Kinsta Migrating To Google’s Next Generation of VMs

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Kinsta, one of the best specialized WordPress providers has announced that they are migrating their virtual machine infrastructure to Google’s next generation offering. The company has based their infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and according to their announcement this should double the performance of their services.

The Migration to The Next Generation of Google’s Cloud VMs Should Greatly Improve Kinsta’s Performance

Kinsta has announced that they are migrating their services on the next generation of Google VMs hosted on their cloud platform. This is one of the most famous hosts that are dedicated to WordPress blog hosting. In their press release they also note to be the first host that have migrated to Google’s cloud platform. Over time as the company grew they have gained expertise in utilizing the network infrastructure and optimizing it for their clients. Kinsta has updated their servers to support the PHP 7.4 without any additional configuration from the users side.

The migration will move on to a new generation of cloud compute-optimized virtual machines, these instances are designed to run the applications. This is especially important as the WordPress hosting plans are designed to be scalable. The new platform will be available to every customer regardless of the plan they are using. The roll-out has not been made without testing. The company has stated that they have performed internal testing of the new cloud services before the production release. According to the preliminary testing Kinsta announced that the performance improvements range from 30 to 200% depending on the individual case. All of this shows that there will be a major improvement in the speed of the blogs.

The hosting company states that there are two areas in which the speed improvements will be most notable:

  • Faster loading speed of the WordPress sites
  • Faster access to the WordPress administration panel and settings

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More Information About Kinsta’s New Infrastructure: Details About The GCP Compute-Optimized Vms

Every single site which is hosted on Kinsta is run in an isolated software container which include all essential server components: the Linux system, Nginx, PHP and the MySQL database. By design each Kinsta site is isolated and 100% private and not shared. This is also true between sites owned by the same account owner. Furthermore the Linux system will also be configured to run on OS-operated containers as well for security reasons.

This means that each site will be assigned to one of the Compute-optimized next generation virtual machines. They are deployed in the data centers which operate behind a firewall. The hardware resources will be assigned automatically by Google’s virtual machines when additional power is required. What is different about these new Google compute-optimized VMs is that they expose a much high-per-threat performance and higher memory access speed.

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