Disable Comments in WordPress Posts

In case you need a guide to disable comments in WordPress posts in a websiteyou are in the right place. You might not want your pages to look like a blog with comments. You might just want a clean article, written as a post. That said, here we’ll show you how to disable comments in just 2 minutes.

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Why Disable Comments in WordPress Posts?

The need to disable comments in WordPress posts is very important due to the fact that on some pages, maybe you need to create a specific content. Some people may need to do it in order to stop spreading fake news and hate comments or a new spam campaign that is targeting specific posts for their site. We at HowToHosting.guide have always strived to deliver you the best guides on this matter. The main goal for us here is to show you the necessary steps you need to take if you want to disable comments in WordPress posts very swiftly. Lets begin!

1.Enter your WP-Admin Area

You can enter your WP-Admin area with your login credentials using by typing down the following URL: yourwebsite.com/wp-admin.

* ‘yourwebsite.com’ should be changed with the domain name of your website.

2.Navigate to Discussion Settings

The next thing you need to do is navigate to the setting we need. You need to enter the Settings menu and then click on ‘Discussion‘.

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3.Disable future comments in WordPress

Now it’s time to disable the comments for your future posts.
In order to do so, you need to uncheck the marker on the ‘Allow people to submit comments on new posts’ box.

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Note: This setting will not disable the comments for your old posts if you have some. It does it only for future ones.

4.Disable comments on your old posts in WordPress

Now it’s time to remove the old posts in your WordPress installation. In order to do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the list of your posts(Posts -> All Posts).
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  2. Select all of your posts.
    bulk actions image
  3. From the bulk options drop-down menu, choose ‘Edit’ and then click ‘Apply’.
    bulk actions image
  4. Find the ‘Comments’ drop-down menu and select ‘Do not Allow‘.
    comments modification image
  5. Click on ‘Update’.
    settings update button image

5.Delete old WordPress comments

Now that you have fully disabled the WordPress comments on your website, you might want to delete any existing comments.

  1. In order to do so, you need to go to your comments section in your WP-Admin Dashboard.
    snimka 8
  2. Now, you need to select all of your comments, choose ‘Move to Trash‘ from the drop-down menu and then click ‘Apply‘.
    snimka 9

Now you can proudly say that you’ve successfully fully deactivated & deleted the comments of your WordPress installation!

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