Easy Google Fonts WordPress Plugin Review

Easy Google Fonts is a plugin for WordPress sites that enables people to add Google fonts to their theme without any coding. It has more than 300k active installs and is compatible with WordPress version 5.2 or higher.

Easy Google Fonts WordPress Plugin by titanium themes

The great part about this WordPress plugin is that you can add more than 600 Google fonts to your WordPress theme even if you lack programming skills.

What Does Easy Google Fonts Plugin Do?

Easy Google Fonts plugin enables website owners to create custom theme specific font controls without coding. A convenient feature is that the plugin integrates with the WordPress Customizer. So website owners can preview google fonts on their sites in realtime.

It grants full control to WordPress themes’ typography. It supports several languages and offers a convenient option to preview each post before it is published/updated.

The plugin is developed to automatically add Google fonts updates to your theme. This feature should be activated from the Advanced plugin menu available in the WordPress panel. You will need to enter a valid Google API Key in the presented field and then click the Save button.

google fonts api key for automatic updates easy google fonts wordpress plugin

All updates will keep all custom google fonts integrated into a given WordPress theme.

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How to Add Fonts With Easy Google Fonts Plugin

Once you download and install Easy Google Fonts you can easily access its navigation panel in your WordPress. Go to Plugins, then hover the mouse on the Installed plugins menu and go to Google Fonts:

wordpress pannel plugins installed plugins google fonts howtohosting guide

The Easy Google Fonts plugin comes with three main customization menus – Edit Font Controls, Manage Font Controls, Advanced. First, you will need to Create Font Control. Once you are ready you can navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Typography.

appearance wordpress customizer

Select theme typography and click the Edit Font button to open several options to customize the look of the website.

wordpress theme customizing typography edit font easy google fonts plugin

There are options to choose the style (text and background color), font size, line height, letter spacing, font family, font-weight, to add text decorations and transform the text. Each change will appear on the right side immediately.

Easy Google Fonts plguin text color font style livetime preview

With Easy Google Fonts plugin you can easily change the look of your website with a click of a button.

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