Foodica WordPress Theme 2.8.8 Review

In the following article, we are going to go through the WordPress theme Foodica by WPZOOM and discuss its purposes, uses, pros and cons, and give our professional evaluation.

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What is Foodica WordPress Theme?

Foodica WordPress Theme in an amazing theme generally focused on creating content related to food. With Foodica you can easily create food-based blogs, magazines and recipe websites. The theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version – 5.4+ and has WooCommerce integrations for those who want to sell. With the Foodica WordPress theme, you can create online cooking lessons and sell different recipes.

Foodica’s author is WPZOOM and the developer’s team is constantly trying to improve the theme with different updates and features such as Color Schemes, Recipe index, allows you to integrate WooCommerce and many many more.

WPZOOM has developed a “pro” version of the theme, which is called Foodica Pro Theme.

Foodica Pro

Foodica pro is almost the same theme but there are some noticeable differences like the centered header and navigation menu, along with the use of white space.
Foodica Pro theme features:

  • Genesis Framework foundation (you need to use the Genesis Framework if you want to use Foodica Pro)
  • Responsive design (The theme ca work on every mobile device)
  • No built-in recipe functionality (but integrates with popular recipe plugins)
  • Searchable recipe index
  • WordPress Customizer controls
  • Detailed color/typography controls
  • Foodica Theme Profile

    Name Foodica
    Price 69$ Lifetime
    Suitable for Food-related websites.
    Support Future Updates and Support
    Browsers It Works With IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

    Last Update v.2.8.8 – 15 May 2020
    WordPress 5.4+ Compatible

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    Foodica Theme Instalation

    Installing Foodica is as easy as installing any other theme, but after you enter your license key some more things will happen.

    You will get some notifications that come straight from the theme and they will ask you to install some more plugins that utilize the work of the Foodica theme. There are 7 of them in total.

    The plugins that go together with the Foodica theme are:

  • Jetpack
  • MailPoet
  • RatingWidget
  • Recipe Card Blocks
  • Social Icons by WP ZOOM
  • Wp Forms Lite
  • WP ZOOM Social Feed Widget

  • Of course, you don’t need to install the plugins if you decide that you don’t need all of them, but usually, they are required to fulfill most of Foodica’s purposes and needs.

    Importing Demo Content

    Foodica WordPress Theme import demo image
    Similar to other themes, Foodica allows its users to import demo content to their websites. With a few clicks, you can import tons of content to your website and if you enjoy it the way it looks all you have to do next is to edit the content with your texts.

    Stage One

    Differently from other WordPress themes, when importing Demo content to Foodica, it guides you through a few steps until the importing is done.
    Foodica WordPress Theme stage on image
    The import will take a few minutes because it usually imports lots of content and images.

    Stage Two

    After stage one is done, you will go to stage two where you have to regenerate the thumbnails because it is a common problem when importing content to WordPress – some of its pictures to become blurry or with a reduced quality.
    After this stage is done you can go to the next step.

    Foodica WordPress Theme stage two import image

    Stage Three
    Foodica WordPress Theme stage three demo image

    When you are done with stage two you can proceed with stage three.
    In this stage, your theme is going to install different widgets that can be used for sidebars and footers. Have in mind that you might not need everything so you can skip some of them.

    Stage Four
    Foodica WordPress Theme stage four image

    Stage four is the stage where you deal with your menus. You can choose from different premade menus and select which one fits your website’s purposes.

    Stage Five

    Foodica WordPress Theme stage five import image

    In the fifth stage, you configure your homepage and now you are ready to start editing your website!

    Foodica Theme Options

    Most of the features of the Foodica theme are housed in the Theme Options. Let’s take a deeper look.

    Foodica WordPress Theme options image
    WPZOOM Options is the menu that allows you to adjust several options once you have installed your theme.
    In the Theme Options, you can edit various settings and adjust the way your website looks just as you wish it to be.

    Foodica WordPress Theme wp-zoom options image

    Typography Options In Foodica

    Foodica has many typography options! You can create almost anything you can think about with its theme customizer.

    Foodica WordPress Theme typography options image

    You can change any typography for the body, title, descriptions, menus, posts, blog posts, footer.

    The Foodica theme allows you to use google fonts but it also gives you the option to use your custom fonts for your buttons, titles, and more.

    Foodica WordPress Theme customization image


    There are plenty of color options included in the theme and you can use all of them to achieve the vision that you aim for. For example, you can adjust the General colors, colors of the sliders, menus or posts.

    Color Schemas

    Foodica has plenty of built-in color schemas in case you find yourself not a very creative person. You can choose from many different color schemas until you get it right to you.
    The built-in options that Foodica provides are the

    • default
    • light green
    • dark
    • dark green
    • yellow
    • pink
    • red
    • orange
    • turquoise

    The header options allow you to choose to shop for the top navigation bar and the search form. If this is not what you want you can simply disable it with a single click.

    Beautiful Sliders

    Foodica offers three different choices for sliders. They are the default slider, without gradient and last but not least – the transparent.

    The default slider shows gradient color on the background and you can adjust it horizontally or vertically and also diagonally from left and right.
    You can also adjust its opacity and positioning.

    Widgets In Foodica

    Foodica WordPress Theme widgets image
    Widgets are the ‘cool’ gadgets that can make the difference between a normal and great website. Foodica offers 18 different widgets that can transform your website into a cool-looking, user-friendly and useful website.
    We are not going to cover all of its widgets, but let’s take a look into some of them.

    Instagram Widget

    Foodica grants you the ability to add a very cool Instagram widget and thus you can show amazing images to your website loaded directly from your Instagram profile.

    Icon Settings For Widget

    There is a widget for icons that enables you to use various icons and modify their colors, links, hover colors, and even more.

    Carousel Slider Widget

    Carousel slider widget is yet another amazing widget. Its’ purpose is to build beautiful carousel sliders that you can link pages, posts, or sections on your website. There are many options that you can use for example the Auto-Scroll, Show Date, Category, and many more.

    Image Box Widget

    With the image box widget, you can create an image that can be displayed somewhere on your website and attach a link and a button to it.

    What We Like

    Foodica is a very beautiful and useful WordPress theme that should be considered for usage when it comes to looking for a food-related theme for your website.
    It has many features &widgets
    A lot customization options that can help you make your unique website.

    What We Don’t Like

    Even though the Foodica theme is great, it is most suitable for food-related websites. If you need to create a website on another topic, you might want to consider buying Divi, BeTheme
    or another theme.

    Feel free to share our articles and stay tuned for more new reviews!

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