What Is Root Access?

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What Is Root Access?

Having root access gives you the ability to do anything on the server, giving a root user or administrator unlimited control.

Short Definition
Root access enables you to perform any possible operation on the server. With root access, you can modify and edit all files, including system-critical ones, and use the server for a multitude of activities including hosting multiple websites and installing third-party software.
Extended Definition
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Having root access to your server is a major responsibility as it provides you with complete control over your server. While this level of control can be advantageous, having root access can also be hazardous as unintended deletions of important files can occur.

Not all hosting providers grant full root access, and out of those who do, not all plans are inclusive of it. This is put in place so that the provider can manage all private servers and provide prompt and dependable updates. Moreover, it also guarantees that any third-party applications are installed to the home directory instead of compiling them into the operating system with root privileges. Operating on the server with this level of access is essential, yet comes with a lot of accountability.

In a nutshell, having full root access can bring out the full potential of the server, allowing you to make the most of it.

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