9 Best SEO Tools for WordPress

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is already a new science that can lead to the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful website. If you are a website owner, you have to understand that even if you have the best-looking and the most innovative, beautiful and creative website, if it is not SEO-friendly and well-optimized for the search engines, it will probably be unsuccessful.

Best SEO Plugin For WordPress 2020

In this article we will review the most used and most effective SEO Plugins which will help:

  • The Performance of your website
  • The Speed of your website.
  • And to Get Higher Position in the Search Engines
  • The success of your website clearly depends on this three important factors.

    Best Seo Tools For WordPress

    In general, WordPress is an optimized SEO platform for website creation. If you are new on the web, WordPress is the best choice to get your goal and get to as much as possible visitors for a short period of time. Even though every new WordPress website needs additional energy and activity to respond to SEO needs, it’s important to get proper SEO tools for your site and polish your content according to the SEO criteria.

    Having a decent SEO toolset by your side is nothing less than crucial for its focus and your title and content formulation. They help you improve in the following SEO criteria:

    • Keyword formulation.
    • Title optimization.
    • Media content integration.
    • Update formulation.
    • Link building.

    SEO Writing Assistant

    Remember “Content is King” all starts with great content. Before any other search engine optimizations, everyone needs to learn in detail how to create more useful and helpful content for its audience, fellows, visitors. Make sure you have read this article to the end to learn the basics of content SEO optimization.

    The entire goal of the search engine optimization is to get your website upper in the search engine’s rankings, so it gets more visitors and thus more traffic and clients.

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    Best SEO Tools For WordPress Websites 2020

    1. Ahrefs
    2. Yoast SEO
    3. All In One SEO Pack
    4. Rank Math
    5. SEMRush
    6. Google Search Console
    7. Google Keyword Planner
    8. SEOPress
    9. WP Rocket

    6. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs image

    Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools in the world. It is an excellent alternative to SEMRush, and it has a lot of similar features.

    Ahrefs allows you to do deep research in backlinks, keywords, monitor rankings, and many more. Ahrefs offer tools for inspection of similar content of your competitors, and you can see how they do better and thus to adjust your content to improve your ranking.
    Ahrefs offers a fantastic set of tools that will guarantee your SEO improvements.

    Such tools are competitive analysis, backlink research, web monitoring, and keyword research. The combination of all of these tools will help your website to get an extra boost in its SEO capacity and perform better on the web.

    Ahrefs Cookies

    As a very expensive pleasure, not many can afford to buy Ahrefs. So the bigger blog websites buy Ahrefs and start to sell cookies from their Ahref account to the smaller blog websites. In this way both sides are happy, the bigger bloggers earn money by selling cookies form their Ahref account and the smaller bloggers can get Ahrefs at affordable prices.

    Ahrefs Price

    Ahrefs’ 7-day trial plan costs $7, and its more advanced plans cost $99 for Lite plan, $179 for Standart, $399 for the Advanced plan, and the most expensive is the Agency plan, which costs $999.

    1. Yoast SEO

    Yoast SEO imageYoast is one of the most popular SEO plugins in WordPress. It is installed on more than 5 million websites and it leads to great results.

    This plugin comes with a large variety of features that you can use to optimize your website. It has many built-in features such as analysis, different descriptions, meta keywords, keywords, social features, XML sitemaps, etc. Yoast SEO adds Yoast SEO Metaboxes and allows you to create the proper titles and descriptions of your pages and posts very easily.

    It has visual analysis that marks with red, yellow, or green color the fields that you should fill and also recommends ways to improve your content. The Yoast SEO plugin generates its sitemap and submits it to Google and Bing. Another great feature that comes integrated into it is the Search Console. You can check the statistics from your search console straight from your Yoast dashboard.

    Not only this, but Yoast is also a very capable tool of analyzing the top 5 keywords in terms of strength in your article after you paste if for WordPress. This is a crucial step for WordPress publishers because it helps them increase the focus on a specific keyword they would like to have their post ranked better on.

    Yoast has an excellent customer review with 4.9 out of 5 points, which is enough to convince you to use it.

    2. All In One SEO Pack

    All In One SEO Pack imageAll In One SEO Pack offers an inclusive package of SEO tools. This is one of the most powerful SEO plugins and considered best all-in-one seo tool with many different options and features.

    All In One SEO Pack -Settings:
    The configuration is straightforward – all you have to do is just to go to General -> Settings and adjust its options to your preferences.

    With the meta box that this plugin provides, you can easily edit any type of content, for example – post, custom post type, or page with the most appropriate keywords and descriptions.

    With All in One SEO Pack, you can also edit some advanced aspects of your website such as setting pages to noindex, setting canonical URLs, exclude particular URLs from the sitemap, etc.

    This plugin was released in 2007, and its team keeps improving it every day.

    In conclusion “All in One SEO Pack” is best choice FOR all-in-one seo tool with over 2 million downloads and a rating 4.5 of 5.

    3. Rank Math

    Rank Math imageRank Math is another SEO WordPress plugin. It is designed to be fast, simple, and it has a powerful interface that helps highlights essential information. Rank Math offers a large variety of options that you can use, such as:

    Extended rich snippets;
    AMP compatibility used for improving the mobile speed;
    Features that allow you to add missing alt attributes;
    Analysis for up to 5 keywords for your content;
    Google Search Console integration (that will bring the Google search console straight to your WordPress Dashboard);
    Local SEO;
    404 errors monitoring, etc.

    Rank Math offers a very easy configuration for beginners – all you have to do is to set a few options and the plugin will do the rest. If you feel more confident and comfortable in the SEO part, you have the freedom to do even more in-depth changes.

    Rank Math is not as popular as the Yoast SEO and the All In One SEO Pack plugins, but it still has over 200,000 downloads and a rating of 4.9/5.

    There are also other tools besides the plugins that can be used to improve the SEO of the WordPress websites.

    4. SEMRush

    SEMRush imageSEMRush is one of the best SEO tools available on the market. It is used by most professional SEO experts, bloggers, web developers, and companies. SEMRush offers many tools that can be used to find the most proper keywords and search terms that you can aim for. It also has a very nice feature that allows you to research the keywords that your competitors try to rank for and suggests ways to beat them.

    SEMRush has an “SEO Writing Assistant” tool, that can help you with suggestions for the content of your website, and offers the top 10 keywords that you can strive for.

    SEMRush has a free trial that you can try.

    If you want to continue using it the price for the Pro plan is $99.95 per month. It has two more plans that give you access to even more powerful tools, but their price is $199.95 / month for the Guru plan and $399.95 / month for the Business plan.

    5. Google Search Console

    Google Search Console imageGoogle Search Console is a free tool that Google offers to the webmasters.

    This tool helps website owners to have a deeper and more detailed presence in the way their website ranks in Google’s rankings, the keywords that it ranks for, the ways and the sources their visitors come from, and many more. Google search console is very important, and every website owner should take a careful look at it. Not only it shows the visitors’ behavior, but it also checks for errors and suggests fixes.

    The Google Search Console is free of charge.

    7. Google Keyword Planner

    Google Keyword Planner imageGoogle has a very convenient keyword tool called Keyword Planner.

    This is a very powerful tool that is offered by Google, and anyone can use it. It is free for use, and its primary purpose is to show the advertisers what are the keywords that they can bid for in their advertising campaigns and also shows them estimated search volume. Yet, if you don’t want to advertise you can use this information to find out keywords that have a high search volume and interest and easily outrank your competitors.

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    8. SEOPress

    SEOPress image

    SEOPress is another powerful SEO plugin, which comes with all the important features you need.
    The included features are Meta Title & Description, image, content XML sitemaps, redirects, open graph support, and more.
    The tool plugin has a free and paid version. It also comes with a begginer-friendly installation set up and can be compared with all the powerful SEO plugins available in the market like Yoast SEO.

    SEOPress has free version available.

    9. WP Rocket

    WP Rocket image

    WP Rocket is not exactly an SEO plugin like the others. It is a tool that optimizes your website speed and performance. We can say that WP Rocket is the best caching plugin available in the networking space. It boosts your website speed by enabling caching. This process will definitely optimize your website SEO.

    In the link down below you can find full information about WP Rocket.

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    Our Conclusion

    There are many plugins and useful tools that you can use to ensure the best SEO of your website. Take your time to review the plugins that we suggested above and don’t neglect the rest of the SEO tools because they are very helpful, and they provide detailed information that will help you to get upper in Google’s rankings.

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