services, and at the same time, they provide all of the necessary features and expected performance to power all kinds of websites. The shared hosting plans are competitive in terms of pricing when compared to other services, and at the same time, they provide all of the necessary features and expected performance to power all kinds of websites. We see that even the cheapest plan offers important optimizations such as litespeed web upgrades. What we see is that the administrative panel includes the Softaculous installer enabling the customers to install various content management systems and web applications by using an easy step-by-step approach.

Along with everything else, there is the possibility of running all kinds of applications as practically all important environments and libraries are supported. Security-wise there are several important factors that are rated as important: the availability of automatic backups generation, IP blocking, and real-time malware protection. Email messages can be guarded against SPAM by enabling the necessary filters. Important aspects that are of note with this hosting plan include the following:

    Over 30x Faster due to 100% NVMe SSD Drives and Disk cache

  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support Team.
  • Free SSL’s Free & Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Instant Backups
  • Site Builder

DamHost WordPress Hosting Plans Review

DamHost WordPress hosting is a plan that is specially offered for customers wanting to deploy the famous content management system. It includes features that are comparable to the shared solutions, including their price, however, at the same time focuses on some improvements that specifically tailored to WordPress. This means that the customers can rely on the same machines, including the NVme SSD drives.

The other benefits are also available with this plan, including the 30-days money back guarantee which guarantees customers satisfaction. If any technical issues arise the support team can solve them, and they can be reached at every time. Some of the main benefits are the following:

  • Daily Backup
  • DDOS Protection
  • Layer 7 Protection
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • SEO & Marketing Tools

DamHost Business Hosting Review

These plans are the higher-tier services offered by the company. These plans allow the customers to choose the data center where their site will be hosted. The offered services provide an optimized environment for large sites, web applications, complex frameworks, and portals to function properly. The company has placed extensive emphasis on the availability of all important to secure and grow a site.

This includes the provisions of SEO optimizations and marketing tools, they come free of charge with every purchased account. We also see that there is support for ecommerce installations, they allow the sites to accept and process sensitive user information (including payments) in accordance with the applications that possess this functionality. To guard the sites against intrusions and other types of hacking attacks the webmasters can take advantage of the security features that can be activated automatically: the real-time virus protection, anti-leech guard, malware scanner, and etc.

Advantages of choosing DamHost for your business site are the following:

  • Ecommerce Support
  • Full Suite of Security Measures
  • Optimized Servers
  • Datacenters Location Choice

DamHost Cloud Hosting Review

These packages are one of the latest offerings of the company that allows for the hosting of sites on a worldwide network of servers. Compared to other plans, this gives webmasters the opportunity to simultaneously have a copy of their site in different locations. Their content will be replicated among the data centers operated by the company which gives the sites a distinct speed advantage. Visitors from across the world will be able to reach the site very quickly as the site will be accessed from the nearest location. Apart from the speed advantage over traditional plans, there are other technical differences. One of the noteworthy ones is that site backups will be hosted on Amazon S3 servers, meaning that even they will be more efficient.

In our Howtohosting.guide review we note that everything necessary is included. This means that the administrators will be able to access the detailed analytics solutions, security features, and etc. Like the other plans the customers will have priority support available, along with the 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can rely on their cloud hosting plans for the following reasons:

  • Proactive Security Services
  • Worldwide Cloud Network Site Deployment
  • Priority Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Great Performance

DamHost Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller accounts present the perfect opportunity for anyone to start earning money by offering hosting services. The company gives their customers several special benefits, the most notable one is the choice of platform and service: cPanel, Master Reseller, Alpha Reseller, Super Alpha Reseller, and VIP Reseller plans. This presents the different tiers of choice, each plan can be reviewed carefully by the users so that they can make the best choice.

The operating system of choice is CloudLinux which creates an isolated environment for each account. This allows the reseller customers to specify the number of resources for each of the purchased plans. As always the 30-days moneyback guarantee is still offered alongside the 24/7 technical support.

Unlimited resources are available in terms of bandwidth, databases, and emails are available. The setup is free and takes only about 5 seconds for each account. They also provides Free SSL Certificates, ensuring that security, authenticity, and trust are available for the end customers. The uptime SLA remains 99.9%, along with the other promises is also present. We also note that the vast array of security features is available for free for all.

Relying on these cloud hosting plans also gives out the following benefits:

  • AMD EPYC Processors
  • 100% NVMe SSD Storage
  • CloudLinux Environment
  • Cpanel/WHM Control Panels
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Private Nameservers


DamHost has proven to be a provider that everyone can trust, no matter their website goals and experience. They provide excellent performance, while at the same time maintaining low prices across all of their provided hosting plans. In our review, we have acknowledged that web server optimizations and other custom features have been set by the company. One of the main reasons to choose them is their experience in handling all kinds of websites, technical guru support, and constant hardware upgrades. This clearly shows that DamHost invests in their services, aiming to increase the number of happy clients. We have also looked over at their users’ feedback track record and have read-only positive remarks.

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