How to Migrate WordPress Site On Japanese Web Hosting Providers

How to Migrate WordPress Site On Japanese Web Hosting Providers article image

Migrating your WordPress can be a daunting task if you are not prepared to know technically what is going on. This is also true for Japanese Web Hosting services where certain can be more complicated depending on your individual case. While many providers offer the possibility of using automated migrating services or migration packages some administrators choose to do this by themselves. This article will give further details about the details that are specific to Japanese providers.

Why a Manual WordPress Migration Is Preferred

There are several reasons why computer administrators may choose to migrate their WordPress site installation. In a lot of situations this can prevent issues that often arise when automatic methods are used. Website owners must keep in mind that a WordPress installation in general is a collection of several components:

  • The WordPress CMS System — This is the actual content management system. The users will need to keep track of all configuration values that are entered by the users. This also includes any additionally installed plugins and themes
  • Attached Media Files — All images, music, videos that are linked must be preserved. For WordPress to work properly the directory structure and exact file names must be preserved.
  • Database — A copy of the WordPress working database must be made. It contains all of the contents, user comments and other important information. Note that if the database is shared with other content management systems the WordPress prefix must be noted.

In order for a WordPress migration to be done, including one on Japanese web hosting companies the administrators will need to use several tools and techniques. The first one is the administrative access to the server file system — this is done in order to copy down the files which are available locally on the site. This includes the graphics, videos and other media. The files can be accessed either via the FTP protocol or the web panel using the suitable credentials.

Database access is required to the MySQL server in order to copy down the contents of the WordPress working database. This can be done using a web-based tool such as phpMyAdmin or by using an application-based MySQL client.

A backup function exists from within WordPress which can be accessed from the WordPress dashboard. Navigate to the Tools menu and click on Export submenu. This will bring the panel which can be commanded to create a XML file containing posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags. While this can then be imported into a new installation via the Import submenu in some cases this may not work, especially if custom code is used. For this reason we recommend that the administrators import incomplete data by hand.

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WordPress Export Options

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WordPress Migration: Japanese Web Hosting Specific Issues

One of the key issues that arise when Japanese WordPress installations are concerned is the fact that not all computers may come with Japanese character support. This is essential for WordPress administration as they need to have the ability to read and write across all areas of the site. This is operating system specific.

If a WordPress site is designed to be multilingual we recommend that a special solution is used – at the moment a good option to consider is the WPML plugin. It allows the administrators to create translated copies of the translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and theme text.

In general migrating from one Japanese web hosting is not so much different than any other hosting company! For this reason planning is required beforehand. Good advice will be to check Analytics data and determine when there are fewer visits in order to minimize downtime.

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