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hostupon hosting review logo imageHostUpon Web hosting is a Canadian web hosting company, based in the Toronto (Ontario) area. They have a lot of experience in providing solutions for different types of customers: both personal users and large companies can benefit from their competitive packages. HostUpon is known in Canada and around the world for their affordable plans, coupled with the excellent customer support.

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to choose them: they have an in-house team of engineers, unlike nay competitors that have chosen to outsource the staff to other countries. This provides quality and fast resolution of any issues that may arise. A 99% uptime guarantee is part of their standard contract, a promise which sets a very high record of reliability. All plans are offered with a “no questions asked” 30-day money-back guarantee.

Regarding the network, their data center is connected to 3 backbone carriers for always-on Internet connectivity. In addition, the network is fully created from scratch, build on a model of full redundancy and maximum performance. In this review, we at take a detailed look at their package deals in this review.

HostUpon Overview

Name HostUpon
Country of Origin Canada
Supported Platforms WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, others.
Products Host, Script Hosting, Domains, Website Builder, Web Hosting Resources, etc.

HostUpon Hosting Plans

HostUpon is an experienced company providing hosting services across all popular service types. It is a privately-owned enterprise that is based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada, and is renowned both in the country and worldwide for its quality and affordable plans. They are a valued partner of independent users, companies, and large enterprise portals. Over the years of their existence, HostUpon has monitored the trends and adapted to all the latest trends in technology and demands. For this reason, they have created a scalable and powerful network of top-performing servers and networking hardware, capable of achieving every task, noted in this review.

Throughout their history, they have received numerous awards and recognitions from multiple organizations and individual users. This gives them extra credibility and the ability to compete among the top providers worldwide. Above everything else, they are labeled as Eco-Friendly due to the constant efforts of preserving the environment. Our reviews show that this is done by using a power-efficient setup when the servers are designed, one that does not sacrifice performance for the sake of polluting the planet. Energy Star-qualified devices are implemented in the network as well.

Furthermore, HostUpon was one of the pioneers behind the creation of cloud technology in this industry. All of their servers can be upgraded on-the-fly with zero downtime, thanks to the expert-designed infrastructure. Customers of the company can use both WHM or the cPanel administrative panels, allowing for complete management of the purchased packages. As part of their configuration, there is also a one-click-installer for all commonly used scripts and applications: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Moodle, and etc. All plans come with a full 30-day money-back guarantee as well, allowing the customers to review the service. Often coupons for discounts are available on the separate hosting type landing pages, check back often.

HostUpon Web Hosting Plans Review

The standard package comes with a free domain name and transfer, a very useful option if the users are moving from another company. On the higher tier packages, a single user may host an unlimited number of sites. Users with no or little programming and design experience benefit from the easy-to-use website builder that is specially provisioned by the company. As always a 1-click app installer is available through the administrative panel which makes it very easy to quickly deploy all popular scripts and web applications. FTP, SSH, and other types of access are provided in the plans. SSL certificates are also freely available according to our review.

Personalized email accounts can be set and controlled by the webmail apps, everything can be done from the web browser. Switching to a higher hosting plan can be done instantly, with no downtime or complex steps, as found in our review. These standard packages also offer a choice of billing cycles: 1 year, 2 year or 3 year term. The payment type can be changed at any time. Advantages of choosing these plans are the following:
FREE Domain Registration or Transfer
Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
1-Click WordPress Installer
Free Website Builder
24/7 In-House Support
cPanel Control Panel
Money Back Guarantee

HostUpon WordPress Plans Review

A dedicated WordPress plan is also provided for those users seeking to run their own installation of the popular blog system. This provides the perfect platform for running every kind of site: from a small personal site to a large project, or a WooCommerce web store. All of the typical perks associated with such plans are offered: a free transfer, easy installation of the main engine, and etc.

These plans also utilize the cPanel administrative panel technology for total control of the hosting account as per this review. Alongside everything else customers that are using this plan will benefit from the ability to host an unlimited number of websites, an important factor in this review.

A special WordPress Security Suite will protect the deployed scripts from malware infections and hacking attempts. The selected plans provide the following WordPress-specific benefits:
Free Website Builder
1-Click WordPress Installer
Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
FREE Domain Registration or Transfer
Free WordPress Transfer
WordPress Security Suite
Money Back Guarantee

HostUpon VPS Services Review

The VPS-dedicated plans, short for Virtual Private Servers, are designated to power more complex site installations that have a much higher resource demand. By design this is a managed sevrvice, meaning that all complex server configurations will be handled by the company’s staff. The customers will have full root access, allowing control of the system. Control is provided also through the cPanel panel which offers an extended suite of services that can be installed using several mouse clicks.

What is unique about the VPS plans is that they come with FFmpeg audio and video conversion modules preinstalled on the system. This means that complex multimedia can be setup on the servers without having to install additional modules. To achieve top loading speed the machines are equipped with fast SSD drives and direct 1 Gb/sec connection to the premium network backbone. Security-wise a dedicated protective suite is instantly activated with the activation of the plan. This includes a carefully configured firewall, brute force detection and a real-time virus scanner. Technical support is 24/7 available and provided in-house by the company staff that reviews all potential issues. By relying on this plan, customers will experience the following advantages:
Free Migration Service
Security Suite
Reboot/Restart Access
Premium Bandwidth
FFmpeg Pre-Installed
cPanel & WHM Solo

HostUpon Reseller Plans Review

The reseller packages provide a convenient option for offering white-label services using HostUpon as a trusted partner. These packages are widely used by design agencies, IT contractors, and businesses. This provides an easy opportunity to position custom branding across the designated login prompts and other areas logos can be inserted. This also includes the ability to use custom name servers for added privacy and trust.

Like the other plans which are offered by the company, the customers can benefit from the free website builder which practically allows users to design whole sites by using the drag and drop interface. Built into the panel is the 1-click script installer, allowing for easy deployment of popular web applications and services like the ones mentioned earlier in this review.

If users are coming from a different company, a free migration service — the transition will be made effortlessly, all deployed services will also be safeguarded by the company’s custom-made security suite. This security package comprises of several advanced firewalls with a virus scanner. The additional brute-force detection is designated as an additional layer. Some of the distinct advantages of choosing this reseller offering are these:
Free Migration Service
Free Domain Name
Security Suite
100% White Label Platform
Free Website Builder
24/7 In-House Support
cPanel & WHM

HostUpon Cloud Packages Review

A cloud offering is also part of the packages that are offered by HostUpon. This is a managed solution, bundled with the popular cPanel administrative panel. This is perfect for projects and sites that require a reliable environment that has allocated resources and features. They are hosted on machines that are specially optimized for this task and placed on the company’s network. Special provisions are made to optimize the loading speed, a global delivery network is enabled for this reason.

All plans include a free domain name and transfer. The comapny has partnered with CloudFlare in adding special features such as added security protection. The chosen cloud services can be easily controlled via the cPanel administrative panel that is provided to the customers. As always 24/7 customer support is available if an issue is encountered. Advantages of relying on these Cloud hosting plans are the following:
24/7 In-House Support
Cloud Server Technology
CloudFlare CDN
1-Click Script Installer
Full Money Back Guarantee
cPanel Control Panel

HostUpon Dedicated Plans Review

Customers that want maximum performance and loading speed can choose the dedicated hosting plan. This leases a whole machine only for the user and allows for complete access and the utmost optimized resources. Given the fact that many large projects can generate a large number of web requests and calculations, the users can add in additional hardware that is hot-swapped without downtime: disk space, memory, and even the computer’s CPU.

The hardware choice for the computers is IBM — the company trusts them both in providing the servers, as well as the dedicated storage area networks. The servers themselves will come preconfigured with a suitable operating system that includes all essential web servers with popular frameworks and technologies enabled out-of-the-box. The machines will be connected to the Internet at 1Gb/sec on one of our 3 premium Multi-Gigabit network backbones. A custom order can be ordered at any time by contacting the company’s engineers. By design the leased machines are semi-managed — server-side modules will be automatically updated by the company, everything else is according to the users own configuration. Advantages of using these dedicated plans are the following:
Award-Winning Support
Premium Bandwidth
Scalable On-The-Fly
Full Root Access
Security Suite


Looking back at the customer reviews and awards, as well as the rich suite of features and provisions with each package, we can state that they are a top choice for users around the world. A free domain name and transfer is available in most plans and one of the factors that added in additional benefits was the environmental-friendly data centers. The support pages feature not only in-depth tutorials but also a very rich knowledge base which certainly helps in lowering the number of generated tickets to the engineers’ team.

HostUpon is also one of the companies that have developed custom packages for all popular content management systems, as well as several eCommerce platforms. Practically all plans feature an advanced administrative panel, 1-click installation of popular scripts, and access to the company-developed security suite. We highly recommend them, especially for heavier projects as the dedicated and cloud server plans are highly optimized for running all kinds of complex tasks.

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