10 Most Responsive WordPress Themes for 2021

If you have found yourself looking for a Theme for your WordPress that is extremely responsive in terms of functionality, you may find yourself browsing the web like crazy until you find that perfect theme for your website.

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Responsive WordPress themes aim to make sure that your website adapts to each visitor’s screen and device type, whether it is PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. So we can save you some valuable time in having to manually find a responsive WordPress theme by yourself, we have created this post. It shows each one of the 10 best responsive WordPress themes currently on the market. Let’s go!

Astra Theme

Price Free / $59 for Pro
Downloads 3,000,000
Our Score 6.0 of 6.0
Shortlist or Buy? We recommend that you Buy Astra

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Being even more popular than Divi theme, Astra has gathered up millions of downloads and the primary reason for that is because it offers very well-made site editors. These technologies, also known as modules allow you to customize your website based on how you want it to look on mobile devices as well and customization seems to be very important for the creators of this theme and its users alike.

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But this is not all – Astra has the reputation of being one of the fastest and most lightweight responsive WordPress themes in the business, making it very good for SEO and how your Astra site ranks on Google. This plus the fact that it is extremely user friendly and easy to use make this theme very appropriate for beginners.

Divi Theme

Price $89
Downloads 500,000
Our Score 5.9 of 6.0
Shortlist or Buy? We recommend that you Buy Divi

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Divi is one of the most popular responsive WordPress themes out there. This theme can really do it all. It is a drag-and-drop multipurpose theme meaning that it can fit absolutely every site type as long as it is not super-custom.

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Divi also has other features than the traditional ones it uses. We are talking about the ability to save a design you have made and if you want to add it to another WordPress site without having to redesign it all over again. This saves valuable time and is a very useful extra. Divi also allows you to have complete control over all of the elements on the site. You can even see a mobile preview to monitor and control how your site appears. This is our number 1 theme in this list for all purposes and this is why we would definitely recommend that you go straight ahead and get it.

Neve Theme

Price Free / $49 for Pro
Downloads 984,476
Our Score 5.9 of 6.0
Shortlist or Buy? We recommend that you Buy Neve

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Being a very flexible theme that can fit absolutely any website type, Neve is a lightweight and extremely fast theme that can load very fast and this is good for SEO. The theme is also AMP (mobile-friendly) optimized and this means that having the theme tells Google that it should rank your website higher.

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Furthermore, the Neve theme is also compatible with various plugins that are very powerful and these include WooCommerce and other site builders which allows you to make your perfect website, using the tools that you prefer, just like building Legos. The theme is also minimalist in style and very clean and it uses the Block Editor technology. Given all that, our recommendation is to try and go ahead and buy Neve theme if you are looking for a good multipurpose and responsive WordPress theme.

Jupiter X Theme

Price $59
Downloads 137,000
Our Score 5.7 of 6.0
Shortlist or Buy? We recommend that you Buy JupiterX

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Jupiter X is one of those responsive WordPress themes that we would call trendy. This is because it favors design a lot and allows you to tinker with your imagination and create a stylish theme, based on what your preferences are and what you wish. This allows our site to be rather unique and unique at each screen size as well.

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Jupiter uses a real-time WordPress customizing to change aspects on your site and also comes pre-loaded with WooCommerce support for online stores and other widgets for online shopping if the site you want to make is that type.

Newspaper Theme

Price $49 for Pro
Downloads 97,000
Our Score 5.5 of 6.0
Shortlist or Buy? We recommend that you Buy Newspaper

newspaper theme image

Newspaper is one of those responsive WordPress themes if you want to make a blog or create a reputable and sophisticated news website. Whether you want a simple layout or a more complicated one, this is the choice for you.

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The Newspaper has AMP optimization for easy reading of content on smaller screens without making images small to see or making the sentences unreadable by transferring letters on other rows.

The theme comes with a page builder that is made to help you drag-and-drop items from one place to another, allowing you to create the website you want quickly. It also features embedded popular social media platform compatibility so that your news can be shared over different social media channels.

Karma Theme

Price $39 for Pro
Downloads 30,500
Our Score 5.4 of 6.0
Shortlist or Buy? We recommend that you Buy Karma

karma theme image

Being a very powerful theme that can suit both personal and business sites, Karma has been created to be as customizable as they come. The theme features a lot of templates and very cool 3D effects.

Karma also has a user-friendly page builder, which lets you create your webpage very fast. It also features version control functionality, allowing you to roll back changes at a click of a button if you modify something by mistake.

Uncode Theme

Price $59
Downloads 73,000
Our Score 5.8 of 6.0
Shortlist or Buy? We recommend that you Buy Uncode

uncode theme image

The Uncode high-quality theme is designed to enable you to use an enhanced version of something, known as WPBakery Page Builder. This technology allows you to create high-quality web-pages, which are packed full of different templates, allowing you to have a modern and clean site, that is good for freelancing, large businesses and small ones alike.

Furthermore, Uncode has one more trick up its sleeve to convince you to download it. The theme actually uses adaptive imagery. This means that if a cookie detects the size on your device screen, it shows the image at this resolution so that it could be seen in the clearest and best way. So this theme really takes responsiveness seriously and the team behind it has put in a lot of effort to accomplish that.

Monstroid Theme

Price $79
Downloads 15,200
Our Score 5.5 of 6.0
Shortlist or Buy? We recommend that you Buy Neve

monstroid wordpress theme review features list

Multipurpose – this is the primary focus of the developers of the Monstroid theme. It is a strongly focused and powerful theme for websites of all types, from small to large and complicated.

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The Monstroid theme can adapt to all devices absolutely automatically and it comes with demos to show you what it is capable of. The theme features multiple plugins that have the power to allow you to customize your site with content, like free stock images and other content that can significantly enrich your website while saving you cost.

Themify Ultra Theme

Price $59
Downloads 10,000
Our Score 5.4 of 6.0
Shortlist or Buy? We recommend that you Shortlist Themify Ultra

themify ultra image

Themify Ultra is the name of a flexible theme that is multipurpose and has a powerful Themify Builder. It has integrated animations that you can put on your site, but it also allows for more simple landing pages to be optimized for speed, since this is important for SEO.

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Furthermore, Themify Ultra allows you to create a site that will deliver high-quality content with pre-built demo layouts, you can choose from and modern features, like parallax scrolling and infinite posts. So you can rest assured that having this responsive WordPress theme means a lot for how professional your site will be.

Enfold Theme

Price $59 for Pro
Downloads 209,000+
Our Score 5.5 of 6.0
Shortlist or Buy? We recommend that you Buy Enfold

enfold theme image

Enfold is one of those responsive WordPress themes that is optimized for a variety of purposes. It can be used a lot by eCommerce sites (online retailer stores), but it is also extremely stylish.

You can customize Enfold so that you can create your website very quickly and it also comes packed with SEO tips, that can rocket your site on top of Google as long as your content is decent.

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