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InMotion Hosting – a big name associated with premium cloud and web hosting solutions as well as an advocate on open-source software is expanding its engagement to open source.


As of yesterday, 13th of July, 2020, InMotion Hosting has announced that is now a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation.

InMotion Hosting has been founded in 2001. As a privately held company, it has provided custom web hosting and cloud-based services to international businesses.

Having customers spanning over six continents and 175 countries, InMotion Hosting has partners including:

OpenStack Foundation

InMotion Hosting has helped a huge amount of businesses over the years, regardless of size.

That has led to online successes and technological evolution being aided by teams covering support, live, 24/7 all year long.

Providing its services to businesses for over two decades, InMotion Hosting has the tools to enable smaller companies to compete on a higher scale than they can on their own. With a corporate sponsorship for the OpenStack Foundation, the veteran hosting provider has invested once more in open source software and business improvement.

InMotion Hosting’s co-founder and current president, Todd Robinson said the following:

InMotion Hosting believes in the open source community and wants to give back in various ways, such as our Corporate Sponsorship of the OpenStack Foundation.

He has also added:

OpenStack is a critical part of open source alternatives to the mega public clouds. Our focus on making OpenStack easy to deploy and manage will give more options for small and medium businesses looking to join the OpenStack user base.

InMotion Hosting‘s newest product Flex Metal Cloud, which is in development, will be an on-demand private cloud solution powered by OpenStack.

Flex Metal Cloud will have a software-defined IT infrastructure that virtualizes all of the elements of conventional “hardware-defined” systems.

With such a modern infrastructure, cloud deployments will be simplified, flexibility increased, and resources used to the fullest. Having up-front pricing and usage-based billing, Flex Metal Cloud will be a cost-effective choice over public clouds.

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Flex Metal Cloud users will have the ability to deploy fast and safe in a production-ready environment with the help of InMotion Hosting’s premium support team. In addition, all of InMotion Hosting‘s supporting content will aid people who want to test things alone. Made with a mindset for open-source, the reference architecture in question will be publicly available.

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