GoDaddy Launches GoDaddy Corporate Domains and VIP Program

godaddy adds corporate domain namesGoDaddy recently announced the launch of GoDaddy Corporate Domains. The service is a domain management solution designed for large companies, and it comes after the domain registrar acquired Brandsight in February 2020.

Why Use GoDaddy Corporate Domains?

Since large companies tend to have thousands of domain names for various products and campaigns, it is much easier to have a solution to manage all of them simultaneously. A significant portfolio containing thousands of domains could lead to misconfigurations and other issues. On top of that, domains can be registered via different registrars, making visibility into each domain challenging.

In this relation, Roger Chen, GoDaddy President, Domain Registrars and Investors, says that “corporate domain portfolios can’t use traditional domain management tools.” Instead, they need a tool that provides access and information to enable “informed decisions.” This is where GoDaddy Corporate Domains comes into play.

“The superior technology we offer provides valuable insights quickly, which is complemented by world-class support. Combining Brandsight’s platform with GoDaddy’s immense reach and resources, we’ve set a new benchmark for enterprise-grade corporate domain solutions,” Mr. Chen added in the official statement.

The new solution will help some of the world’s most popular brands by enabling them to “contain costs, optimize portfolios, and mitigate risks.” Companies will have “unprecedented access to domain name and website data” and perks such as streamlined workflow, reporting, and advanced security tools.

In short, GoDaddy’s latest corporate solution offers a full specter of services with a heavy focus on domain name strategy development and portfolio rightsizing. If your company decides to take advantage of GoDaddy Corporate Domains, you can contact your dedicated client success manager to get assistance in managing the portfolio.

GoDaddy also launches GoDaddy Verified Intellectual Property (VIP) program

The so-called VIP program offers “an escalation path to address IP abuse.” The program covers fraudulent domain registration, violating websites hosted with GD, and other forms of abuse. For now, the program is invitation-only.

In June 2020, GoDaddy added domain and privacy protection to its services, following the news that 170,000 domain theft attempts happen per year. With the new privacy protection, GoDaddy guaranteed that hackers can’t hijack a domain.

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