How To Test Your WordPress Site Security

Do you wonder how to test your WordPress site security and make sure that your website is secured? In the following article, we will guide you through different ways to perform a security audit without getting your website down.

How To Test Your WordPress Site Security

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What is a WordPress Security Audit?

A WordPress security check or also known as WordPress security audit is the process of reviewing your website for existing security breaches. If you have recently noticed any strange behavior on your site, an unusual drop of performance, strange errors, slows, or crashes then you should definitely perform a security audit.

How Often To Perform Security Audit

You should perform a security audit once in a while, because this will allow you to stay on top of everything, monitor your website and its performance, and save you from any further website-related security issues.

WordPress Security Audit Issues

The good thing about the security issues is that they are not that hard to find, and it will usually take you not more than 1 hour (for small websites of course).

What You Should Watch Out For

There are a few main things that you must always watch out for when you perform a basic security audit on your website. Most of the time you will be able to find your issue in the following list.

Check For Any Software Updates

Keeping your WordPress website and its plugins updated to their latest release is a must and this is not something that you can skip if you want to ensure the maximum security of your website.

Most of the time, WordPress websites get hacked because of a bridge that is found in some plugin or the current WordPress version. However, the WordPress community is very helpful and kind, and such bugs are being fixed in a few days after they were reported. With that being said, keeping all of your WordPress software updated will minimize the risks of exposing your security.

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Check WordPress Accounts

Another very important thing that you should take a look at, is the account section of your website. Hackers or viruses sometimes tend to succeed in creating an admin account that is going to be used against you anytime soon. That is why it is very important to keep track of your administrator accounts and if you find something suspicious, immediately delete the new account.

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To do that, go to your wp-admin dashboard, click on Users, and delete any unknown users.

If your website does not require your users to create accounts then you can turn off this WordPress feature and this will help you get rid of any bots or hackers trying to register. To do that, go to “Settings“, then click on “General” and remove the selected option for “Anyone can register“.

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We also highly recommend using a two-factor authorization and a strong password.

Run аn Online WordPress Security Scan

There are many online tools that can be used to test the security of your WordPress website and most of them give pretty accurate results.

You can use Sucuri’s scanner, Isitwp’s scanner, or any other similar tool that will let you know if there is something suspicious about your website.

Check Your Website Analytics

Your website analytics is used to help you to keep track of your website traffic. It is also a very good indicator of the health of your website.

There is a pretty good possibility, that your website is blacklisted from Google because of suspicious activity, viruses, or malware, and that will lead to a sudden drop in your website’s visitors.

If you see some strange data being served by your analytics tool or missing reports or visitors from various of different countries, (if you are targeting only your country for example), then there is something suspicious about that and you should investigate the problem.

Perform An Automated WordPress Security Audit

The things that we mentioned above are crucial and can help you to get rid of any existing problems, but sometimes you might still experience issues even after going through all of these steps.

If you did not succeed in fixing your problem with our suggestions, you can perform an automatic security audit, and let the software decide whether your website has issues or not.
There are many plugins that can be used for performing a security audit, but the most famous and used one is the WordPress Security Audit Log plugin.

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Installing this plugin will allow you to keep track of the activity of all users and review their logging IPs, as well as what they did on your website.

This is a very useful plugin because you will not lose track of any activity even for bigger websites. You can track Authors, editors, other members as well as WooCommerce users, and you can also adjust the events that you want to monitor.
The plugin also gives you the power to end user’s sessions and lock them out, if you spot any unusual behavior.

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Sucuri is one of the top-rated security plugins on the market.
This plugin provides real-time protection against DDoS attacks, monitors and block suspicious activity, and immediately blocks any unexpected behavior.

This will help your website improve its speed and performance as well. Sucuri offers its malware removal for free if you go for its premium plan. This tool will help you get rid of any viruses or infected files in case your website is already struck by harmful or malicious software.

Our Conclusion

Keeping your WordPress website secured is a must and security audits and checks should be done every once in a while. Always make sure that you are using trusted plugins, a reliable WordPress theme, and last but not least a decent hosting provider.
If you follow these tips you will be able to keep track of the security of your website and keep it healthy.

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