Onlive Server Announced VPS Hosting with Cloud Computing in India

Onlive Server – Quick Overview

Onlive Server, a hosting services provider that focuses on Managed hosting solutions is now going towards running a new VPS server, in India. Lately, they have expanded their VPS datacenters not only across Asia, but also in Europe.


Onlive Server prides itself for helping businesses and organizations to run websites or use their Cloud VPS hosting services and dedicated servers by providing professional support.

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Onlive Server’s Plan for the Future

For India, Onlive Server states that the features that come with the popular and cheaper options of the future VPS Hosting solutions are to change the Host Name and main IP address, start, reboot, suspend or unsuspend the whole server. These features are also present on other VPS servers run by the company.

According to industry experts, India VPS Hosting services can be used for running a Tally online, or for Vicidial Applications, Android Applications Hosting, iSO Application, Game Software, E-Commerce Websites or CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal and others.

In addition, Root Password and Administrative Passwords can be changed if a client desires it. Bandwidth, Ram and Hard Disks are monitored at all times, Onlive Server assures.

Features of New VPS Datacenter of Onlive Server

Here are the other basic features that will be included with the usage of the new Indian VPS datacenter of Onlive Server in India:

Rescue Mode


VPS Configuration

24/7 Technical Support Service

Server Setup in Few Minutes

OS Reinstall Option

Available multiple choice of OS

Future Indian customers would be happy to learn that they can use the biggest advantage of a fully Managed VPS Hosting – having it engineered for any purpose they want. Having SSDs implemented with the VPS Hosting ensures having faster running speed for websites, game servers and anything else that requires multiple computer systems to preserve data in, or operate.

Both Linux and Windows provide great custom solutions to the VPS hosting, along with other advantages. Linux and Windows OS operate without a hitch and can load their operations with a single click.

Operating Systems which clients can choose from include:

Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019

Besides all OS choices listed above, users can also go with the option of running a custom system, tailored for their specific needs.

Over the past two months, Onlive Server has launched several VPS Hosting Servers in multiple locations, including Japan, Hong Kong and France. The company continues to innovate in that regard and to acquire more places in which to invest and run a successful business model.

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