GoDaddy Review: Analysis of 34235 Opinions from 3 Trustworthy Sources

GoDaddy has a score average accumulated from different places which evaluate it based on varying criteria. We at have assembled everything from reliability through customer opinions to pricing about the Hosting, from a few notable places, including our very own research. You can skim through the page to check the visual infographics and then decide if you want to read everything in-depth.

Hosting Summary

Name GoDaddy
Total Reviews 34235
Average Score 4.3
Phone (480) 505-8877
Email [email protected]
Address Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Server Locations flag United States, flag India
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Number of Reviews

34.2k+A lot
* Having 34235 Reviews, GoDaddy seems to be a popular hosting provider. People have shared specifics about the services, for you to get an informed opinion about whether you should sign up with them.

Avg. Review Score

* GoDaddy has an overall 4.3 score across the board, which means it does its job efficiently. People are genuinely content with the offered deals.

Customer Support

* The Support team behind GoDaddy is doing its job appropriately, with care for their clientele. Satisfactory rate is big across the board.

Hosting Plans

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Hosting Information Score

Headquarters Full info
GoDaddy has first set camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, where they remain to be located.
The Data-Center there, suffices to cover the need of even the most picky client.
Phone Available
You can dial (480) 505-8877 to talk with somebody from the e-contact center of GoDaddy.

Note! You, yourself should call this number to confirm it is current and so on and so on
Pricing Average
With a good line of values on the board, GoDaddy sets good all-rounder estimates for their hosting programs.
Products A LOT
21 plans are registered with GoDaddy, which gives you a great chunk of contribution toward your hosting venture.



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Everybody behind the project always bases their knowledge on facts and strives to be reliable. That is why we firmly state that the score of 4 stars for GoDaddy is accurate and based on the sophisticated and manual sifting process from around 34235 reviews. We give you our view in a format that is easy to absorb the information, while we have crunched the numbers and data from other resource areas ourselves.

Our Star Rating is optimally objective and precise, as it is based on detailed data for each hosting company.

GoDaddy Expert Overview

GoDaddy Hosting Review Article image howtohosting.guideGoDaddy Hosting Review. If you’re looking for a cheap and profitable hosting service, then you have a wide array of choices. But if you’re looking for the best affordable and decent service, then you have a choice between a few big names in the business that have earned a good reputation over the years. One of those hosting providers is GoDaddy. They are, in fact, one of the biggest hosting companies in the world, with over 18 million clients and counting. GoDaddy is responsible for supporting more than 77 million domains, and they offer a variety of hosting plans that have outstanding prices and support. We have decided to conduct a review of to see how good are the services they provide and to illustrate to you the best plans, the value you get and the offers they have.

Best Plans Review

According to our review, GoDaddy is specializing in providing the following hosting products:

Shared Web or WordPress hosting.
Dedicated Servers.
Domain registration.
Website Builder.

The price for the shared hosting includes advanced features and also the standard ones like unmetered traffic and a free domain plus business email. GoDaddy aims to keep their promise that the plans that they offer have a one-click install of more than 100 free apps, including WordPress and other platforms. They also offer quick upgrading if you need additional resources for your service,, such as a quick boost of your processor capacity, an upgrade of your RAM, and others.

They also offer reseller products. When we did a review of them, we established that they include an integrated WHMCS service and license, around 250 accounts that are ready to use and that are white-labeled. Furthermore, they also offer cPanel and other extras like an unlimited number of websites, bandwidth, databases, and an SSL certificate that comes included.

When we did a review of the virtual private server (VPS) plans offered by them, you should know that they come with a standard one-year SSL certificate. It is combined with three dedicated IP addresses and also features and unmetered bandwidth. And their plans offer full root access, which is very convenient and increases your flexibility and control.

The dedicated servers of the GoDaddy offer almost the same extras, like unlimited traffic, dedicated IP addresses, SSL certificate, and the other extras that you mentioned before for the VPS plans.

Features Review

Being part of an group sure has its benefits. This particular group includes Wild West Domains Incorporated, whose goal is to provide reseller plans and products related to domain services. Also, the group includes private registration services that are provided by a company known as Starfield Technologies. Starfield provides advanced internet and software products that are created to solve problems like SSL certification and others. Another organization that is part of their group is called Blue Razor domains, and it offers a membership discount registrar.

And something that we expected from them is that they are an accredited domain register by ICANN, and they manage a lot of names and offer products at very low and competitive prices. The fact that the organization has insourced part of their operations means that it allows them to reduce the price while providing very good support and ensure that their products are competitive in today’s demanding world.

Price & Coupon Review

They offer one of the most competitive prices, and they have one of the best pricing strategies overall. But what are their prices are really good for any budget some people could consider that some of their prices for particular plans they offer could be a bit more than they hoped. There is nothing to worry about because, as we saw, they have many different coupons and offers that are constantly being released for different products, and users can take advantage.

The pricing strategy of this orgranization includes the standard 30-day money-back, which allows you to get your funds back if you’re not happy with their product. They have recently upgraded to the next generation (4th) for their virtual private servers and dedicated servers. This immediately means that the price you pay for these types of features is low for what they have to offer as a value to you as a customer.

Data Centers Uptime & Support Review

When it comes to uptime, this company promises their uses 99.9% of it, and this is the standard for most competitive hosting companies. There are very few companies that offer 100% uptime, and it often is unmet.

The data center and facilities of the company are spread all over the world:

Silicon Valley

A remarkable feature of this company’s support is that it is available in the 27 languages that are most used. This is an excellent advantage for the industry, and it is complemented by support via phone, live chat, email, and an advanced ticketing system. There is also a great knowledge base that you can take advantage of.

The company’s control panel is as simple as the rest of the site and the services they have to offer. Before, they used to have their control panel, and later they standardized to Plesk and cPanel as many of their competitors did. But they still have internal panels for domain management, dedicated servers, DNS, and other products.

Pros and Cons on GoDaddy Review

Founded way back in 1997, this company currently manages millions of domains. They are responsible that every one of those is up and running and their customers are satisfied. They offer a range of products with many different features, and their prices are one of the best in the business. Because they are one of the global companies in the hosting industry, they have different subdomains for different countries like India and Germany, where you can get local support for your particular language. Some complaints have been noted when it comes to the performance of the company and the support, but these are not seen very often. As a bottom line, we have to say that they offer a wide variety of features, attractive prices, diversity, flexibility, and simplicity.

What We Like

Low and competitive pricing.
Customer service is provided in 27 languages and has fast and good availability.
One of the most popular companies in the industry.
Company that works on a global scale.

What Is Missing

Complaints about the customer support.
The prices appear very cheap, but they could increase a bit when you renew your subscribtion.

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