How to Fix Background Images and Styles Disappeared DIVI

Divi is one of the most famous and powerful WordPress themes available. It is fast, secure, very flexible, easy to work with and it also gives you the power to build beautifully designed layouts very easily with drag and drop, and last but not least it offers hundreds of pre-built designs.

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However, on some rare occasions, you might find yourself confused about its behavior and you may face a random bug, that makes all of your images and styles disappear. It is pretty frustrating and there is no clear evidence why this is happening, but believe us it does happen and if it happens to you don’t worry. It is not hard to fix it and we review the way to do it.

Divi Images and Styles Disappearing

Before you start researching different methods of how to fix this issue, take a step back, and think about the last things that you’ve done on your website, right before this issue occurred.

New Plugins Installed
If you have installed a new plugin or made any changes to some of your current plugins’ options, you may have done something incorrectly.
Check the settings of every piece of plugin that you’ve changed and if you remember that you’ve done some different changes the last night just go back and revert them.

Caching Plugins Problems
When it comes to WordPress optimization, and website speed it is always better to use some caching plugin that will make your website load faster. However, some of the caching plugins may not work as expected and sometimes they cause problems with the content, the images, or the whole page.

Have in mind that it is important to read about any caching plugin that you are about to use with your Divi theme and make a quick research about it. Some of the plugins might make a conflict and lead your website to this unpleasant situation.

With that being said, the fastest way to check if any plugin is leading to this problem is to turn off all of your plugins and try to refresh your page. If it fixes the problem, enable your plugins one by one until you find the one that causes the error.

Disable Static CSS File Generation
If disabling your plugins did not fix your issue, then it is most likely that disabling static CSS file generation will help you with the issue.

The Static CSS File Generation is a Divi performance enhancement feature, that is made to improve the speed of Divi and make it load even faster. It means that your custom styles will no longer generate any CSS inline stylings, and they will serve files that can be cached by the browser.

With that improve your website consumes fewer resources and it improves it’s overall speed drastically.
However, this is the most common thing that causes problems with images and styles, and sometimes they just randomly disappear.

To fix this, go to your WP-admin, then go to Divi, click on the Theme Options, then select Builder, then click on the Advanced and disable the Static CSS File Generation.

static css file generation image

Click save and check your website again. Your issue should now be gone.

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