GoDaddy Suffers Data Breach: SSH Accounts Were Accessed

GoDaddy’s has suffered an enormous data breach, in which an unauthorized individual accessed SSH accounts in the company’s hosting environment. According to the official statement, there is no evidence that “any files were added or modified on your account”.

The web hosting company also says the data breach didn’t impact the main GoDaddy’s customer account, adding that no information within that account was accessed.

GoDaddy Data Breach: What are the consequences?

Apparently, the company has reset passwords. Impacted customers are promised a year of free website security and malware removal service.

These services run scans on your website to identify and alert you of any potential security vulnerabilities,” the announcement explains. The security service also allows website admins to contact GoDaddy’s security team in a “special way” to ask for help.

GoDaddy’s customers are also advised to audit their hosting accounts. “Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have already taken and will continue to take measures to enhance our security in light of this incident,” the official statement says.

In March 2020, another incident happened to GoDaddy. An employee of the company suffered a phishing attack, allowing an attacker to change the DNS entries for the Freelance-owned The security incident was reported by the well-known researcher Brian Krebs.

Later, it turned out that Escrow quickly regained control of its DNS entries, and fortunately, none of its systems were affected.

In February, GoDaddy reported net income of $138.4 million on revenue of $2.99 billion in one year. The company also shared it had 19.3 million customers at the end of 2019.

For its fourth quarter, the web hosting company reported revenue of $780 million. $352 million were made from domains, $293 million from hosting, and $135 million from business applications.

The number of customers at December 31, 2019 was estimated at 19.3 million, showing a growth of 4.1% year over year.

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