Google Analytics is Down – Realtime Feature Shows Low Results


An unidentified issue in Google Analytics prevented the Realtime feature from working correctly.

Google Analytics’ Realtime feature is down for some users today. For those affected, the stats tool shows lower metrics or does not load any data. Not all users of the service are encountering the issue.

More About Google Analytics’ Realtime Feature Issue

There are no official announcements made by the company so far. We checked for some fresh releases on the official Google account on Twitter but such are not available yet. Still, some users reported their concerns that something is wrong with the tool due to unrealistic statistics shown on their accounts.

Users are wondering:

Did Google Analytics go down in the last hour? Anybody noticing lower than normal numbers?

We witnessed the same problem on our account. At a time when the active users on site are typically close to 40, the stats displayed 2 or down.

Another tweet by a Twitter user confirmed our observation by stating the following:

Yes.. real time traffic seems to be down.

What About Other Google Services?

Besides Analytics Realtime, no other Google services are down at this time. We will continue looking for information about the root cause of the issue. Meanwhile, we could confirm that the Google Analytics Realtime has been restored and working well. We will share the updates when they become available.

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