Quark Theme for Grav Review

Quark theme for Grav is a magnificent Grav theme that comes packed full of features and in this article, we will show you why it is a good choice among Grav users.

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Grav themes have started to gain popularity recently due to how simple it is to implement and use them when creating your own website and more importantly how modifiable they are. There are a lot of features that are added in the Quark Grav theme, and in this article, we will take our time to review each and every one of them to show you the exact potential of Quark.

Quark Theme Profile

Name Quark
Price $0
Suitable for Multi-Purpose / One-page
Support Extended Support.
Browsers it works with Mobile Browsers, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

The Easy to Use Layout of Quark

Quark offers multiple types of layouts among which you can choose from. You can choose a good layout that will suit your business, but you can also choose a simplistic layout that will be more convenient for your blog, portfolio, shop, or anything you can think of.

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You are welcome to apply any of these layouts of the multi-purpose Quark theme for Grav. But bear in mind that Quark is primarily focused on being as simple as possible. This means that it may be perfect if you are aiming to create a Grav website that is one page that contains all of the necessary and synthesized information. Of course, you can twinkle with Quark to add as many categories as you want on top of it. On our demo, we see that there are four different categories and when you interact with each and every one of them, they immediately lead to the content on the page underneath. One detail which we feel is very important is that the categories remain on the top of the screen. This very essential as a user, because you might feel that you want to change the category and it’s easily accessible for you at any time on top of the site.

Quark is Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, the mobile user is just as important as the PC user or the Mac user, if not even more important. This is why Quark offers a beautiful built-in mobile version of your website. It serves the same principles as the desktop version, keeping the blog one page. This is extremely important detail means that Google will recognize your website as the very first one and it is very likely that advantage of your website over other websites in terms of how they rank in Google.

quark grav theme mobile-friendly image

You Get All Grav Features With Quark

Having Quark installed on your website means that you also so take advantage of the tons of features that Grav has to offer, meaning that you can exploit the full technical capabilities of Quark.

Some of the main features that are offered and come with lame installation include:

Markdown syntax.
Twig templating.
Smart caching.
Flexible taxonomies.
Simple installation. (very important if you are a beginner)
Powerful plug-ins.
Intuitive UI.
Image processing.
Users and roles. (suitable for blog)
Responsive design.
Command-line interface.

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But the many features are not the main benefit of using the Quark theme for Grav. People at Grav really done their technical homework in order to release each theme with a wonderful mix of quality tech that ensures the following benefits:

They have created each one of their content using the word “performance” in mind, making their websites very fast.
They aimed a lot on simplicity oriented content, making Quark theme for Grav easy to install and easy to maintain.
Grav has included the latest tech, such as Twig, Markdown & Yaml.
They have made their theme to be extremely flexible via heavy plug-in usage that is universal across most of their themes.
They do not have a shortage of plugins, allowing users to choose from 200 + plugins for most purposes.
Their software is free and open-source, allowing you to save costs.

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Quark Theme for Grav Review – Conclusion

To summarise, Quark Theme for Grav is at first glance a very simple theme that is one of the fastest out there. But during our review, we have managed to understand that it can be modified to a great extent by different plugins that can allow anyone who chooses this theme to have it tailor-made based on his preferences. And all of this comes cost-free for the theme saving website publishers cost and headaches because it’s easy to install as well.

What do you think about the Quark theme for Grav? We would be very interested to see more about your experience with Quark, so leave us a comment below, if you’d like.

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