Lumen Hosting Customer Reviews: Analysis of 38 Opinions

Lumen Hosting has a score average accumulated from different places which evaluate it based on varying criteria. We at have assembled everything from reliability through customer opinions to pricing about the Hosting, from a few notable places, including our very own research. You can skim through the page to check the visual infographics and then decide if you want to read everything in-depth.

Hosting Summary

Lumen Hosting

Name Lumen Hosting
Total Reviews 38
Average Score 4.6

Number of Reviews

* 38 customers openly share their views on Lumen Hosting. Taking their words into consideration we have gathered a report with basic statistics about the work done by the team behind Lumen Hosting.

Avg. Review Score

* Scoring 4.6 on average is a confirmation on how great the workforce behind Lumen Hosting are.

Customer Support

* Lumen Hosting has received generally good replies in terms of their Support. It is described as helpful and responsive.

Hosting Information Score

Headquarters Missing
Lumen Hosting has not provided enough details for their address.
Phone Missing
Lumen Hosting lacks a viable international number, but you should investigate further if this is relevant to you.
Pricing Cheap
Lumen Hosting has bargains all over the place with some of the best competitive sales in the industry.
Products MISSING
No sufficient data found in most of the customer opinions.



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This review aims to show the clients’ views of Lumen Hosting from truthful hosting resources. Based on these 38 reviews we have sifted out the non-important detail manually, giving it a 2 stars rating. We are providing you with combined scoring, products, available contacts, Support impressions and pricing into a complete single page for your ease. Hopefully you will find this incredibly useful as we believe it is.

Our Star Rating is optimally objective and precise, as it is based on detailed data for each hosting company.

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