How to Buy A Site (Website Purchase Steps and Tips)

If you are wondering how to buy a website, but still have some questions as to what the site will have and how it can quickly rank up in Google, we have just the answers for you. Read this article to learn what steps you need to take before and during buying a website.

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“How to buy a website” is a question that many people should be asking themselves, even if they know how to purcahse one. This is because in today’s world there is a big variety of services and great deals on a site. Not only this, but there are also several factors that, if considered properly can save you a lot of time, efforts and money and simplify the whole operation. Let’s go.

Buy a Website Tips – What You Need To Know

Before actually getting to buy a website, you should be well-aware what you are going to purchase and for what purpose. There are several very important key-factors that can determine your website. To explain it simple, take a look at your purchase as an investment. And by this, I don’t mean investment, because you will monetize the site later on, but the sole purchase of it to be an investment. Because if done correctly and you happen to decide to sell it in the future, one simple selling of your domain name could make you rich.

Factor 1: Whether or not the site will be on the same topic as another site or service you are involved with.

In general, to buy a site for something you are already doing and have a great experience in doing and even better – if its something you are making or selling currently, is a great idea. The main reason for that is that your efforts will not be in vain as you have the core skills and know-how. Not only this, but you can set this site to make even more money. Furthermore, when work is done with love, it won’t feel boring for you and it is less likely that you will give up on this project.

Factor 2: Are you planning to sell the site and only buying it as an investment?

Lets say you get a car that is going to be a future classic car. And we both know that classic cars used to cost tens of thousands of dollars when new, but now some of them are sold for over a million dollars on auctions. The same goes with sites. So if you want to buy a site and then flip it for higher price, be aware to always look for domains or sites that are at their lowest price. And always look for the potential value of those domain names, because a growing trend in technology, for example, like IoT (interent of things) could mean more IoT-related sites and so on and so-forth. So you really need to be aware of what is surrounding you and which trends are likely to be hot in the near future (VR, Robotics, Nano-technology, Electric cars, etc.).

Factor 3: Selecting a niche site.

This factor is a really important one, because targeting a newer and more underdeveloped niche means that you have a higher chance of ranking up on Google and even staying there for a long long time. This can quickly increase your traffic and the site can grow in value rapidly. This means more profit in your pocket.

Factor 4: Your budget.

Its crucial to know what you are willing to pay for a site and how that ammounts to what investment will be returned. Paying is one time investment, but if the site is not profiatble, it cannot mutiply your ammount and the investment is not as good as you thought it was. If the site is on plus each month, then you can quickly be on a plus after such an investment. Because an investment in a site is not just money – its also the time and effort you put in the site.

Factor 5: Do your research.

As WikiHow reccoments its best to know what you are getting into. Make sure to know what are the keywords of the domain you’re buying and also make sure that your domain name has the most sought after keyowrd in terms of volume in google. This is extremely important because your domain’s position will be taken in consideration based on its domain name.

Steps to Buy a Website that is Developed

In case you want to buy a website that is already gone public and online or is an already developed business, it is more important to have personal contact with its site owner. The main reason for that is the question “Why are you selling it?”. You need to know more information on where your money is going and this is particularly important because there are a lot of sellers that claim their site has huge traffic and bring a lot of income, but then again this may be just an attempt by a clever seller to get rid of a site he or she quickly developed. There are even cases where hoax traffic services are used to quickly escalate a website’s traffic, which is very bad, because you could purchase a site that is banned in Google search results and this is definitely not the best thing for business. Do your checking. Make sure to see at least the Analytics of the site and the statistics of it – how many users per last 12 months, how many during the weekend, per day, etc. And also if the users are real or not.

If you are about to buy a website that is developed, then we recommend that you take these steps.

Step 1: Get to (link for registration page) and set up an account using this link.

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Step 2: Once you have your account set up, get to the search bar on top of and check the drop-down “All” page. It shows what you are looking to buy. For developed businesses click on “Websites” an for new site you are setting up, click on “Domains”.

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Step 3: Select the criteria on the left bar of the site for Price, domain extension (.com,, etc.) and filter out the domains that are important for you:

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Step 4: Once you select a site you like, click on its name to see more information and seller notes about the offer. Here is where to click:

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Step 5: When you visit the site’s offer, you can place a bid, contact the seller for more information and add it to the watch list.

Tip: If the deal is confirmed, Flippa can take care of a safe transaction between you and the seller, making the process easy and transparent. If not, we strongly advise you to set-up an account in ESCROW for any deals outside of trusted services, like flippa. This account allows you to

Steps to Buy a Website That is New

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name.

There are several components when buying your brand new domain name that are in the name itself and bring value to potential buyers. You can look at them as your strengths and weaknesses. Some domain names may end up losing a lot of money if they are the “right” ones. Here are the main factors to look for when you formulate the price based on the name:

The Domain Name Length – Shorter is easy to remember and convenient to type by the user but way more difficult to find when it comes to Google ranking criteria. The more unique it is and the higher demand it has in the name, the more valuable it is.
The Domain Name Keywords – If the keyword is better, for example you have a “How to fix your car” site with guides and your domain name is “”, then you will definitely boost its value it for a much higher price than something that is not related to what users are searching for in a particular field or industry. This helps your site get a better ranking so that more users can visit it.
Brand – If you have a brand that catches the eye in your domain name and is easy to remember, this can turn quickly into your one-time cash cow. This is because people remember brand names, especially if they are short, catch the eye, are “click-bait”, are easy to type in and are very unique.
The Domain Extension – The domain extension is very important because research shows that all the domains that end up in .com are the most sought after. But then again, be advised that these domains are also more difficult to find, so if you have a good domain name that ends in .com, be advised that it can catch the eyes of brands and people who can give millions for it. One example for this is domains such as (sold for $30 million in 2019) and (sold for $11 million in 2001), which are basically cash cows for money; this is why they got sold for such a price.

Step 2: Check if your domain is available.

Here are the steps you need to take to check if your domain is available and buy it securely.

Step 3: Get to

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Step 4: Search for the domain name you want to purchase. If the domain name is available, you will see a list of prices for it. This should help you choose the best one that fits your situation:

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Step 5: When you are ready with the domain name, click on “Add to cart” and then “Continue to Cart” after this:

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Step 6: After this is done fill in the payment steps to complete the payment:

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Step 7: After you have purchased your domain name, set up hosting for it, preferrably with a platform, such as WordPress. And it is also good to know exactly which hosting plan is the correct one for you to simlify your site and pay minimum annual web hosting price.

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