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Flywheel Hosting Review image howtohosting-guide has researched the origins and mission of the Flywheel company to give you, its readers, more information and a better understanding of Flywheel as a provider. This specific provider’s story started in the year 2012, with a location in Omaha, Nebraska. This WordPress-orientated hosting has its headquarters in Omaha to this day but has over 125,000 customers and continues to grow in all aspects.

Flywheel is a subsidiary of WP Engine and mainly provides WordPress plans for its customers. They aim to do everything at their clients’ ease, so not only do they listen to them, but they keep adjusting the services they provide, according to the customers’ needs. In fact, this is one of the few WordPress host services available on the Web that offer free migration on every single domain coming their way.

Flywheel Review

Name Flywheel
HQ and Country of Origin Omaha, NE, USA
Supported Platforms WordPress
Products WordPress, Nightly Backups, Managed Web Hosting, SSH Gateway, Growth Suite, Security Focused Hosting

Services – Network, Data Center, Support & Uptime

The Network of Flywheel is not clear cut. In actuality, there is little to no information about Data Centers and locations. According to the official website page, there are 7 locations from which customers can select. Here we must add an important note. In the past, if you do not choose a specific location, you will automatically end up with a Data Center in New York in America, which might not be ideal for you. That might have improved by the time you are reading this paragraph, but be wary and ask their Support before signing a deal.

Flywheel has launched a custom hosting solution created in partnership with the Google Cloud Platform, so they also can access all those data centers. Besides, all plans come with a free CDN (Content Delivery Network), which has its network on a global scale. The primary datacenter based in New York City is used for hosting outside the Google Cloud. Flywheel has data centers in the following locations:

New York, USA
Dallas, USA
Atlanta, USA
San Francisco, USA.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Toronto, Canada
Frankfurt, Germany
London, UK

Those are the known data centers and locations, but there is not much about the network, as we have already mentioned previously.

Support is all year round and, more precisely, 24/7/365 and with operators answering from all over the world. We have tested the chat variant and had our query answered in mere minutes by a human being. Picture us impressed. There are also threads with questions and answers created with the sole purpose of helping users who are researching Flywheel.

Flywheel has not written anything anywhere about uptime or given any guarantee for it. We are honestly tired of seeing hosting providers just putting 99% or something similar on their site, but not seeing the confidence evident in the competition is a little problematic.

Plans and Pricing

Flywheel has plans that are mainly used for Managed WordPress Hosting, and others focused around agencies under the Growth Suite (which is in Beta at the time of writing this article). Higher priced plans include more options, and there is the option for custom plans that can be modified on a large scale to the needs of potential clients. Plans under the Managed WordPress Hosting tree labeled Tiny, Starter, Freelance, and Agency with the custom offer on the side. They start from $13 per month, looking at the plan in front of the list. From the Growth Suite, we have Freelance and Agency, except the Custom variant.

Although the names under both trees are identical for some of the plans, the features included and prices differ from each other. Below you will find particulars (as features and tools) for entry-level plans:

Managed WordPress Hosting Plan labeled Tiny

PHP 7.4 Ready
CDN (powered by Fastly)
Simple SSL Certificates
30+ StudioPress Themes
Genesis Framework
Additional sites
Global availability
Auto-Healing Technology
Third-Party SSL Certificates
Free Migrations
24/7 Chat Support

Billing Transfer
Local Development Environment
Staging Sites
Free Demo Site
Nightly backups
All-in-One SFTP
SSH Gateway
Site Cloning

The Tiny plan costs $13 a month and is available for one website, with up to 5,000 visits, maximum of 5 GB of storage space, and bandwidth limited to 20GB. It is excellent for small to medium-sized businesses looking for where to go for hosting by getting an affordable plan.

Growth Suite Plan labeled Freelance

Growth Suite is a package deal of hosting, subscription billing, a revenue dashboard, and client management working in accompaniment to one another. For the cheapest plan for Growth Suite, priced at $135 on a monthly basis, you get to be serviced for up to 10 of your websites. The plan includes options and features, such as the following:

Client management
Resell hosting
Offer other services (such as design or SEO)
Revenue dashboard
Subscription billing
Invoice creation flow
Service creation flow
Client Reports
Ability to customize client emails
Ability to replicate invoices
Plan Resource Allocation
Bulk site actions and updates
Client sorting, tagging, and filtering
Multiple Website association
Hybrid Invoicing – Recurring and One-Time Items
Forward Invoice to Additional Recipients
Ticketing support system
Custom sub-domain URLs
Multi-language support
Automatic tax calculation
Change Invoicing Period
Multi-Agency Central Billing

This is more like hosting for a grand agency that is looking for basic options done smart. It includes corporate management of clients, taxes, billing, handling of accounts, emails, tables, and saving time and having everything organized in a single platform with its primary focus on the client-side. If you don’t have ten websites but have good organizational skills as a team, you might not need it as hosting.

In the end, if you want the best deal and to have a Support team to update your plugins, you can pay a bit extra to get the Add-on pack. The Add-on will make the whole experience smoother and care-free on your side. We recommend it, especially if you have a bigger budget and more websites.

Top Features

Flywheel offers a free migration service for every site domain that a client would want to be hosted on their WordPress platform. Another huge advantage to note has a free SSL certificate that comes with every website hosted. An option for becoming an agency partner and applying for reseller hosting services is also available. We understand that option as an affiliate program. 24/7 Support that is run by people across the globe is behind you if you become a client.

Those mentioned above are the top features you will get with every plan, and here are the rest of them that might tip the scales over for you to choose Flywheel if you haven’t already:

Tuned for WordPress with server-side caching
A beautifully designed user interface
Free migrations for every website
Transfer billing to your clients
One-click staging sites
Free SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt
All clients are on VPS, but not shared servers

Expert WordPress support, available 24/7
Free demo sites for 14 days
Solid security and WordPress core protection
Nightly backups stored off-site and one-click restores
Easy CDN integrations
Impressive uptime
Upgrade your plans anytime
An advanced experience with our SSH gateway
Reimagined SFTP with one login
Simple collaboration tools
Access to error logs, access logs, and slow error logs
Built-in site stats
A choice of 7 server locations
NGINX as the standard
Payable via PayPal or credit card

Another great feature that not many people know or think about is the availability of coupons making higher discounts on plans possible. It would be best if you asked an official representative about them, rather than searching on your own. If you decide to do your research, you might land on suspicious websites that could push ads or malware or have outdated coupons, so contacting Flywheel host provider’s Support or Sales team is best.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Flywheel has eight years of experience in the hosting sphere, and it has been molding into the most desirable WordPress environment for customers. With affordable pricing, well-structured plans, and fast service, it is believed to be top-notch in this business sphere. Seven server locations is a good number, and we expect those to expand in the future. Free migration for every site is generous and ambitious, and we would like more companies to have this as a standard rather than a paid privilege.

We want the business to continue growing and unlock better achievements and accolades and share more about its network and improve speeds. Covering more platforms seems like a good idea that Flywheel should consider if it wants to keep getting bigger and achieve true greatness.

What We Like

  • The company has its main focus on the customers and their ease of access and usage
  • A plethora of features that make this one of the best WordPress-orientated platforms
  • What Is Missing

  • Information about the infrastructure, network, and servers of the host lack transparency or insufficient
  • We would like to see support for more platforms such as Magento, Odoo and others
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