Servado Hosting Review

About Servado

Being one of the top German hosting companies and one of the best in Europe in terms of quality of service, Servado aims to provide high-availability hosting from startup users to company-tier organizations that have demands which are higher than the usual ones.

Having strong and reliable partners has pushed Servado to keep improving and all of this has positioned it on a highly competitive market, where they offer custom offers based on individual preferences and also cheap plans that are well-balanced for the price you pay. We have decided to review this company and see how they manage to find the balance to provide such plans and whether or not it is worth choosing them as your provider.

Servado Review

Country of Origin Germany
Supported Platforms WordPress, WooCommerce, etc.
Products Shared, Dadicated, VPS, Colocation, Reseller, Domains, SSL Certificates, etc.

Servado – Best Plans Review

The german provider has a lot of well-balanced coupons and prices that include Shared, Dedicated, Colocation, Reseller and VPS with extras, such as modern servers, a lot of extras, and cPanel that is easy to accustom to and has advanced settings you can tinker with.

Shared Hosting Review

The Shared offers include many bonuses and as we take a look at what they have to offer in those packkages, we believe that they are focused on security, but also they have some other extras that help to relocate with ease, which is not very often met or offered by providers. And on top of that, they offer interesting statistics and an advanced file managed with a lot of control over your site index. The startup plan for Shared products by Servado is priced at €1.99/mo and even though this price is a bit on the higher side, you have the tons of extras to compensate for that:

Let’sEncrypt SSL certificate
Moving your entire website
Relocation of your MySQL database
Relocation of your email accounts
1-click installation
Web statistics
File manager
PHP versions 7.x

Dedicated Services Review

When it comes to dedicated solutions, the company has thought big. Their startup plan does not include SSD drives, but they do offer 12 to 24 months terms and they have an option to opt-out of managed services and a 24/7 support along with a 100 Mbit connection, which for the price of € 149.00/mo is fine. Considering that the startup plan has a powerful device and tons of added values again:

CPU/Cores – Intel Xeon v3 CPU
RAM – 16000 MB DDR4
Hosted domains – unlimited
100 Mbit connection
SATA / SAS hard drives
24/7 support
Managed service optional
Term of 12 to 24 months

Colocation Review

When it comes to Colocation, we have to discuss the network speed. So, what about site speed with Servado? We would say that they is a German company and the networks in the country are very well developed with a high rate of speed and very little downtime. So, if you want server housing by this company, we believe that you will not make a mistake. Their startup plan has a 1/4 of a rack for € 249 euros a month with the same 100 Mbit speedy connection and a lot of extras, like own pin for your rack security and so on:

Space for 10 U
Own rack PIN
100 Mbit connection
Electricity € 62.65 / ampere
12/24 months term
24/7 support

Reseller Hosting Review

No surprises come when we discuss Reseller packages. The startup price of € 5.99/mo is adequate and this includes unlimited hosted domains, 1-click installations and other interesting values:

Number of customer accounts 20
MySQL5 databases 10
additional IP address 5 € / IP / month
Let’sEncrypt SSL certificates

VPS Review

We at like to analyze VPS hosting in particular, because we believe that these packages are gaining huge momentum in the hosting field. Fortunately, the company offers tons of extras here as well. And one thing in particular that we like about it is the vast choice of packs you get – Starter, Profi, Premium, Gold. And being VPS means that you always can upgrade if your requirements increase. And the startup plan is very desirable, priced at € 1.99/mo and having tons of bonuses to show for:

Root access
Connection 100 Mbit
Multi vServer administration
Data transfer display
HDD display
RAM display
Start anew
Shut down
Change hostname

So, Is Servado as Good as They Claim?

To summarize, the company has some hosting specifics that did not seem impressive and do not have a lot of imagination when you look at them from a marketing perspective. However, there are some hosting preferences that had us saying “Wow! I want this!”, like their VPS and Shared hosting preferences which for the price you pay, you get tons of interesting characteristics. The support was great and the cPanel is pretty standard, but also includes other value-added things, like advanced file manager and so on, which we found to be useful as we found ourselves clicking through them occasionally. So, as a bottom line, you will not make a mistake with Servado but they do have some improvement to do with their promotions as some of the prices are a bit too high.

What We Like

Fast network.
Tons of features.
Based in a central location in Europe.

What Is Missing

Could have a tad bit lower prices.
More attention should be paid to their tech support.
They could add some interesting promotions to get more customers to join.

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