HyperText GRAV Theme Review – The Fastest Theme in the World

Creating a website is not an easy task, and before you start, you need to know some essential rules about it. Some factors can determine the complete success of your website. One of these factors is the speed of the theme you are going to choose. As you may know, speed is a critical Google ranking factor.

Before everything, if you want to get a good ranking in the Google Search Engine, the speed needs to be the main priority while you are doing SEO optimization on your website. To help you achieve this goal easily, we will review the fastest theme ever made, and it is not a WordPress theme. It is a GRAV theme called HyperText Theme.

In today’s article, we will introduce you to the HyperText theme made for Grav and what it is capable of.


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HyperText Theme Review

HyperText is a theme make for the GRAV CMS which main pros are the speed and the simplicity. The theme is told to be one of the fastest ones available out there on the networking space. The theme is so simple and doesn’t include or require any Javascript and it bearly has any styles.

As you already suspect, the HyperText theme doesn’t have a wide variety of features and customization options, but this is the key, making the theme the fastest in the world. And this lack of features, styles, and options ensures a consistent and fast user experience across all the browsers and the different devices. The theme is free and is generally made for blog websites.

Even the theme has not many features. There are some available ones that you can use.

Theme Features

  • HTML 3 & HTML 5 compliance modes
  • Built-in open-source style sheets
  • Headless mode for in-app serving
  • It is not much, and if you are a beginner, it will be hard to create your website with HyperText theme, but if you have some programming skills, there will be no problem and even a unique experience building a fast well-looking website. The theme is more based on code, and working with it requires some HTML and CSS knowledge.

    Another compatibilities and features that theme provides are Lightweight design and comes with 0KB of Javascript and 1KB of CCS, which is optional. HyperText works with any browser after 1995, which is impressive. Great about the theme is the mobile-friendly design(fits the screen on every mobile device.) It is accessible – works with screen readers and any OS language.

    HyperText Theme Review – Conclusion

    The final words we can say about the HyperText Grav Theme are that it is a fantastic theme even if it doesn’t have those posh of features and options. With some programming knowledge, you can create a spectacular, impressive website with incredible speed, which in the end, is one of the most critical factors.

    Click here if you want to see some demos of the HyperText Grav Theme.

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