How to Install WordPress on Windows Hosting in 2021

Have you ever asked yourself the question How to Install WordPress on Windows Hosting? We at are happy to present to you a short article with the exact related answers.


Surely, if you are wondering how to put WordPress on a Windows host, you are not familiar with how host providers work nowadays. They have automated the process to only a few clicks.

What You Need Before Installing WordPress

Before you begin with the installation of the WordPress suite, there are a few things you need to get done first.

You will need to register your very own domain name. That requires some time and thinking as you will want a Google-Friendly Domain Name.

Second, you will need a good web hosting company that is optimized for WordPress and focuses around it as a CMS platform.

BlueHost is mainly focused on WordPress services and plans, while its WordPress-handled strategies consist of SSL and Sitelock Protection, both important for gaining good Domain trust.

The reasons listed above are why we at can recommend BlueHost as a great WordPress hosting provider.


BlueHost is an officially recommended WordPress host provider. Check out our detailed BlueHost Review to learn more about BlueHost.

Installing WordPress Automatically on Windows Hosting

You have a domain name registered and purchased a plan from a hosting service. All you need to do is navigate to Your Profile then Manage and click on WordPress.

After that, the platform will be installed automatically. We advise you to install a Security plugin, SEO plugin, and Speed optimization plugin, plus remove the login option from your website.

What is more, you should read our article labeled 5 Essential Web Design Tips for helpful guidance on configuring your website as your next step.

Installing WordPress Manually on Windows Hosting

We at think that you would not need the following instructions, with a WordPress-focused Hosting providers being a must-have in our day and age.

WordPress Hosting plans will monitor and update your installation and provide better computer system resources than you have on your own, so it is better to pay for a hosting service.

However, if you want to learn about the methods you can use to install WP on Windows Hosting, here is how to do it:

You get the Web Files and a MySQL Database and move them to any Web Hosting. To do that, you need to Download WordPress and manage it with an open-source cross platform web server, such as a WAMP, XAMPP or LAMP stack.

You will need Apache, MySQL, PHP. It is best to go with a WAMP stack or XAMPP stack, due to the fact that those are a complete package of all three – MySQL, Apache and PHP.

You navigate to your main Windows OS installation directory – usually C:/ and find your ServerName (XAMPP for example) and the access the htdocs folder. Then upload your WordPress folder on you Windows web hosting by navigating to YourProfile (name) on the Web hosting Site and then navigate to Web Hosting then Manage to configure it.

After the whole installation process is done and finished, all you need to do is Check if the Website is Using WordPress.


Installing WordPress is easy in terms of a procedure. You just have to know what to do. You do not need to be tech-savvy.

Even if you install it on a Linux hosting, it will still run on Windows OS. Thus, you cannot go wrong and you should not stress about it.

The price for Linux OS Servers might be a bit higher, because of that reason, but it will not be much more than a Windows-only Hosting.

Having money-back policies and Support technicians at your disposal, any Hosting provider will aid you in your first WordPress installation. We have written plenty of specific WordPress Installation Tutorials.

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