Soledad WordPress Theme Review

Soledad WordPress theme is in the Top 3 popular WordPress themes that are downloaded and used at the time of writing this. In this review, we will provide you insight on what features does this theme has and how it can help you if you decide to run it on your WordPress. In this review, we aim to provide you with advanced insight into the main features of the Soledad theme, what is its purpose, what are the design choices of the theme, what is the support and documentation concerning it, the main features and the pros and cons of this theme.

Theme Profile

Name Soledad WordPress Theme/font>
Price 59$
Suitable for Multi-purpose theme.
Support Future Updates, 6 Months Support + 12 Months extended support for extra $17.63.
Browsers It Works With IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

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Soledad WordPress Theme – Purpose

The purpose of Soledad WordPress Theme, according to them is to be the best theme there is for running a blog or a magazine.

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The options it offers for all types of layouts are literally endless and you have a wide variety of choices of theme layouts to choose, all of which are light and designed with the correct layout to serve the purpose of the theme – to be a magazine or a simple blog that is trendy, light and suitable.

Soledad WordPress Theme Design

The design of Soledad WordPress Theme is created first and foremost to be as user friendly as possible. The Soledad WordPress theme has been created with more than 1000 differet layouts, all of which are designed to be optimized for high speed. Not only this, but also the design is competely SEO Optimized with the following design features:

  • To be compatible with Yoast SEO and other SEO plugins.
  • Optimized from experts that are Google Certified.
  • Validated with different content types.
  • Marked up via Schema Markup and Google Structured Data supports.

Soledad WordPress Theme – Support and Documentation

The theme developers offer 6 months support that includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions.
  • Get assistance with reported bugs and issues.
  • Assistance for all, but WordPress customization and installation.

They also offer the support to be extended for a total of 12 months for about $18.

Soledad WordPress Theme – SEO and Compatibility

When it comes to SEO compatibility, the first thing we have to mention is that the theme is SEO creative, it has a good rating, and is well documented. Not only this, but it’s also very compatible with Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Safari Edge, Opera, and Chrome.

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In terms of SEO, the multi-concept theme offers over 6800 home pages that give you unlimited possibilities to structure your site to be as Google-Friendly as possible. Not only this, but it is also compatible with almost all of the nearly mandatory platforms, like bbPress, Visual Composer, WooCommerce, WPBakery Page Builder, AMP (good for mobile devices), and many others. The theme is also Widget ready, and in high-resolution, meaning that you can add almost any widgets that improve your SEO, as long as they are legitimate.

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Not only this, but also the theme itself is composed of various different types of files and objects, designed to be as light as possible so that your site can load faster. Faster loading time when a user clicks on a search results is good for not only Google, but other search engines as well and it is a clear sign that your site is very responsive which is very important in terms of SEO ranking. Furthermore, the theme has the following SEO optimization extras:

  • Yoast compatible and with other SEO plugins as well.
  • Optimization from google experts.
  • Schema markup and Google Structured Data spport.
  • Auto validation of content types.

Soledad WordPress Theme – Main Features

The main features of Soledad are a lot. Probably one of the primaries of the theme’s many extras and twerks is that it offers are more than 6800 live demo home pages that can be added once you purchase Soledad directly to your server with 1-click. This, so-called 1 click installation also makes sure that it saves you a lot of time when dealing with these themes.

soledad WordPress theme demo images

Furthermore, the thousands of live demos of the theme are very well-made and they allow you something very important – to get you to see various different types of examples with photos and text and be able to imagine how you want your site to look like – quite convenient, we might add:

Soledad WordPress Theme layouts image

And these visual themes and layouts are not just photos of how your site could look. They are live, clickable demos, which allows you to browse through the theme to see its font up close, its animations, and other details before you install it.

Another feature in terms of design is also the sliders and blog magazine combinations of layouts. You can actually choose between over 1000 slider objects and combinations for your blog, to fulfill what you always imagined it to be. Something that we find valuable for any customer.

Probably one of the most innovative features out there that are as good for the site design and easiness of usage, as well as good for SEO, is the fact that you can choose different single post layout for a specific content you want on your site or blog. Let us say that you want an article that is very image intensive and 1 template that could synthesize all 40(for example) images that you have to upload with brief descriptions beneath them in an interactive slideshow. Then again, you could also take advantage of a classic article or a news article and have a theme designed for those new posts you are preparing as well. So this really opens up a lot of opportunities and would save you a lot of time in trying to figure out how you can design your article so it won’t be boring and be more engaging to your audience.

Yet another feature that we believe is important is also the newly added Visual Composer plugin, which can be used to build and customize your WordPress site by simply using drag and drop and see the changes you make live before you. Like a game.

An important addition that we believe is almost mandatory is the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project). It enables your WordPress to load 5x faster when run on a mobile device, which is brilliant in terms of SEO and how search engines rank your page with time.

Furthermore, the theme also offers multiple different choices in terms of how you want your image gallery for your site to look, how you want your menus to be styled, and how you want your body layout to be. It also goes as far as to offer you a video background that is convenient for you.

Also, this theme is as complex as one can get and it can also enable Woocomerce on your WordPress. This can allow you to have your own personal online store, featuring a great design that is user friendly and secure.

The other two features when it comes to setting up a forum are the ability of this theme to easily add bbPress and BuddyPress which are a modern and engaging way to create forums and good discussions between users.

Furthermore, the theme allows for a customized sidebar for posts and pages, which are 6, to be precise.

Another big plus is the ability to choose among over 700+ Google and other royalty-free fonts as well as upload customs fonts of your own.

An interesting feature that is worth noting is that Soledad is compatible with WPML and POLYLANG – plugins that can help make your site accessible all over the world by translating its multi-language version.

Also, an important feature to notice is the 16/7 support team that can answer professionally and send and receive online documentation that is easy to understand. The support team answers via e-mail or via their support forum.

Soledad WordPress Theme Review – The Conclusion

Probably one of the best themes for a website ever to be created and definitely the most sought-after in the world, Soledad offers a complete and user-friendly customizable way that can turn your website into the virtual place you always dreamed to have. We did find one or two things that were kind of annoying, like the lack of info to contact the support, but these were all tiny minuses that did not discourage us to evaluate this theme and see it for its actual worth – one of the best word-press solutions and definitely one of the best in terms of SEO optimization and loading speed.

What We Like

  • Soledad WordPress theme is onstantly updated with new content being added on a weekly basis.
  • Repsonsive customer support theme.
  • Soledad WordPress theme has a lot of customizable themes for all types of websites.
  • A lot of fonts.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • 1 click install.
  • Live demos and theme customization.

What Is Missing

  • The support hours of Soledad WordPress Theme could jump from 16/7 to 24/7, although it is not a big problem.
  • The Soledad WordPress theme support forum is not that easy to find as we had to check on other sites where their support forums are located.

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