What Is a Data Server (Database Server)?

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What Is а Data Server?


Short Definition
A data server, also known as a database server, is a software program or platform that stores, processes, and secures data.
Extended Definition
Data servers are software programs or platforms that provide specific services for data storage, processing and securing. The purpose of a data server is to help other programs and software components. Data servers can be defined as the combination of software and hardware that runs the installed database and administers the above-mentioned services.

It is noteworthy that the data server accommodates the installation of the database system, and the hardware configuration depends on the database’s specifics. In addition, the database management system is reachable by other software programs and front-end tools, such as SQL+.

In terms of how they operate, data systems in general are meant to accept queries as input, and make them understandable to the database by converting them. The final step is executing them to create the desired output.

Some of the most popular database servers are Oracle, SQL, and DB2.

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