HostLaunch Web Hosting Automation Platform – Review and Features

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HostLaunch is a new web hosting automation service announced by parent company Less Bits Inc. Before being officially launched it has been tested by users and developers and is now available to everyone. This is a platform allowing customers to operate their own hosting services without relying on the purchasing of reseller accounts.

This new platform presents a new solution that provides a remedy for most issues that are present in these traditional approaches.

What is HostLaunch?

HostLaunch is not a typical hosting company or a reseller provider, but rather a new type of solution, allowing customers to run their own hosting companies. However, instead of doing this by purchasing reseller accounts or loaning infrastructure, this is done over a new type of cloud platform.

The service is built around an automated platform that relies on remote VPS servers for each client. There are several technologies that HostLaunch depends on.

What is SeverPilot?

One of the main parts of the platform is ServerPilot. This current cloud service allows easy setup of popular content management scripts and platforms such as WordPress deployed on compatible servers.

It is a popular service with web hosting clients and providers to offer a straightforward step-by-step installation process instead of the traditional setup.

ServerPilot will also keep track of the installed software and the relevant configuration and SSL certificates.

ServerPilot SSL

ServerPilot is deployed on the serves and made available to the clients encompassing all main areas: software installation of the required server components and dependencies, the firewall configuration, provisions for automatic software and script updates, free trusted SSL certificates installation, and statistical and monitoring services.

HostLaunch Integrations

The hosting company also features integration with Stripe — one of the best-known payment processing systems.

It is widely used in eCommerce sites or whenever payments are required to be made. Stripe provides the API for the payment gateway and related services, such as statistics and detailed information on the processed orders.

Digital Ocean is also featured as a partner of the service. This is one of the best-known hosting services that provides many types of plans ranging from the small personal site hosting to complex dedicated server solutions.

What Are the Hostlauch’s Distinguished Features?

HostLaunch, as a distinctive web hosting automation platform, allows for whole businesses to be set up with no “hassle.” Virtually no in-depth technical knowledge is required to start offering optimized and reliable web hosting to prospective customers.

One of the most critical aspects of providing such services is offering full brand customization of the presented end hosting proposition. That means that the customers will be able to oversee all significant company aspects.

Branding Integration

The service will allow the users to integrate their branding by adding the necessary text content, graphics layout, and all kinds of multimedia across the site’s landing pages and structure. Encryption will be set up so that the areas are secure and presented as trusted ones.

Users management is integrated into a system that allows site owners to monitor all registered users. The density control presents an overview of the available resources and how they are being used. It is crucial as it indicates how the service has grown and needs to scale further.

More Features

Having all of the aforementioned technologies, the customers’ sites will be deployed on optimized VPS hosting instances configured with free SSL and will also include automated scripts deployment, including one-click WordPress installation.

A flexible pricing system allows HostLaunch customers to set their own prices with integrated recurring billing (if this is enabled) and also the ability to integrate the Stripe payment system.

It’s important to know that HostLaunch requires customers to already have their own DigitalOcean and ServerPilot instances. The service doesn’t cover these costs in their included price.

All of this shows that the service will certainly compete with other existing services due to the relatively low price — monthly pricing starts from 1$ per customer and with no minimum required. Customers only need to pay for active customer subscriptions.
More information about the platform is available on its official website.

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