Starts RFP Platform for Cloud Services

On This Page: [hide] is a known marketplace and platform for buyers and sellers to use their vendor-neutral services for building IT infrastructure. Last year they promised to launch their IGNITE Cloud Projects and have now officially done it on June 25.

howtohosting-Datacenters-RFP-cloud-services has its headquarters Englewood, Colorado and is the sister company of Global Consulting Group, Inc. (GCG).

With in-depth information on more than 300 providers, around 3,000 data center facilities and 200 plus products on the global market, makes the company a serious establishment for users to consider.

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As IGNITE is a cloud RFP and project management platform, that would aid the users of to streamline plans, designs, and the procurement of specific, multi-cloud deployments for building top strategic environments with the help of proven cloud providers on a global scale.

IGNITE Cloud Projects would help users with each step of setting up complicated cloud deployments for the following solutions:

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)
DRaaS (Disaster recovery as a service)
SaaS (Software as a Service aka Software on Demand)
UCaaS (Unified communications as a service)
CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service)

Another feature of the IGNITE platform is using a proprietary, data-driven algorithm to make quick recommendations to users matching their cloud project with the best, suitable providers.

An ease of access and usability of the platform will provide its users the ability to save and edit cloud projects, distribute digital cloud RFPs to providers, along with the option to invite team members to work on current project and offers.

That will help with envisioning the whole process and be closer when selecting a vendor, while going through an upgrade to digital services.

Mike Price, VP of Software Engineering at has said in a statement:

Businesses migrating to the cloud for the first time have the ability to customize their requirements for performance, security, cost, and management levels across all cloud services.

Joel St. Germain, CEO of has added:

The future of enterprise IT is the merging of cloud, data centers, and connectivity into the hybrid infrastructure of tomorrow. The addition of cloud is a huge step towards realizing a goal of helping users build and deploy multi-vendor, hybrid infrastructure on a single, easy to use platform.

Users of Datacenters can see and edit a project’s status, compare cloud offers, and directly contact providers from the user portal or project dashboard. A Concierge will be assigned to assist with each cloud project to boost the process, reply to questions, and give technical support.

The system would be of major help to clients, especially ones, coming to digitalize their businesses for the first time. Having an unbiased aid would benefit all who want to use cloud services in this way.

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