Domain Owner Lookup – How to Find If a Domain Is Taken

Domain owner lookup is important information if you are focused on web hosting and want to do a little research. There are several methods this can happen and in this article, we aim to show you detailed steps on how to check detailed domain information.

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Method 1: Via the Platform.

This is by far the easiest method to check for a Domain owner lookup information and whether the site name you want is busy or not.

Step 1: Get to website.

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Step 2: Type the domain you are looking for In the search bar and wait for it to load.

Step 3: After short time, you will see all of the website information, including the organization or person it belongs to:

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You will also see similar domains at the bottom of the web page, which are available to help your domain owner lookup process and to assist in easily making a decision.

Method 2: ICANN

Since not all of the information can be seen due to obvious privacy concerns, you can still manage to find information on the domain registrant. This is how to do it via ICANN.

Step 1:Go to ICANN’s domain search, called

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Step 2:Type the domain in the search bar and you will see underneath it more information, including the domain owner lookup, organization and mailing address:

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Method 3: CQCounter Whois

One very detailed website whois service for domain owner lookup is the Whois service of CQCounter. It is particularly oriented towards finding out IP addresses and a great site, preferred by a lot of system and network administrators alike. Here is how to do it:

Step 1:Go to CQCounter’s “whois” page by visiting and type the domain name In the whois field:

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Step 2:Fill in the captcha code and continue:

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Step 3:You will now see the details of the website you have sought including some domain owner lookup detailed information, like when the site’s hosting expires and so on. You can also find advanced networking tools such as traceroute and other checkup, including the site’s IP address.

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Domain Owner Lookup – Conclusion

Be advised that once you check up on the site’s IP address, you can also use to specifically determine the web server’s location, given that you need to make a similar website to it. Also, bear in mind that not all of the information for each site can be available due to privacy policies and new Privacy Acts that have been passed worldwide, disabling websites to give you all of the information, due to the potential risks of them being compromised.

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