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What Is а Website Builder?

website builder definition

Short Definition
A website builder is a software program or a platform that enables the creation of fully functional websites without the need of manual code editing.
Extended Definition
A website builder is a software tool that aids the construction of a website in a quick and efficient manner. This tool combines various features and visual editors that make the creation of a visually attractive site easy. Website builders sometimes feature themes and templates that website owners could choose from to create a design for their website. The most useful thing about a website builder is the fact that it removes the need of coding. Since these tools contain a set of essential components required to build and customize a website, you don’t need to know how to write code.

In most cases, website builders come in the form of web-based applications that don’t require the installation of additional technology. These tools may also be offered with a web hosting package, including domain names, themes and templates, blog pages and SEO tools, and various other integrations. Furthermore, some web hosting companies even provide fully working websites created via a website builder. The biggest advantage of using such a tool is that it is quick and easy to use, and doesn’t require any particular technical know-how. Technical support is usually at hand, too, as well as multiple tutorials and video guides.

It is noteworthy that offline website builders are also available but they mostly answer the needs of professional web designers, and combine HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets), allowing direct editing of source code. These tools require understanding of both HTML and CSS.

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