Is Shared Hosting Right for My First Website

Is shared web hosting right for your first website? This is a very common question and in most cases, the short answer is – Yes, it is.

So, what is shared web hosting?

Shared Web Hosting Information

Shortly said, this type of service enables you to share a single physical server with multiple other websites. In other words, your website data is kept on a server that maintains the information of a few other sites as well. The amount of disk space and system resources are limited, as others are sharing the same server. You should keep in mind that every time your website surpasses the allotted amount, you will be charged extra. At worst, your website may get down for a while, if other sites send an extended amount of server requests simultaneously.

Shared hosting plans usually feature access to control panel, limited disk space capacity, unlimited email accounts, and other add-ons, depending on the particular plan. But since many users utilize the resources of a single server, your hosting costs will be low.

Let us illustrate what shared hosting is with an image:

What is shared hosting infographic image

As you can see in the image, the building with the many apartments represents the server and each of the apartments inside represents a different website in this server.

So, if you choose to use a shared host, you will share the same server with other users. This has its downsides and could have security implications, but if you are just about to launch your first website, it is not a bad choice at all. This type of hosting is affordable and budget-friendly, and as such, it’s perfect for beginners.

A shared hosting plan can handle up to 50,000 + visitors a month, which is about 1500 website visitors daily. This amount of monthly visitors is typical for sites that just started out. In fact, sometimes getting even a dozen online users to your brand new site is considered an accomplishment. Creating a new site is lots of hard work, and it will take time before your site starts needing a more professional hosting, such as VPS or dedicated.

Besides being budget-friendly, what other reasons to go for a shared host are there? It will spare you the need of managing and running your server as well. You just get your plan, and the provider will handle the rest of the technical processes regarding your hosting.

Shared Hosting – What Do You Get?

Some people tend to think that shared hosting is not really reliable because it is relatively cheap, and you share the same hosting server with other people.

A typical shared hosting plan costs somewhere between 2$ and 12$ a month, and for that low fee you will be able to use 50-100gb of disk space (of course it depends on the hosting company), probably a free domain name, SSL encryption and a cPanel. All of these extras are really great and an absolute must for you if you are launching your first website.

The domain name usually costs about 20$ per year, disk space over 20gb will be more than enough for your first website, and having a cPanel is a mandatory for you, if it is your first project, because it will enable you to easily configure and manage your webhosting account.

You have access to a user-friendly control panel, through which you can manage most of the essential processes of keeping your site up and running. After, all websites with shared hosts don’t require technical skills or knowledge of servers. The simplified user interface provided by the cPanel makes the hosting management process simple and straightforward. All administrative tasks and monitoring duties associated with your plan are available there.

Our Conclusion Shared Hosting

With all of that being said – the shared hosting is the absolute right choice for your first website. Don’t go blindly for a bigger hosting plan such as dedicated server or a virtual private server (VPS), because there is no point to purchase that many resources for your first website.

At the end of the day, what you need for your first website is a domain name, a simple cPanel that offers 1-click WordPress Installation, an SSL certificate and support that you can rely on if you face any difficulties.

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