10 Reasons Why You Must Use WordPress for Your Website

WordPress is a world-renowned CMS platform, originally created as a blogging support tool, but over time it has proven to be a great tool for building websites and e-shops. It is a free platform with a wide variety of free themes and plugins. There are also paid ones, which can offer much more that the free options.

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WordPress is the most used platform in the whole world and it is used by millions of people around the world. One of the reasons why so many people prefer this content management platform is because it is relatively easy to use. It is suitable for blogs, small and medium sized sites and all kinds of websites.

If you are still not sure if this is the right platform for you, in today’s topic we will show you 10 reasons why you must use WordPress for your website.

1. Pricing

WordPress is open-source software that you can download and use completely free. However, if your goals are far higher than creating a regular website, then you should now focus on paid versions. You only need web hosting and domain name and then you can use it to create any type of website you imagine. If you are not aware of what these two concepts mean, let’s take a quick overlook.

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on Internet.
A domain name is your personal or business identical and unique URL on the Internet. This is the address of your website through which users can find it.

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2. Setting-up and updates

You definitely don’t need any special skills and you don’t have to be an Internet expert or HTML coder to use WordPress properly. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to build your website seamlessly.

We have already mentioned everything that you need for the process, so now we can move on to WordPress.com. You should sign up for a free account. With a pretty small extra fee, you can host your domain name there.

When you are ready to further customize your website, it will be extremely easy for you to even migrate your startup website to a web hosting account.

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3. Languages

WordPress has a global reach. As we mentioned, it is used all over the world. It supports over 160 languages, which makes the platform usable for anyone. With this advantage, you can create a website and successfully reach your global audience.

Of course, English is the most popular language used in WordPress.
71% of all blogs published on the platform are written in English.

However, it’s also important to note that if you want to use other languages, WordPress provides this to you.

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4. SEO-friendly

SEO is very important for the success of your website. This definitely makes it one of the things that you should pay attention right after you create your site.

But this should not bother you at all, because WordPress has some built-in tools that tell you how SEO-friendly your content is.
You also have the option of using WordPress SEO add-ons to further optimize your website.
you can find the best SEO tools for WordPress

Here You Can Find The Best SEO Tools For WordPress

5. Safety and Security

It should be noted that WordPress is a secure platform. But even the secure interface, which WordPress provides to us there is vulnerability form malicious attacks if we do not install additional plugins that are provided for WordPress.
But before you worry, we’ll be glad to hear that WordPress lets you easily improve the security of your site. It has password protection features for the contents of the folders.

Updating your version of WordPress also helps prevent unnecessary errors and security threats to your website.
In addition to everything we have listed here, there are additional important steps that you can also take to maximize the security of your site. Installing a WordPress backup plugin can be very important for your website.
This Plugin will make it easy to recover your website if something goes wrong.

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6. Support

We have already informed you that WordPress is used by a huge number of people worldwide. That is why special WordPress forums have been created through which you can communicate with others who use it and share useful information and learn many new things. You can get in touch with the community at the official WordPress forum or in person at WordCamp events around the world.

You also have the option to get help and support from WordPress support.
If you have a paid WordPress plan, you will have access to live chat support 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

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7. Huge Varieties of Themes and Plugins

No special design and technical skills are required to create a good-looking website.
WordPress contains thousands of free website themes, from which you can choose the one that fits the best to your concept. The main advantage is that WordPress themes are significantly easy to customize.

They have their own panel of options such as changing colors, adding your logo, changing backgrounds, and more that will provide the best look for your website without any coding. And that’s not all, you can also use plugins to further bring new features to your website. WordPress plugins are a type of applications for your website, through which you can add new advanced features such as analytics, contact forms and more.

WordPress contains thousands of free and premium plugins for your website. You can choose and add the most necessary, which you need.

8. Speed

Every one of us who uses the Internet knows that slow websites are useless and annoying. WordPress contains specific features and elements that you can take advantage of and speed up your website.

You can install a light theme that won’t weigh your code or add a plugin to reduce the size of your image files.
Take advantage of Gzip compression, advanced caching and minimization of CSS and JS files.
All these methods will improve the speed of your website and avoid unnecessary inaccuracies.

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9. Flexibility and Adaptability

You can use the basic version of WordPress to publish blog posts or for your business website. When you add plug-ins, you get extra functionality of your website.

Almost everything you want to do with your website can be accomplished with WordPress.
Even if you do not have enough skills, besides the fact that the platform can give maximum functionality to your website, it can also give you a new knowledge. Through all its endless functions, WordPress gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and improve your website or blog level.

Anyone can use it. Beginners, developers and everyone in between. It is entirely up to you how you use it and what your goals are, WordPress is here to help you create and design a website or blog.

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10. WordPress is Mobile-Friendly

WordPress is fully mobile ready. Your website will not only be visited by users from a computer, keep that in mind. The usage of mobile websites is becoming more and more popular nowadays. If your website doesn’t look great and works well on a smartphone or tablet, you’ll lose a significant portion of your users. Your website will be replaced directly with another one, which will bring you bad reputation and potential.

The WordPress dashboard is designed to work with both smartphones and full-size computers – so you can easily manage your website from anywhere. This is one of the most useful options for your website that allows every user to have free access to your website and also provides a perfect appearance of your website on every device.

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