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The OptinMonster WordPress plugin is one of the most powerful extensions lead generation and conversion optimization toolkit. It is available only in a paid version which includes advanced functionality that rivals many plugins in its category. It is rated as being the top suggestion for WordPress site owners that want to retain and improve their income conversion ratio. The developers have created it as a complex package that supports all popular WordPress versions, as well as other comparable content management systems like Drupal and Joomla. Furthermore, it integrates well with other popular business plugins such as Mailchimp, Marketo and etc. In order to provide marketers with all essential features, the developers have included complex analytical information and configuration options. .

Plugin Profile

Name OptinMonster
Price Starting From $9/mo (Billed Annually)
Suitable for All WordPress Installations
Support Future Updates and Support

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OptinMonster WordPress Plugin — What Is It

The OptinMonster WordPress plugin is among the most powerful lead generation software available for WordPress site owners. It is well-known as being used by top companies, businesses, and government agencies around the world due to its long feature set and integration with many content management systems. A big difference between OptinMonster and its competitors is that this particular offering is a complex system that is integrated and made to function alongside WordPress and is not a simple plugin that depends only on the underlying system.

The main goal o the plugin is to drive and improve the conversion ratio as defined by the site’s goals. The top feature of the plugin is its drag and drop builder which allows site owners to create visually impressive optin forms. The users can create their own custom design forms or use ready-made templates that can be tweaked in order to correctly “fit” the overall site. The website owners can coordinate multi-step campaigns, mobile-friendly popups, and custom messages. No programming experience is necessary and the WordPress administrators can enable more than 26 animation and sound effects in the animations.

Different campaigns types can be coordinated, as well as the necessary triggers. Upon gaining analytical data about the made results the website owners can action different measures in order to optimize the conversion.

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OptinMonster WordPress Plugin — Campaign Customization Options & Available Features

The OptinMonster WordPress plugin allows hackers to customize the campaigns in very fine details. This includes the often used mechanism of integrating a lightbox popup window — this is often deemed one of the most necessary ways to convert users. The website owners can also trigger welcome messages that will be spawned in fullscreen mode.

Messages to the visitors can alternatively be placed in a side-in scroll box — this may be used in cases where the fullscreen mode may be deemed as ineffective or SPAM-like. Conversion messages can also be placed in special floating bars and the sidebars can include forms. The forms can also be placed in blog posts and various types of content. The administrators may also integrate countdown timers — in some campaigns, they may be very effective in boosting the conversions.

Embedded forms can be placed on various pages and blog posts. Articles can be locked and turned into the so-called “gated content” — this is a proven method for growing an email list of potential site followers. To attract further attention the site owners can use OptinMonster to organize coupon wheels — this is another method that can significantly boost sales.

OptinMonster WordPress Plugin — Campaign Triggers

The campaign triggers can be used to recover leaving visitors — either into subscribers to a newsletter or another retention mechanism or paying customers. The plugin also allows for the displaying of a scroll trigger — this means that the prepared contents will be shown after the visitors have scrolled a set period of the page.

Using MonsterLinks any link or image can be turned into a optin form. The plugin also features an Inactivity Sensor option which will target inactive visitors. The campaigns can also be displayed at certain times (which can be configured by the site owners) and also scheduled.

OptinMonster WordPress plugin — Customization Options

OptinMonster WordPress plugin allows for detailed actions based on the lot of variables — this can include the country from which they are coming from. Different designs and contents can be served depending on the page which is visited. The plugin can also be used to drive the so-called drip campaigns — actions that can be triggered by predefined user interactions. Special offers and promotions which will be displayed for returning visitors. The different campaigns can be personalized with special offers depending on the location from which the site is being accessed.

Using cookies further, personalization can be done. Device-specific targeting can be configured for the most popular categories: desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. AdBlock revenue can also be recovered by using personalized campaign messages.

The subscribers can be grouped into different segments and lists. The leads can be shared via other related ventures. The OptinMonster can be set up using retargeting pixels and dynamic smart content. Analytical information can be done via the real-time dashboard. The plugin also enables the site owners to perform A/B testing in order to test conversion increasing options.

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What We Like

  • A lot of Personalization Options.
  • Good Real-Time Analytics.

What Is Missing

  • Lack of a free version.


Given the wide feature set, the OptinMonster WordPress plugin is one of the most popular and efficient ways into boosting conversion rates. Compared to other similar extensions it gives site owners the ability to not only personalize the campaigns to maximum efficiency but also track the results via the rich analytical data which is automatically collected.

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