How to Setup a Cryptocurrency Exchange on Your WordPress Site

How to Setup a Cryptocurrency Exchange on Your WordPress Site image

Building a cryptocurrency site is very easy on WordPress site. This is without regard to the type of site that is powered by the WordPress engine or the entered contents. The easiest way to do is that is to use the WordPress Crypto Exchange plugin which can be installed easily by following the steps in this article.

Why Host a Cryptocurrency Exchange On Your WordPress Site?

Hosting a cryptocurrency exchange is a good fit for every WordPress owner who wants to include such services on their site. This is a good option for every modern finance-related site as it allows users to easily trade assets directly from the site. It is also an excellent resource to have on any cryptocurrency related blog or even landing page of an ICO (initial coin offering).

Some of the distinct advantages of having it available on the site include the following factors:

  • Adding additional options to the site
  • Linking suitable options to cryptocurrency related contents
  • Increasing the number of visitors
  • Enhancing the search engine ranking of the site

Many WordPress site developers add the cryptocurrency exchange solely to enhance the contents and add in newer options. This will ensure that visitors stay for a longer time on the site. This will have a direct impact on the search engine ranking of the site, ultimately resulting in a better position when a searches for keyword terms in the major search engines.

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How To Add a Cryptocurrency Exchange on Your WordPress Site?

Adding in a cryptocurrency exchange is very easy if you follow the steps listed in this article. We recommend that you have an up-to-date WordPress installation to ensure bug-free deployment. For the purpose of installing this plugin administrator access will be required.

The first step is to download the Cryptocurrency Exchange plugin from the official plugins repository. From there on navigate to the Plugins section of the WordPress dashboard. Click on the Add New button at the top of the page. Select the ZIP file which you have downloaded in the previous step and upload it — this will upload the required files to your WordPress engine. Activate the plugin in order to enable it on your site.

Every time you want to call the cryptocurrency exchange you will need to enter the [wpdex] code into a page or post.

How To Earn Exchange Fees On Your WordPress Site?

WordPress site owners with the enabled cryptocurrency exchange can earn fees on the platforms. This can be a great source of passive income as there is no requirement to interact with users or the site in any way apart from inviting the users to use the service. The administrators will need to have a registered Ethereum wallet on Metamask. A small amount of deposited cryptocurrency should also be added for gass fees. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to the partner console run by Totle
  2. Create and deploy a new Partner fee contract
  3. Check that the contract has been made and copy the contract address
  4. Paste the created the contract address into the Crypto Exchange plugin options
  5. Optional: In some WordPress installation it may be necessary to flush the cache if you use such plugins

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