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Created back in 2008, EBNHost is a company that offers premium web hosting, VPS, and reseller services and their main pride lies in that they use premium hardware.

Their primary pride lies in the fact that they claim to use the most modern hardware, allowing them to deliver solutions at a very high quality, but at the same time at affordable prices.

In case you are thinking to change your hosting provider, they also offer very good technology to transfer your files, since they employ their technicians to take care of all the transfers.

But is it all as fine as it seems? We have decided to conduct a review of EBNHost to see if this hosting provider really lives up to its claims and is honest, respectable, and caring as they claim in their “About Us”.


EBNHost Hosting Review

Name EBN Host Limited
Country of Origin Dhaka, Bangladesh
Supported Platforms WordPress, Joomla, etc.
Products Shared, Dedicated, Reseller, VPS, Domain .com, SSL

EBNHost Price Plans

When it comes to EBNHost, there are several specific plans that they offer, and that catches the eye. For Bangladesh, these plans are very specifically oriented to meet the criteria in the country and the demand of customers.

But EBNHost is also very internationally oriented, offering decent customer support for all of their plans equally. So, let’s see which plans are good.

EBN Hosting Shared Hosting Review

The Shared plans of EBNHost are divided into 4 different ones in terms of size – Starter, Standard, Advanced and Platinum. During our review, we saw that the Starter plan seems very well balanced if you are just setting up a website and it is easily upgradable if your website has a bit more traffic than its current price range.

The plan price for this service is only about 8.80 USD or 750.00 annually, which for the extras and support you get as a beginner site is we think the best plan EBNHost has to offer for this price range:

  • COM Domain Free For Today
  • 6X Faster LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Unlimited Database, Email
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Single Domain Host
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • 1 GB RAM Limit
  • 1 Cores CPU Limit

EBNHost Dedicated Hosting Review

The same plan names continue when it comes to providing Dedicated solutions as well. The company aims to offer a very balanced price range varying from BDT 10,540.00/mo all the way up to BDT 67,320.00/mo for their Platinum plan.

This is roughly 125 USD per month for their starter Dedicated services, which considering the extras they offer is not bad at all:

  • Intel Core i7 (4 x 2.66 GHz), Speed 4 x 2.66 GHz
  • 2000 GB (2 x 1000 GB) Disk
  • 24/7 Instant Support
  • Dedicated 24/7 Call Support

EBNHosting VPS Hosting Review

We at Howtohosting.guide have always like VPS because it combines Shared and Dedicated services and takes the best they have to offer, but uses the power of virtualization to provide a secure service, quick setup, easy setting modification, and of course the much lower price.

In our case specifically, the plan is called VPS M and it costs only 2800 BDT per month which is roughly about $30/mo.

If you want the same plan, but with a bit more features plus an SSD drive, then we recommend going for the VPS M SSD, which costs 3060 BDT on a monthly basis that translates to roughly $36/mo.

Both plans are good and they offer the following features:

  • 500 GB SSD-boosted Space
  • 6 GB RAM (guaranteed)
  • 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • WHM/cPanel (Control Panel)
  • Fully Managed Service
  • 24/7 Instant Support

EBNHosting Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller is one of the top quality services offered by EBNHost, many because of the fact that many customers do comment on forums that they are very happy with the team, technicians, and experts there, because their transitions were smooth and without hic-ups or any longer and unexpected site downtimes.

Like the other plans, here we also have the very well-balanced budget “starter” plan, which here starts at around 2400 BDT for a semi-year – a truly remarkable price that really makes you consider whether or you want to switch to them. And for this low price you do get the following:

  • Free Site Migration
  • 25 Cpanel Accounts
  • 2 Core & 4 GB RAM
  • Auto SSL Every Domain
  • Free Account Migration
  • Private Name Server
  • CloudLinux Live Manager – YES
  • Powerful WHM Control Panel

EBNHost’s CPanel Navigation Review

During the course of our review, we have taken a look at the control panel options by this company. The control panel can be chosen based on the service you opt-in and your plans.

You have a choice between CPanel and WHM Control Panel, which both are very easy to use with all the familiar features that most hosting providers nowadays offer.

Accustoming to them does not take a lot of time and fortunately, even if you do not have a lot of experience, you can access and check out all types of information, like DNS, Server info, etc. in a matter of seconds.

EBNHost Pros & Cons

To summarize this review, EBN Host is the type of company that is known for its excellent customer support, good and easy setup, excellent Reseller services, and one of the lowest prices we could find for such plans. Below are our pros and cons concerning EBNHost:

What We Like

  1. All services offer 24/7 instant support.
  2. Best prices in Bangladesh.
  3. Wide variety of plans to choose from.
  4. Excellent customer service.

What Is Missing

  1. Could include more products, given that they have extensive experience in the field. Such can be Cloud, Managed, and so on.
  2. They could start to look over the horizon for new opportunities by expanding beyond their current region of support.

We at HowToHosting.Guide would like to know what you think about this company. Leave us a comment below if you’d like and let’s discuss it.

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