Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin Review

Ultimate Membership Pro is a top choice when it comes to the integration of membership levels. It is a tried and tested extension which as of writing this article has more than $10 mil subscribers. It has a wide array of powerful features and is GDPR compliant.

Plugin Profile

Name Ultimate Membership Pro
Price Depends on Download Site, Starts from $4.49
Suitable for All WordPress Installations
Support Future Updates and Support

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Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin — What Is It

WordPress plugins exist in all popular categories — however when it to setting membership levels one of the most popular choices is the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin. It is compatible with all modern versions of the WordPress content management systems along with bbPress, BuddyPress, Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, and other popular additions.

Membership plugins are used when the administrators want to monetize content by restricting access to certain sections of the site. The plugin can be used to limit access to Pages, Products, Categories, URLs, Content Sections, Images, Menu and etc. The developers have created it so that it is compliant with GDPR.

The administrators can choose how to sell ongoing subscriptions by creating custom rule sets. The access controls can be used for all content types and URLs which are part of the WordPress installation. What’s particularly useful about the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin is that the website owners can even specify the type of subscription packages available — one-time payment, trial periods, or ongoing recurring charges.

Like other professional-grade plugins, the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin will natively integrate into the WordPress installation. The Ultimate Membership Pro plugin includes a detailed membership management section from where the administrators can monitor and reports the users’ activity. The administrators can set up advanced filters and can export lists that can be viewed later. The plugin will also integrate with all popular payment and gateway services such as PayPal, Stripe Checkout, Braintree and etc. One of the additions that the plugin adds is a shortcode and multiple options which are available from the posts editor.

Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin — Essential Features

Ultimate Membership Pro contains a lot of essential features that can be found across all similar extensions and combines their capabilities into one single plugin. The extension allows the website owners to set up both free and paid membership and apart from the membership lists which are hosted on the websites the users may also use social logins — at this moment 7 different social networks are supported. This means that instead of creating accounts on these sites they can use their Facebook logins via the company’s authentication mechanism if this is enabled by the website owners. The payment options also includes the ability to create discount coupons that can provide a custom discount percentage.

A very efficient way to encourage the visitors into interacting more with the site — the plugin allows the administrators to set up “drip content”, a popular content release methodology in which parts of a given post or multimedia is incrementally published. To confirm the authenticity of the visitors email verification can be enforced — to confirm membership the users will need to double click on an automatically generated URL link in their email addresses. Locked contents can be done by restricting URLs, keywords and etc. The membership profiles can include custom and special fields that can include any of the following:

  • Avatar
  • Profile Fields
  • Files Uploading

Integration with marketing tools is also integrated. Work on the identification and tracking of users is done by using a verification code and conditional logic for the custom register fields. Customization options that are useful in branding include custom redirect pages, design templates, and custom currencies. The payment pages can be configured to include taxes that are relevant to the country’s legislative laws on the seller and buyer’s side.

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Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin — More Options to Consider

Customization options that can the “feel” of the sites to include more information include country and small flags display based on the user’s location. The administrators can also access a specific builder for setting up coupons. Premium users can also create printable cards if this option is enabled. The administrators can also set up an invitation system — this means that membership is only possible if a system-generated code is entered into the system. Accounts sharing can also be prevented by enabling the anti-cheating mechanism — the Ultimate Membership Pro will monitor the created accounts and cross-check the entered data so that duplicate accounts will not be created.

A download monitor can be enabled which can be integrated with many of the popular plugins. Files can be locked and restricted based on membership levels.

Payments can be restricted based on user levels. The WordPress site administrators can also allow users to purchase gift code purchases. Invoices can be automatically issued and viewed when the payments are made.

The Ultimate Membership Pro plugin supports mobile alerts and will help the WordPress site owners to follow the user reports. A level dynamic price adjustment can be configured as well — this will allow the users to pay for an item with a custom price — they can enter in a certain amount which confronts between a minimum level and a basically limitless maximum. The plugin is capable of safeguarding the installation by protecting against brute-force attacks. Membership level can be designated by custom badges and other graphic elements.

What We Like

  • Feature-rich and easy to use.
  • A lot of customization options.

What Is Missing

  • Lack of a free version.


By comparing it to many other membership plugins Ultimate Membership Pro is considered one of the best options to use. It does not have a free version however the paid version is not very expensive and is certainly worth the price considering that it is compatible with other popular plugins — ones that are used to add e-commerce and search engine optimization extensions. We especially like the fact that it integrates very nicely into the administrative dashboard and all the customization options.

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    Bom dia, tenho o Ultimate Membership Pro instalado e satisfeito.
    No entanto surgiu um problema com o avatar image.
    Não está deixando fazer o upload da foto.
    Alguem pode ajudar?


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