Loopia Is Moving to EcoDataCenter’s Facility in Falun, Sweden

Loopia is considered to be one of Sweden’s largest web hosting companies. The company has won awards such as “Sweden’s best web hosting” in the Internetworld magazine, as per the official website. Loopia has been in the web hosting business since 1999, and currently, it can be found in Sweden, Norway and Serbia.

Loopia Moving to EcoDataCenter’s Facility

Recently, Loopia has decided to move their systems to EcoDataCenter’s facility in Falun, Sweden, which is powered entirely by renewable green energy and is built out of wood. The data center is designed to be “the World’s First Climate Positive Data Center”, according to the description on the official website. The company offers data center solutions “at unparallelled low cost” to customers with “mission-critical requirements”.

It is noteworthy that the surplus heat generated by the wooden data center is used by municipally owned Falu Energi & Vatten in two particular ways: either for heating or as a crucial ingredient in the production of bio fuel. This fact indeed makes the data center quite unique; not to mention that the facility is equipped with high level technology reassuring the physical and technical security.

These facts are among the reasons that Loopia decided to make that move. As explained by Hannah Johnsson Bittmann, Head of Sweden at Loopia, “since sustainability concerns us all in some aspect, we are now at the forefront of setting a new industry standard where the goal is to help our customers to greener IT.”

On the other hand, EcoDataCenter is proud of the trust and is looking forward to supporting Loopia in their future endeavours, according to the official press-release.

Did you know? According to statistics, if energy consumption stemming from web hosting continues to increase, by the end of 2020, the hosting industry would be polluting the environment more than the airline industry. Thus, it is not surprising at all that more companies are going eco-friendly, and moves such as the one Loopia just made will be more frequent.

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