Krystal Hosting Customer Reviews: Analysis of 1534 Opinions

Krystal Hosting has a score average accumulated from different places which evaluate it based on varying criteria. We at have assembled everything from reliability through customer opinions to pricing about the Hosting, from a few notable places, including our very own research. You can skim through the page to check the visual infographics and then decide if you want to read everything in-depth.

Hosting Summary

Name Krystal Hosting
Total Reviews 1534
Average Score 4.9
Phone 020 8050 1337
Email [email protected]
Address Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Rd, London EC1V 2NX
Server Locations flag United Kingdom
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Number of Reviews

1.5k+A lot
* This article uses cross-reference information of 1534 reviews with which it aims to show you particulars about Krystal Hosting . The data is gathered from more recent reviews as well as older ones.

Avg. Review Score

* Scoring 4.9 on average is a confirmation on how great the workforce behind Krystal Hosting are.

Customer Support

* Support for Krystal Hosting is fast and to the point. Consumers are appreciative of their efficiency.

Hosting Plans

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Hosting Information Score

Headquarters Full info
Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Rd, London EC1V 2NX is where the center of Krystal Hosting functions from.
That is where you should reach out to if you have any questions about its operations.
Phone Available
The phone number is 020 8050 1337 and you can call Krystal Hosting to ask them questions.

Note! You, yourself should call this number to confirm it is current and so on and so on
Pricing Cheap
Low prices are in play with every hosting plan from Krystal Hosting. Coupons might be active for deeper discounts.
Products A LOT
Krystal Hosting offers 18 plans, which is an extensive variety of services. With such experienced professionals you are in good hands.



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For the reviewing of Krystal Hosting we have used few, but renowned and accurate resources to manually form our data. We give you complex data made look simplistic, but informative enough for anybody to be able to form a notion about the hosting services provided. Being precise in our investigation, we are aiming to give you a highly-factual outlook on every hosting we look at. Krystal Hosting has 5 stars rating out of 1534 reviews among the most popular ones.

Our Star Rating is optimally objective and precise, as it is based on detailed data for each hosting company.

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