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As experts on hosting providers, we at will introduce you to a giant in the hosting industry, namely DigitalOcean Hosting. The origin for this particular provider started in New York City, back in the year 2011. This American cloud infrastructure provider’s headquarters remains in New York till today, but now has 13 data centers across the World.

In 2018, DigitalOcean was the third-largest hosting business in the World with nearly 400,000 web-facing computer machines. Since then, it has cut prices while increasing the resources available to users, such as SSD storage and RAM. The company deserves its place in the spotlight as it continues to improve and provide businesses with flexible plans and excellent deals.

DigitalOcean Review

Name DigitalOcean
Country of Origin New York , NY, USA
Supported Platforms Linux, Linux-based forks.
Products Shared, Dedicated, WordPress, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), VPS (standard and optimized), Managed Databases, Load balancers.

Services – Network, Data Center, Support & Uptime

DigitalOcean allows users to run their infrastructure near their potential clients. Industry-low bandwidth pricing, including generous quotas and add-on transfer at just $.01/GiB, makes DigitalOcean hosting perfect for network-heavy applications such as VPN and video.

With a robust network, Tier-1 bandwidth, and redundant 40G hypervisor connections, the company provides its clients with excellent and reliable connectivity at all times. Networking solutions can be further customized for specific clients’ needs.

Not to mention that they offer their nameservers with a local Domain Name System (DNS), so you have that option available as well.

DigitalOcean hosting supports IPv6 for Droplets (VPS), Cloud firewalls, VPC, Domains, and DNS, Floating IPs. Since October 2020, customers can change the default VPC network for a region. Load balancer health checks have begun supporting HTTPS and SSL protocol in July 2020.

Thirteen data centers spread worldwide are in the following locations:

Amsterdam, Netherlands
New York, NY
Bangalore, India
London, UK
San Francisco, CA
Toronto, Canada
Frankfurt, Germany

Some of the areas have two or more data centers running at all times. You can live-speed test all locations on the official website and see which ones suit your needs best. Servers are suitable for American citizens and people who want to target America as an audience, but there are other great options.

Support is world-class and is available to all customers regardless of the plan tier. Premium support subscribers will get a bit better help as they pay more for that particular service. Support is 24/7, while there are Q&A topics and tutorials and an option to report abuse or suspicious activity.

The Premier option includes a 30-minute response and live-support with solutions engineering and a dedicated customer success manager. Clients pay to support their businesses with large production applications, who prefer a direct connection with the support-team.

More than 100,000 developer teams across the World trust DigitalOcean hosting with supporting their business plans with a 99.99% uptime SLA for all services included. Professional hosting service providers always offer a 99,99% uptime guarantee, and as we can see, it is no different for DigitalOcean.

The Best Plans and Prices

DigitalOcean hosting has three main plans that can be modified a bit regarding resources that are to be allocated for each customer. The plans are Starter, Basic, and Professional as the first one is free up to three websites, the middle plan is $5 a month, and the last is $12 a month. Below you will find specific information about each of these plans.


Build static sites
Deployment from GitHub
Automatic HTTPS
Bring your custom domain
Global CDN
DDoS mitigation
Unlimited team members
Outbound transfer – 1GB per app
Build minutes – 100/mo


Build static sites
Build and deploy dynamic apps (e.g. Node.js,
 Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, Docker)
Deployment from GitHub
Automatic HTTPS
Bring your custom domain
Global CDN
DDoS mitigation
Unlimited team members
Application metrics – Hourly
CPU – Shared
Auto OS patching
Vertical scaling
Outbound transfer – 40GB per app
Build minutes – 400/mo


Build static sites
Build and deploy dynamic apps (e.g. Node.js,
 Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, Docker)
Deployment from GitHub
Automatic HTTPS
Bring your custom domain
Global CDN
DDoS mitigation
Unlimited team members
Application metrics – Per-minute
CPU – Shared & dedicated
Auto OS patching
Vertical scaling
Horizontal scaling
High availability
Outbound transfer – 100 GB per app
Build minutes – 1,000/mo

The Starter plan will take a 3 dollar monthly fee for each website after the three first free ones. The other plans start from the prices listed above but increase with each other resource you add to the plan and reach up to $300 on resources alone. You can also pay more for Premium Support.

Available Coupons

DigitalOcean hosting has coupons that can be applied to save you money or take some percentage off individual deals. You can find some of these coupons on particular websites each month, but be wary as some of the websites could be suspicious or affect your computer with malware. Your best bet is to telephone or contact DigitalOcean and ask them about offers and discounts directly.

We have found some coupons you could try using for the time being:

Free $100 Credit Over 60 Days – 4e5f6ac87181
$100 in Cloud Credits – 1b74cb8c56f4
$100 Credit – 78209a9a97c4

These can be used till the end of 2020 for most services, but to make sure, try them or call DigitalOcean hosting if they fail to work. We at thought that it is best to know about the existence of discounts available via coupons and choose whether to search for them and use such, instead of not knowing at all about these promos.

Conclusive Thoughts (Pros and Cons)

DigitalOcean hosting has almost ten years of experience in cloud hosting services, and it is rapidly growing and changing according to users’ needs. Targeting businesses, making services more customizable and prices lower, improves layer upon layer every month. Services are light but reliable, have high sustainability, and are up-to-date with modern standards and protocols. Customers and dev-teams are impressed and keep coming back to the excellent work ethic that DigitalOcean keeps as a provider.

However, some things need improving. Business Support starts from $500. GitHub is the only provider that can have its repositories implemented in the AppPlatform of the hosting. Windows OS is completely cut out from host plans.

What We Like

  • Businesses can enjoy limited customizability, which continues to be expanded with various settings tweaks.
  • The company improves on a monthly basis.
  • Thirteen data centers with SSD Storage and cloud services are available.
  • What Is Missing

  • Windows OS is not present as an operating system choice.
  • GitHub is the only repository source provider in the AppPlatform from which you can install.
  • Business Support starts at $500 and has no other variations.
  • The default login username for all new accounts is root and you are not notified about it.
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