News Portal WordPress Theme Review

When you have your newspaper, magazine, or a personal blog, a well-designed website can be a great start to building good potential and popularity. For this purpose, however, you will need a suitable WordPress theme to do the more serious part of the job. That is why today, we will introduce you to the News Portal WordPress Theme.

It is a powerful and creative theme that has all the qualities for creating this type of website. Let’s show you more about it and its functions in today’s review.

News Portal WordPress Theme

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News Portal WordPress Theme Review

What’s the Best about the News Portal WordPress Theme?

News Portal combines both a huge variety of features and widgets that will give the best result. You can create a beautiful and powerful website quickly and easily. The theme also includes impressive features for customizing, which will help you achieve the most eye-catching design to your site.

Which Are the Best News Portal WordPress Theme Features?

The design of your website is fundamental, especially in the media. Therefore, News Portal WordPress Theme provides you with all the features you need to create and customize your website without making unnecessary mistakes.

The Appearance of Different Screens
The presence of your website on different types of screens must be good. Fortunately, News Portal provides a responsive design, which means that your website will have a great look on every device such as iPhone, Android, PC, and others…

Widgets and Layouts
News Portal gives you 5+ widgets. All of them are suitable for magazine layouts. The ideal magazine look of your website is guaranteed because you can move all of the magazine widgets to the location you want.

Customizing Options
When it comes to style, a magazine website is a must to have customizable options. However, News Portal took care of that, too. There are wide varieties of customizing options. You don’t need any coding to create the style which you want. Only your imagination is required. Also, a Customizer is included, which allows you to customize the theme settings easily.

HiDPI (Retina) Optimized
Different colors, fonts, and icons are included. You can choose whatever types you want on HiDPI (Retina) displays.

Coding and Quality
News Portal provides clean coding with the best quality. They are suitable formatted, so you can customize whatever you want at ease. All the security standards are followed.

Color Schemes and Multiple Category Color
The theme has multiple color schemes that are created for changing all the colors which you want and creating the look of your website, which you want. Furthermore, you also have an option for adding dynamic colors for colorful modern design.

Except for all of the fantastic features, you also have theme support. If you have problems with the setting up or with the elements, there is not a problem. They will solve it quickly. You have an email support and support forum.

What the Theme is Compatible With?

Now that you’re familiar with all the features let’s show you the compatibility of News Portal WordPress Theme. It is suitable for online magazines, newspapers, publishing, personal blogs, and any kind of site. It is compatible with popular and modern plugins, which will help you extend the features of your future website and always complete the end result.

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