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What is a CDN?

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CDN stands for Content Delivery Network a.k.a. Content Distribution Network, and is designed to reduce any slow-downs and latency related to content delivery.

CDN Definition

CDN Short Definition:
A CDN is a network of interconnected servers that are made to deliver Internet data via the server that is geographically closest to the user.
CDN Extended Definition:
The main goal of this service is to reduce latency and to reduce the delay in communication due to the way that network is designed. It is there to provide high availability and performance to end-users by distributing the service in the best way possible in terms of their current location.

To explain it better, a Content Distribution Network improves efficiency by introducing intermediary servers between the client and the website server. These CDN servers manage some of the client-server communications. They decrease web traffic to the web server, reduce bandwidth consumption, and improve the user experience of applications and the loading speed of websites.

Moreover, instead of requesting data directly from the main server the CDN server has created a cache of your website, which really increases page loading times. It will also bridge the gap between you and your desired web hosting company, regardless if that host provider has servers in your target destination.

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