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LocalWeb Hosting Review article imageThis is an American company specializing in different packages that cater to a wide variety of projects. They an old establishments that pries itself as being inovlved in the establishment of the Internet backbone. This gives them immense experience and the ability to quickly resolve any reported issues that customers are having.

Their extended list of packages provides the ability for every prospective user to choose the most suitable plan in terms of best value-for-money. The website gives an overview of each listing and also about the other services the company provides.

LocalWeb Hosting Overview

Name LocalWeb Hosting
Country of Origin USA
Supported Platforms WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.
Products Split-Shared, Split-Dedicated, Dedicated Servers

About Localweb.com Hosting – The Best Plans

LocalWeb.com hosting (or LocalWeb Hosting) is an American company that specializes in service packages. They have more than 20 years of experience and this has allowed them to grow and provide all modern technologies. The company is registered as American Data Technology, Inc. dating back from 1995. The company’s policy is to deliver optimal reliability and uptime. Positive customer feedback is maintained as the company’s staff seek to resolve issues as quickly as possible and thus prevent downtime or serious site problems.

The company is operating a 24/7/365 toll-free tech support line with US-based personnel. One of the distinct advantages is that Localweb does not subcontract the support to third parties, a practice that is becoming more popular among larger companies. The virtual machine clients also have access to this toll-free phone support. What’s important for the users to know is that the maintained 99.99% network uptime and infrastructure status is also a part of the contract SLA.

When it comes to security the company employs rigorous monitoring, initiated from three geographically dispersed locations. This is also true for physical security — the data center facility employs armed guards and a well-developed surveillance system. For redundancy purposes, they operate several data center spaces in the technical hub of America. All servers that are used by the company are connected to the core network using fast protocols. All modern frameworks and technologies are supported to power all deployed customer applications. In terms of backups and data, integrity full backups are done weekly on each server, while at the same differential backups are performed nightly. LocalWeb Hosting provides in-depth information about the facilities.

LocalWeb Hosting Cloud Packages

Cloud server hosting is one of the most popular categories of web delivery among most companies. They also provides such services in several sub-types. It is perfectly suited for a lot of projects as they provide the best value-for-money ratio. This leverages a network of high-performance hardware that provides resources on an on-demand basis. For many projects and applications that can be deployed by users, this provides significant savings.

The leased resources can be scaled easily due to the way the infrastructure is planned, the customers can request exactly how much computing power they need and dynamically change it according to the current needs. In addition, this service can communicate via a specially-designed standardized API. This is essential for sharing data sources between running services. This enables complex installations to function properly: CRM, financial management systems, and groupware. Cpanel access is available in many of the plans.

The company-owned servers are connected to a network with advanced load balancing. This prevents sudden spikes in resource demands, in case of a single machine failure. At an additional host the customers can request for specific hardware to be added, this includes firewalls and PCI or FISMA components. Reasons for choosing their service include the following:

Redundant storage clustered configuration
Certified provider for secure cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Certified provider for Platform as a Service (PaaS)
FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) Certification
PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Certification
Optional two-factor authentication
SSH shell access (Linus) or Remote Desktop Access (Windows)
Application Programming Interfaces
Pay-As-You-Go Model
On-Demand Provisioning and Automatic Deprovisioning

LocalWeb Hosting Specific Purpose Plans

Secure containment for various projects is provided by the company. This does not include general-purpose plans, but specialized services deployment as well. This is one of the few companies that are listed as CISP-compatible by Visa. This is an industry-standard that is designed to protect cardholder information from eCommerce applications and payment processors. They also support PCI Web hosting which is the “Payment Card Industry” compliance allowing for various services to be run.

All of the plans available on their servers feature unlimited traffic and numerous extras which are otherwise available for an extra fee by competitor companies. This is also one of the rare providers that has a dedicated Ecommerce hosting plan which is specialized for merchants. In addition the company has established long-standing partnerships with some of the big players in the industry which provides further assurance and guarantee for the services. Advantages of choosing them include the following:
PCI Compliant Services
Secure Ecommerce Plans
Additional Security Measures Available for Purchase
Multiple, Fully Dedicated Internet Connections
Detailed Statistics
of Your Website

LocalWeb Hosting Dedicated Plans Review

The dedicated server plans allow customers to purchase server resources reserved only for their use. The company has a policy of allowing a wide range of applications and services to be hosted on the LocalWeb machines. By categorizing the plans they fall to the managed dedicated services meaning that the low-level operating system configuration is taken care of by the company engineers. The users only need to select their operating system of choice — both Linux and Windows environments are available.

This gives great flexibility in terms of choosing the most appropriate system for a given application. Both plans run on dual hard drives with data redundancy. The high-class machines are hosted in the state-of-the-art datacenter which is operated by the company. All clients will have access to the 24/7 live tech support and full ROOT access to the loaned servers.

In terms of security, firewalls are automatically configured to protect sites against hacker attacks. Real-time MRTG bandwidth reporting is available for the website owners, the actual hardware status of the servers is done by the company engineers. And unlike some competitors no setup fee is required. Specific advantages of the dedicated plans are the following:
LIVE tech support 24/7/365
99.999% network up-time SLA
Level 3 systems administrators
Choice of Operating System Environments
Full root access (SSH)
Servers monitored every 2.5 minutes

LocalWeb Hosting – Conclusion

We like them for the fact that they are one of the most experienced companies in this segment. Apart from many other companies, they offer dedicated plans for Ecommerce and Exchange purposes, showing that the engineers have prepared special packages for prospective users. Also, companies generally don’t have their 99.99% uptime guarantee in their contract — they promises that this will be upheld. The rigorous server monitoring shows that they take the responsibility of always providing optimized conditions.

What We Like

20+ years of experience
Secure FISMA compliant services for U.S. Government Customers
Secure PCI-DSS Compliant Services for E-commerce Customers
IaaS Cloud Services

What Is Missing

Main home page design could be better
No dedicated VPS plan available

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